The Real Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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This popped into my head after seeing the third film, much of the script is involved, I've just taken it that step deeper and obviously I'm adding my own bits.

Prince Caspian Ages-

Caspian – 18
Peter – 18
Susan – 17
Edmund – 15
Lucy – 13

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Ages –

Caspian - 21
Peter - 20
Susan - 19
Edmund - 17
Lucy – 15
Eustace - 14

It has been three 3 years since Caspian said goodbye to the Pevensie's.
1 year and 8 months for the Pevensie's.
Susan and Peter have been in America for 8 months leaving Edmund and Lucy behind in England to deal with their wrenched cousin, Eustace.


In Narnia...

Caspian was leaning against the rails behind the wheel of the Dawn Treader. He looked out at sea and felt rather at piece. Of course, there was the constant ache in his heart that he had now grown accustomed to. It had been three years since the Kings and Queens of Old had left him to rule Narnia on his own. In those three years, he had been constantly badgered by some of the Lords that he was in need of a Queen. But out here, it seemed so silent. They were not here to lecture him on the duties of a King; he could merely enjoy being free out in the ocean.

Reepicheep leapt up onto the railing next to him.

"Another beautiful Sunset, Sire."

"Yes, it is. Aslan has blessed us with good weather so far." Caspian said smiling down at the mouse.

"Ah, the freedom of the sea. There is nothing quite like it."

"I was just thinking the same thing my friend."

"Really? I hope I'm not overstepping, Sire, but you had that look again. The one you get when you think of her." Reepicheep said softly.

"You are not overstepping, I consider you one of my most loyal and trusted friends. I would wish for you to feel like you could say anything to me. Just because I am King doesn't mean I'm not human." Caspian said looking out at sea.

Reepicheep nodded as he pondered whether or not to continue the discussion.

"The Princess of Glama seemed to be still rather...eager." Reepicheep said, as he struggled to find a word best suited for her.

Caspian blushed slightly remembering how she practically threw herself at him.

"She's not for me."

"I believe that the one for you is also a world away from you, Sire." Reepicheep said gently.

Caspian felt his heart ache inside his chest as he looked out at the beautiful sunset. In his three years as King, he had quickly learnt to hide his emotions from his people, but his closest friends knew that the Gentle Queen still held his heart.

"Do you believe I'll ever see her again?" Caspian asked.

"We have nothing, if not belief, Your Majesty. Do not lose hope. Aslan works in mysterious ways. If you truly feel she was the one for you, she will return to you." Reepicheep said wisely, as he gently placed a paw on Caspian's arm.

Caspian smiled at him gently through sad eyes and he turned to watch the sun setting making the sea appear to be glistening. The sun would also remind him of her, as did the stars. Of how she was as radiant as the sun itself, of how her eyes where even more captivating than the stars themselves.

In America...

Peter was working his frustration out on a punch bag, that Susan recommended he should use. He used it almost daily as he worked through his painful emotions. Susan walked into the garden carrying a tray of homemade lemonade and two glasses. She looked at her older brother with sad eyes as she set them down on the table on the veranda.


Peter stopped and turned to her. He sighed heavily and made his way over to a chair and he slumped down in it as he wiped the sweat from his brow. Susan poured him a glass of lemonade and handed it to him.

"Thanks" He said, taking it from her and he drank it all thirstily as she sat down sipping hers.

"Does it help?" She asked gently as she motioned her head towards the still swinging punching bag.

Peter looked up at her as he poured himself another glass. "For awhile... and then you have to do it all over again." He said in a dull tone.

She nodded in understanding and she glanced up to the sky as she watched a flock of birds fly ahead. How she wished she could fly free like them.

"You should try it sometime."

Susan raised her eyebrows at him. "And break a nail? What would the ladies of society group say?" She said in fake shock and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

Peter snorted. "Did you make this?" He asked holding up his glass of lemonade.

"Yeah, lesson 230 on how to be the perfect housewife." She said casually, but her posture was perfect, yet stiffly so.

"You've never cared about this sort of stuff before. You've changed." He said sadly.

"We've both changed. Do you expect me to fight them whilst they all pin me down and fix me up?" She asked in a flat tone.

"A few years ago you would have..." Peter said as he studied how her eyes no longer sparkled as they used to. They hadn't for a long time.

"You need to get ready; we are at a party tonight. It's being hosted for all of the officers in this part of the region. Apparently some very important people will be there." She said, ignoring him.

"Another?" He groaned. "Is mother still making you go with that soldier who asked you to the British Consul tea party?"

"George." She corrected.

Peter snorted. "Ha! George, even the name sounds obnoxious. I'll stay by your side if you want?"

"Well, I guess you did get rather good at chasing away my suitors in the Golden Age." She pointed out smiling at him.

He smiled weakly and looked to the floor thoughtfully. "I didn't think it would still hurt this much. It's been 1 year and 253 days." He said quietly.

Susan studied him with pained filled eyes. "We were banished from our home, Peter. I don't think it will ever stop hurting." She said in a resigned tone and an emotionless expression, but her eyes held pure heartbreak and sadness as she rose from her seat with complete grace of a Queen and she went inside.

Peter tensed his jaw and sighed heavily as thoughts of Narnia filled him once more.


Peter and his mother and father were waiting by the door in their coats at the bottom of the steps waiting for Susan.

She gracefully walked down the steps with a blank expression on her face. Their mother had plastered her in makeup and curled her hair which had one side pinned as it fell down to her waist. She had grown it out since they had left Narnia. She was in a baby blue dress that flattered her figure perfectly. Her favourite flowers, Daffodils were patterned across it and she wore cream heeled shoes to match them. She looked beautiful but very unlike Susan. Susan was a natural beauty, one that didn't need addition or diminishing.

Her eyes lacked from all emotion as she smiled at them, it was a plastic smile, and one that Susan now constantly hid her pain behind. Peter could tell the difference from a mile away. Her eyes would only ever hold brief, small sparkles if she was near her siblings, but it was never like it was in Narnia.

"Oh, Susan! You look so beautiful! George will simply die when he sees you!" Gushed her mother

Peter stepped forward with a supportive look on his face as he held out Susan's coat to help her put it on. She smiled weakly and turned into it just as there was a knock at the door. Their father opened it to reveal George standing in his officer suit, holding a small box with a small bouquet of flowers.

"Mr. Pevensie." He greeted shaking his hand. "Mrs. Pevensie, theses are for you." He said holding the flowers out to her.

Susan and Peter discreetly rolled their eyes.

Mrs Pevensie smiled at him. "Oh, George, you are sweet. Thank you, they are beautiful. Susan is right here." She said pushing Susan towards him

George looked her up and down."Well aren't you a pretty little thing. We will look a great match tonight if I must say so myself." He said smiling at her.

"Oh, yes you will." Mrs. Pevensie said happily.

George held out the box to Susan. "I thought of you when I saw it." He said charmingly.

Susan took it from him gingerly and opened the box. Inside was a silver charm bracelet full of tiny hearts. She quickly looked up at him awkwardly. She forced her expression into a smile as she felt everyone's eyes upon her.

"Thank you, it's lovely." She said quietly, feeling rather embarrassed about the whole situation.

"Here, let me put it on for you dear." Mrs Pevensie said as she fixed the clasp around her wrist. "You're so thoughtful George."

To Susan it felt like shackles upon her wrist, chaining her to a life she felt she had no control over.

"Well we should get going; we don't want to be late!" Her mother announced, snapping Susan from her thoughts.

Her parents walked out to the car together.

"Shall we?" George said deeply as he offered Susan his arm.

Susan quickly glanced at Peter as he looked at her supportively. She held herself high as she smiled and put her arm in George's.


At the party George paraded Susan around like a trinket on his arm.

Mr and Mrs Pevensie felt so happy that such a lovely young man was interested in their little girl. Well young lady now. But they could see that she clearly was making no effort. Sure, she smiled all night and stayed by his side, but she made no effort to further their relationship.

"Let's dance." George said as he led Susan onto the dance floor, not really giving her a choice in the matter.

Peter sighed as he sat down at a table where their new neighbour sat.

"Mrs. Litton." He greeted kindly as he took a glass of wine.

"Peter, dear. Having fun?"

"Well it seems some of us are." Peter said motioning his head towards George on the dance floor.

George was clearly having a great time but Peter and Mrs. Litton could see Susan smiling only out of necessity.

Peter sat up and briefly looked over his shoulder as heard his parents from behind; clearly they didn't know he was sat there.

"I just don't know what we are going to do with them Richard."

"Well they seem happier in themselves now we are in America. I don't know what got them so depressed back home in England. Maybe the war was getting to them, but they seem to be settling in."

"Peter is so angry, he works out on that stupid punch bag everyday and Susan had been eagerly accepted into the local ladies society group and yet she shows no enthusiasm. Why can she just act like normal girls who chase after boys and love fashion?" Mrs. Pevensie said in a helpless and sad tone.

"Susan has never been like normal girls and you know it dear. She's a wild card. Always has been, always will be. Quite frankly, I'm glad she doesn't throw herself at the young men."

"Oh darling, I know it's hard to let her go, but she's just turned 19. She has all these suitors and yet she shows no interest in any of them. Girls her age are already getting engaged, I don't want her to be left alone in this world. She won't have her siblings by her side forever." Mrs Pevensie said gently as she looked over at Susan and George. "I wonder why it is she shows no interest in George...all the other girls are after him. Do you think she left her heart back home with someone else?"

"I don't know Helen. She's a mystery."

Peter and Mrs. Litton exchanged a brief glance.

He remembered how his little sister ran back into Caspian's arms and kissed him. How he held her tight against him and they looked at each other longingly with such pain as she left to stand with her siblings.

Peter had felt so proud of her in that moment. It was the first time she had completely followed her heart since the golden age. And her heart led her to Caspian.

Of course she did tend to take Caspian's side, during the war; he knew from that alone, that she was beginning to have feelings for him. But he didn't realise just how deep those feelings were until Caspian's coronation when they danced together. Heck the entire room could sense it.

Leaving Narnia had been the hardest thing they had both ever had to do, and the most painful. But they were a King and Queen of Narnia, they had to hold themselves together, but for Susan to do that, she couldn't let anyone in completely.

They both tried to move on with their lives, but it was too hard, they were clearly depressed and stuck in a mud hole they could not get out of. After a year of being in England, their parents announced they were taking them both to America. No doubt as a way to help them, and it did. It was exciting and new and fresh. Peter and Susan began to act a little more like themselves again, but being told they were never to return to Narnia, their real home. It changed them and there was no going back from that.