Matt's POV

Matt sighed as he walked towards square dancing class. It was just so stupid! Aside from the fact that he didn't like dancing (minus kick lines); this guy was just a bad teacher! They'd only had two classes with him so far, and both had been disastrous.

Aside from the first one, with going to The Electric Diner and that guy falling asleep twice, the second one was even worse! Mr. Dick had caught Carl and Marie passing each other notes, and decided that they should sing the song from Phantom of the Opera! He'd also freaked out when no one knew the "Men in Tights Rap" by heart, although Jessica was pretty gosh darn close. In other words, no one was exactly looking forward to his third escapade.

When he got there, Alicia and Jesse were in a deep conversation about how Twilight sucks. They often talked about this, simply because it was true. He smiled as they quoted his little sister, Cassie's, first video on YouTube. He himself was very into vlogging and followed Jessica's website constantly (though he never actually talked to her.)

Michael's POV

I sat there, you know, man? And I was like, "Whoa, teacher's insane, dude!" and this babe named Jessica was all like,

"Keith, man, wake up, dude!"

And he was all like, "My homework ate my dog, man!"

And Mr. Dick was all like, "Yo, come on! Wake up, man!"

And the babe was all like, "Wake up, man!" but he was still, you know like, sleeping and all, so she started talking about, like, the Muppets, and he was all awake!

Colin's POV

Katie and I were talking about dragons when Mr. Dick came in. He started freaking out once he got there. It was actually kind of funny.

"All of you are wearing matching socks!" he gasped.

"And your point is?" asked this guy in the front row (I think his name is Jesse Coded, but I'm not sure.)

"YOU'RE BAD LUCK!" Dick yells. Vanessa starts banging her head against her desk.


"Ew, no, that's so unsanitary!" said Alicia.

"Yeah, I'm not trading socks with the guys!" said Tiffany.

"No offense, guys," said Jess, "But your socks smell nasty!"

"Oh, come on! It was a joke!" said Keith, who sits next to her in every class I see them in (it's kind of creepy.)

"It was gross!"

"Todd did it!"

"Yeah, but Todd's smelled like chocolate chip cookies!"

"So do I!"

"No, you don't! You smell like either sugar cookies or Old Spice."

"You say that like it's a bad thing!"

"That's what you smell like! Your socks still smell like sweaty, gross things!"

"And how would you know?"

"Gym class!"

At this point, no one is doing anything except watch them argue.

"Why don't you guys calm down?" Katie asked them.

"Can I listen to some music?" Jessica asked.

"I'll sing for you!" Mr. Dick offered.

"No thanks."

A.N.: Alrighty, here's a challenge for you guys. Every character in the classroom is based off of someone. Only three of them are based off of people in my life. My challenge is to see who can figure out who every character is based off of (Jessica and Keith are just based off of themselves.) I either have something linked to them on my profile via the writing, or they're based off of someone in another story. For instance, let's say I had a character based off of somebody in Primeval (I don't), you could find that via LTA. Good luck! May the Push be with you!