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(I had all these little bits in my head so I thought if you imagine them as a film montage it might fit nicely. Try imagining it with some lovely Narnian music in the background. Like it would be on a film :D)


Susan and Caspian watched Ramandu's Island fade into the horizon from the balcony of the cabin. Susan turned to see Caspian staring at her lovingly; she looked at him inquisitively, intrigued by the secretive look upon his face. He smiled and presented a white, sweet water lily to her in the palm of his hand.

She smiled at him breathtakingly and gingerly took the flower from him.


Peter and Edmund were playing a game of chess, positioned on a barrel between the two. Edmund knocked Peter's king and grinned triumphantly. Peter laughed and threw his arms in the air in defeat.


Lucy was sitting with her drawings as Caspian assisted her in her technique of drawing Reepicheep's eyes.

Susan leaned over the rails on the second deck watching them lovingly.

Lucy lightly blew on the sheet and observed her work with great achievement. Caspian smiled proudly, putting his arm around Lucy's shoulder as she smiled at him brightly.


Eustace was being taught by Drinian how to tie a sailors knot. He mimicked Drinian's every move. As he wrapped one piece around the other, the end hit Eustace in the face, causing a howling of laughter amongst the crew.


Caspian and Peter entered the study to find Eustace sitting in between Edmund and Susan on the floor with open books surrounding them as they helped teach Eustace about Narnia's history.


Caspian and Susan were standing in the head of the dragon. Caspian held Susan with one arm around her waist as the other held her head against his chest, whilst he weaved his fingers through her hair.

Susan lost herself in the moment as she watched the beautiful sunset in the arms of the man she loves.

(End of Montage)


Caspian walked up on deck and towards Drinian who was standing by the wheel observing the crew on deck.

"Another fine day to be out at sea Your Majesty."

"That it is." Caspian agreed as he looked towards the large sail. "The winds are still in our favour."

"Aye we've had good strong winds these past few weeks. We should be arriving at the Lone Islands in a matter of days."

"I'm glad to hear it. We're all anxious to be home." Caspian said warmly as he glanced over to Eustace sitting on the steps as he wrote in his journal.


"Dear Dairy,

It has been some time now since I last wrote, so much has changed since my last entry. Reading back I realise what an idiot I have been. The truth is Narnia isn't all bad... it isn't bad at all actually. Susan had been right. I guess you just can't help but fall in love with this place.

I finally met Aslan. I had heard Lucy and the others speaking of him but nothing prepared me to meet him. You think you'd be petrified of a talking lion but even though he's wild he fills you with warmth and strength. He's the most majestic creature, I have ever seen.

He transformed me back into a boy and transported me to Ramandu's island where I laid down the 7th sword. The mist was finally defeated. We then sailed for Aslan's country, through the sweet sea of white lilies, onto the shores of his country. Reepicheep sailed onward for the journey of a lifetime. Hopefully, one day, we shall meet again.

We were told that we could not return home to our world, for we no longer exist in it. The moment my cousins and I were pulled through that painting there was an air raid that destroyed many lives. America was also attacked and many lives were lost, including my two eldest cousins. Though our families were also lost that day, we each know that they were now at peace wherever they are.

So we chose to return to Narnia with Caspian, where I shall be dubbed a Lord and my Cousins shall rule united alongside him whilst he rules as High King. My cousins already belong here, this was always their true home to them and I can't wait to finally see the place I shall now call home."


Lucy was sat drawing Gael as she posed for her. Gael faced in the direction of Caspian as he sat on the other side of the deck engrossed in making something.

"Lucy?" Gael began inquisitively.


"Do you think King Caspian will marry Susan?"

Lucy looked up rather surprised at her question. She followed her gaze and smiled at him before turning back to her sketches. "Yes, I do." She said warmly.

Gael turned to face her. "Why hasn't he proposed yet? Mummy say's they are very much in love."

"I'm sure he's just waiting for the right time."She said faithfully.

Gael sighed softly. "Oh, I can't wait to grow up and fall in love with someone as handsome and brave as King Caspian."

Lucy couldn't help but chuckle. "Don't try to grow up too soon Gael. Things are much more complicated when your older, believe me... Now, don't move." She instructed.

Gael shifted back to her original position. Lucy smiled at her and shook her head slightly before continuing with her drawing.


Susan finished brushing her long silky hair and gently placed the brush down near a basin of water that the sweet water lily floated upon. She smiled at it and lightly touched the water, causing a ripple effect to move the lily around the bowl. Seeing the lily gave her a greater urge to see Caspian. He was the first thing she would think of every time she woke and the last thing she would think of before she slept. Now that she was staying in Narnia, she didn't have to hide how hopelessly in love she was.

She quickly walked on deck and smiled as the warm sun beams touched her face. The crew were lively and busy on deck, which was now more crowded with the lost citizens on board. Susan searched across the deck for a particular face. Gale was posing for Lucy on one side of the deck. She caught Susan in the corner of her eyes and waved at her happily. Susan chuckled warmly as she gave a small wave back.

Finally her eyes fell upon the mouth wateringly handsome King that she had been searching for. Excitement increased within her with her every step towards him.

Caspian was in full concentration as he skilfully calved a shape from wood with a dagger.

"What are you making?"

The soft inquisitive voice immediately filled him with warmth. He smiled and looked up at Susan as she smiled at him.

By Aslan, her beauty seemed to increase with each passing day.

"Nothing really." Caspian said casually as he put it to the side of him on a barrel.

He extended his hand out to Susan. She took it without hesitation and was surprised as he quickly pulled her onto his knee, making her smile more brightly.

"Good Morning, my Queen." Caspian said in a deep alluring voice as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her softly.

Susan hummed and sucked her bottom lip, savouring the taste of his as they pulled apart. "Good morning." She replied as she caressed his beard. Her eyes flickered across to the item on the barrel. "I didn't know you had a skill for carpentry." She added as she picked up the piece of wood which seemed to be forming into a mouse.

"It's just something I did in my workshop whenever I had spare time." Caspian said as she observed it closely with a bright smile.

"You have a workshop?" She asked delightfully.

"Mmhn. Once we're home, I can show it to you."

"I'd like that."She said warmly and she began to inspect it more closely. "Reepicheep?" She asked as she noticed the forming of a feather. Caspian smiled at her interest and nodded. "It's wonderful..." She hissed and dropped it on the floor.


She frowned as she observed the stinging in her finger. "Splinter."

Caspian frowned slightly as he saw the large splinter sticking out of her finger. He gently took her hand in his. "You should be careful, not to spoil such gentle hands." He said gently.

Susan winced as Caspian pulled it out. Her breath hitched in her throat as he put her finger in his mouth and sucked on it, easing the sting. She swallowed thickly as Caspian pulled her finger out of his mouth and kissed the sore spot as he looked deep into her eyes.

"There." Caspian said quietly.

Susan could feel her heart hammering inside her chest, her body felt warm, feverish...lustful. How could he make even taking out a splinter so sexy? He just unknowingly made everything seem so sexy to her.

Caspian could see the look in her eyes, reflecting his own emotions as his breathing grew shallow.

It was still so hard to be so close to her every day. They never had any time alone together except for stolen moments that were constantly interrupted. They refused to hide their feelings from the ever watchful eyes of their people and family, yet there was only so far they could display their affections towards each other in public. Especially whilst they were unmarried.


Peter was sitting with Edmund as he sharpened his sword and Edmund cleaned his boots. Peter held up his blade admiring it.

"Fancy a duel? I'm feeling a tad rusty."

"I'm too tired, ask Caspian." Edmund replied idly as he propped his feet up on another barrel.

"Since when have you ever been too tired for a match?"

Edmund closed his eyes and faced the warming sun beams. "Since I have to listen to you and Eustace snoring all night."

Peter looked at him in shock. "I do not snore! Eustace does, I do not."

Edmund cracked his eye open and smirked at him.

"Caspian!" Edmund shouted over to him.

Caspian tore himself away from Susan's gaze.

"Does Peter snore?"

Susan sighed at their moment being interrupted once again.

"Like a cave troll." Caspian said with a wicked grin on his face.

Peter glared as Edmund sniggered at him.

"Has my brother been keeping you awake?" Susan asked Caspian.

"And your cousin."

She lightly ran her fingers through his hair and pulled a mock sad face.

Caspian grinned at the attention she was giving him. "Would you mind very much if I smothered them in their sleep?"

Susan chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his neck as his hands massaged across her back, pulling her closer. "Well-"

"Perhaps if you could tear your hands off my sister, you could put them to better use." Peter shouted, his voice dripping with sarcasm as he rotated his sword in his hand.

Caspian and Susan both tensed and sighed.

She glared at Peter and turned back to Caspian mischievously. "I suppose not." Susan said grinning at him. "Either that or you could knock him flat on his backside. It's about time someone beat him in a duel."

"Well if I have your favour, I can face anything." He said flirtatiously.

Susan giggled as he leaned in to kiss her. She put her finger over his lips, shocking him as she smiled. "You'll have to win first."

She pulled out of his embrace and stood as she gazed at him teasingly, causing a rush of desire to flood through him. He grinned crookedly and quickly grabbed a sword out of a bucket, twirling it casually in his hand.


A crowd gathered as the two Kings had a mere game of sword play.

"You're a bit slow old boy. You're age seems to be catching up with you." Caspian teased as he advanced on Peter.

Peter blocked the blow above his head and grinned at him. "Me? I'm just warming up."

Caspian grinned wickedly as his eyes shone with playfulness. They quickly moved across deck as they continued to block each other's blows. Caspian gained the upper hand as he positioned Peter to stand upon a piled of ropes. Peter thought he was one step ahead of him as he predicted Caspian was trying to disarm him when their swords locked. He quickly unlocked them but Caspian manoeuvred his sword and tangled the rope on Peter's feet with a flick of his sword. Peter tried to take a step back but wobbled and fell to the floor dropping his sword. Still determined he reached to grab it but Caspian lightly stood on his arm and pointed his sword at Peter's throat.

The crew cheered and clapped as Caspian won the match. Both kings laughed as Caspian helped Peter up.

"Good match." Caspian said.

Peter adjusted his shirt as they caught their breath. "If that rope hadn't been in the way you wouldn't have had me so easily."

"It was too tempting to resist."

Caspian turned and locked eyes on Susan as she gazed at him passionately. Caspian grinned her favourite crooked smile that never failed to make her knees feel weak and twirled his sword casually before disposing it in a barrel as he walked towards her. The crew grew quieter as they watched him approach her.

"When I said knock him on his backside, I didn't think you'd take me quite so literally." She said humorously.

"What can I say? You inspired me." He said cheekily, making her smile widen. "My reward?"

Susan raised her eyebrows and grinned.

"Land Ho!"

Everyone looked towards the direction the man had pointed in. Gael pushed past everyone to see The Lone Islands in the distance.

"Mummy, Daddy, look! We're home!"

Helen and Mr. Rhince chuckled as they joined her.

"Yes we are sweetheart." Helen said warmly.


The five royals were standing with Eustace and Drinian behind them as they faced Lord Bern, Mr. Rhince and his family and the rest of the people as the crowds cheered.

"Will you not stay your Majesties?" Lord Bern requested.

"Thank you, but no. We have been away from home for far too long. Now that slavery has been abolished and the people are safe, we leave this land for you to govern and protect." Caspian said in a kingly manner.

"Thank you my King. Your father would have been proud to see the King you have become."

Caspian smiled at him gratefully. Lord Bern's words had truly meant a lot to him for he knew his father better than he had.

Mr. Rhince stepped forward and clasped arms with him. "I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for my family."

"I would not have you separated." Caspian said warmly shaking hands with him as he quickly glanced to Susan as Helen approached her.

Helen took both of Susan's ands in hers as she smiled warmly at her.

"We wish you all the happiness." She said glancing from Susan to Caspian.

Susan followed her gaze and smiled as she saw Caspian looking at them as Rhince shook hands with Peter and Edmund.

"Thank you." Susan said shyly.

Gale stepped forward with tears in her eyes. "Will I ever see you again?" She sniffled to Susan and Lucy.

They both stepped towards her and Lucy hugged her tightly. "I don't doubt it."

"You... you won't forget me? Cause I'll n-never forget you."

Susan felt her heart ache as a tear rolled down Gael's cheek. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the silver heart charm bracelet that George had given her and knelt in front of her.

"We want you to have this." She said putting it on Gaels wrist. "So you will remember you'll always have a place in our hearts."

Gael let out a happy sob and threw her arms around Susan. Everybody watched the young girl and Queens with tender hearts. Susan smiled at her as they pulled back. Gael then turned to Lucy and hugged her tightly around her waist.

"I'll miss you." Gael said softly.

"We'll miss you too." Lucy said quietly.

Gael detached herself and returned to her mother's side.

Susan glanced at Lucy and put her arm around her as Lucy sniffled back her tears. T

"We did it. They're a family again." Lucy said sweetly.

Susan smiled warmly and leaned her head against Lucy's. "Just like us."


Caspian, Peter, Edmund were gathered around the table in the study cabin with Eustace as Lucy sat on the window seat reading a book, with a rather bemused expression on her face.

"So the black dwarves are where?" Eustace asked.

"They live in the mines in the north." Peter explained

"Most of the white witches' followers fled to the north where they remain in hiding." Caspian said.

"What creatures do they consist of?" Eustace asked.

Susan entered the study and smiled as they all looked towards her.

"Still studying?" She asked lightly as she moved towards the table and shared a lingering look with Caspian.

"Yes." Edmund groaned.

"Where were you up to?" She asked looking at the map.

"Well, there are the black dwarves, the trolls, ogres, some Minotaur's, hags, vampire bats, witches, goblins..." Peter said, continuing the subject.

"Don't forget some of the giant tribes." Lucy added, not looking up from her book.

"Some of the giants, some of your general talking beasts." Edmund also added.

"And there's peace throughout Narnia?" Eustace asked sceptically.

"They don't cause too much trouble. But you should learn how to defend yourself." Caspian said folding his arms across his chest.

"I already have." Eustace voice sounded in the background.

"One lesson doesn't mean you know how to fight Eustace, you'll have to train." Peter said.

"Lucky you know three skilful warriors." Lucy voiced.

Susan smiled and looked to Caspian lovingly. He caught her gaze and grinned at her in a very suave way that made her knees feel weak.

"Well you're rather good with a sword Lu." Edmund praised making her smile.

"You couldn't be in better hands." Susan said softly as she leaned back against a wall.

"I didn't think there would be so much to learn." Eustace admitted wearily.

"A title comes with a lot of responsibility. We need to make sure you're ready." Peter said.

"We can just go over the basics." Edmund said heading towards the door.

"What? Now?" Eustace asked in surprise.

Peter and Edmund chuckled. "Of course now. We've got a lot to cover, best start now."

Eustace groaned as Peter led him through the door. Edmund stopped and turned to Caspian.

"You coming?"

"I think I'll give this a miss. I have something important that needs my attention." Caspian said calmly.

"Oh, alright."

As Edmund left, Lucy glanced uncomfortably between Susan and Caspian as they looked at each other in subtle flirtation. She put down her book, cleared her throat, and rose from her seat.

"I have to go... and sew... something." She said awkwardly. She rolled her eyes at her own excuse for leaving and quickly headed out of the door.

As the door closed Susan turned and met Caspian's gaze. She felt her pulse beat erratically under her skin as she yearned for his touch.

Caspian's eyes were darkening as he slowly and calmly walked towards her. It was a good job she was leaning against the wall for she needed the support to help her stand. He bit his bottom lip and lifted his forearm and rested it against the wall above Susan's head.

"You know, I do believe you still owe me my reward." Caspian said mischievously.

Susan swallowed thickly as she glanced to his lips. "Well, I should rectify that situation immediately." Susan said in a serious tone, though the underlining of teasing in her voice could be heard.

Caspian raised his eyebrows and grinned at her. She quickly fisted his shirt and quickly claimed his lips with her own as she switched their positions and pushed Caspian back against the wall. Caspian took a moment to fully respond as her sudden boldness took him by surprise. He snaked his arms around her waist, bringing her flush against him. A deep moan resonated from his chest as Susan wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

They pulled apart breathing heavily. Susan smiled at him as he looked at her through lidded eyes.

"Well that was...some reward." Caspian said breathlessly.

Susan chuckled as he leaned in for another kiss. "I'm glad you think so." She said in between soft, quick kisses.


Susan giggled at his response and nuzzled her nose against his. Caspian kissed the top of her nose and leaned his forehead against hers. He softly moved his hand down her arm, across to her hands that rested on his chest. Susan felt goosebumps as the bare skin of her wrist and hand tingled from his touch.

"You gave up your bracelet."

Susan looked to her bear wrist as she followed Caspian's train of thought. She smiled and looked back into his dreamy eyes. "Gale appreciated it much more than I ever did."

Caspian smiled lovingly at her kindness. "Who gave it to you?"

Susan held her breath for a moment as she felt the awkward direction the conversation was heading. "George."

She felt Caspian's entire body tense under her touch. His face was unreadable as he turned his gaze away.

Susan's brow furrowed as she slightly shook her head. "No. Caspian, no. It wasn't like that." She said as she cupped his face, forcing him to face her. "I never had feelings for him." She said softly as her eyes bored into his.

His expression grew softer as he took her hand in his. "I know. I know you didn't. I just... I can't bear the thought of –"

Susan placed the tips of her fingers over his lips, silencing him. "Neither can I." She said in an almost whisper. The thought of him with another was too painful to even think of. Caspian held her closer and leaned his forehead against hers. The sadness written in Susan's eyes slowly faded as she broke out into a soft smile. "You know in 1300 years you were the only one that ever stole my heart."

Caspian smiled lovingly as he leaned in for a kiss. Just as their lips were about to touch he pulled back to look at her. "1300 years." He exclaimed with a mock brow. "I forget you're such an old lady."

Susan scoffed and hit Caspian's chest playfully. "Caspian!"

He laughed humorously as she grinned broadly.

Susan grew thoughtful as sadness seeped back into her eyes. "I didn't believe it, when I said it would never have worked between us. I just wanted to see you smile at me, one last time."

Caspian felt his heart crack. "I know." He said softly. "You bring a smile to people around you, even in the hardest of times."

"Your smile is my favourite." She said sweetly as she caressed his beard.

Caspian smiled his most dashing and eye sparkling smile and leaned in to kiss her. "Yours is mine." He murmured against her lips.

Susan smiled into the kiss which they poured into it, all their love for each other.


Lucy was sat in her nightshirt with her hair tied up scruffily as she put in the finishing touches of her portrait of Gael. She looked up at the sound of the door opening and grinned at the sight of her sister.

Susan's eyes were sparkling in a dreamy daze, her hair was messy, her cheeks were flushed and her lips red and slightly swollen.

"Hi, Lu." She said dreamily, her head was clearly in the clouds.

"Hey, yourself." She replied rather amused.

Susan seemed to be flowing into each motion as though she was as light as a feather; nothing was going to stop her smile from coming off her face.

As she changed for bed she began to hum an old Narnian tune that sent a warm feeling of home to rush through Lucy. Susan picked up her hairbrush and brushed her long now-tousled hair as she continued to hum and unknowingly sway slightly.

Lucy smiled wistfully. "I haven't heard that tune in years."

"It's my favourite."

"Mine too. You used to sing it with Mr. Tumnus as he taught me how to play the flute."

Susan smiled at the memory and lay down on the bed. "You were really good. You should play again once were home."

"I think I will." Lucy said happily. She observed Susan as she lay smiling to herself. She lightly touched her lips and closed her eyes. "Susan?"


"What does it feel like? To be in love?"

Susan opened her eyes and turned to face her, propping herself up on her elbow. "Well, I don't really know how to explain it. I never expected I would fall in love; I tried not to be because I was afraid of being sent back to England. But its uncontrollable, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't fight it, and I never secretly wanted to." She explained. Her smiled faded from her face as a haunted, painful look entered her eyes. "Being torn apart, it felt like I couldn't breathe, like my heart had been torn inside my chest... it was unbearable. So when I did come back I was terrified of getting close to him, only for it to happen all over again, but the feeling is just too strong to ignore."

Lucy nodded sadly as Susan fiddled with the sheets. "What feeling?"

Susan looked up and smiled brightly through her forming tears. She placed her hand over her heart, trying to get to understand the feeling. "My heart... feels like my chest can barely contain it, because it doesn't belong to me anymore, it belongs to him. And I wanted nothing in return, except his heart, in exchange for mine."

Lucy grinned widely at her and got up to perch on the edge of the bed.

"When did you realise you were in love with him?"

Susan smiled through her embarrassment. "When he saved me in the forest. That was when I realised I'd been in love with him all along, there was no use in fighting it."

Lucy's smiled slowly faded as she grew thoughtful. She gently took hold of Susan's hand. "I'm so sorry, for not being there for you when you needed me the most."

She couldn't help but smile at Lucy's sweetness and tender heart. "Lu, you were 13, I was 17, and we were just at a point when we were in different stages of our lives." She explained in understanding.

"We used to talk about everything together."

"Yes, but not always, it took several years of us both growing up before we were on the same page, remember?"

"Yes." Lucy said looking down at the sheets, still disappointed in herself.

Susan stroked the top of her head tenderly. "I'm glad we're on that page again." She said gently. Lucy looked at her warmly. "I really missed this." Susan added.

Lucy couldn't help tears forming in her eyes. She felt like she finally had her sister back. She was so willing to open up and talk to her. They hadn't been like this in so long.

She smiled a goofy happy smile. "So did I."


Drinian observed the deck as he stood by the wheel, keeping everything in good order. The crew's spirits had certainly brightened on the journey home with the joyous news of the Kings and Queens of Old remaining in Narnia. All of whom were sitting together on deck with Caspian and Eustace.

"Land Ho!"

Everyone on deck quickly looked in the direction of their beloved home land and cheered joyously.

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy bolted up so quickly and fled up the steps to the second deck to get a better view. Caspian grinned at them and patted Eustace on the back before running to quickly join them.

Eustace slowly weaved through the crew as they gathered at one side of the deck, unable to take his eyes off the land. He walked halfway up the steps and stopped as its beauty took his breath away.

In all the lands they had travelled to, this was the most beautiful of them all.

The four Pevensie's were frozen to the spot in wistful longing as their hearts melted to the ground.

"Welcome home your majesties." Drinian said warmly.

"Narnia." Eustace said in awe of its beauty.

They looked in shock at what seemed to be a dream.

Susan's eyes glistened with tears. "As if from a dream." She said in an almost whisper.

"Or a dream of a dream." Lucy added, matching Susan's tone.

Edmund looked over to Caspian as he smiled at them all warmly. "Is that?"

As the ship sailed closer, no, they knew they couldn't be dreaming, it was too beautiful to be a dream.

Peter looked at the castle longingly. "Cair Paravel..."


Trumpkin was sat at his desk surrounded by paperwork and books. He sighed heavily and put his face in his hand as he felt a headache forming.

"Lord Trumpkin."

"Ah, Professor, come in." Trumpkin said wearily as he got up for a drink and pour one for each of them. "I was just looking over the progress with the re construction. Within a few months the North wing shall be completely finished and several of the large chambers in the east wing still need to be completed."

"I'm glad to hear it. Caspian will be impressed with the fast progress it had made whilst on his voyage. You've done a fine job."

"I can't wait to give it back. I don't know how the boy did it all."

"He's a fine King."

Trumpkin nodded as he grew thoughtful. "You know once he returns, the people will expect him to choose a Queen."

"I know, but we both know why he hasn't."

"He's still in love with Queen Susan."

"I think in his heart if he cannot marry for love, he cannot marry at all. He would choose a successor."

Trumpkin sunk back into his chair and sighed. "You'd think after everyone he's lost. After everything he's done and sacrificed for Narnia, he'd be able to marry the one he loves."


"Trufflehunter, what is it?"

"The Dawn Treader has returned from its voyage!" Trufflehunter panted.

Trumpkin and Professor Cornelius bolted over to the window where they saw The Dawn Treader sailing towards land.

"Spread the word. The King has returned."


To be continued...

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