A/N: This is my first Kato fic. I've really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it!

I can't believe this is happening.

Yesterday I was safe back in district 12, hunting with Gale and laughing with Prim. Now I'm on a train headed to the capitol to fight for my life—literally.

I wander around the train compartments endlessly, it's all so beautiful. It makes me sick. The Capitol would decorate one single train with so much useless decorations, they could feed my entire district for years. I jump a little when I hear Effie Trinket's shrill voice behind me.

"Katniss, darling. Come look out the window, we're here!" I approach the window and gasp at the sight. The buildings look like they touch the clouds, brilliant colors and dazzling jewels adorn the capitol. It appears to be shining in the sunlight.

We pull into the train station and I discover the people aren't much different from the buildings. The sea of color and diamonds is calling my name, and the name of the boy who came here with me, Peeta Mellark.

To say the process of getting ready for the tributes parade is painful would be the biggest understatement I've ever heard. I was scrubbed, waxed, scrubbed some more, tweezed, and doused in makeup before I even got to meet my stylist Cinna. He isn't that bad actually, not like the others in the capitol who are flagrant and flamboyant. He dressed me in a simple black unitard with boots and a headpiece and led me to my chariot, where Peeta stood glaring at me.

Now I'm standing in a chariot, waiting for our stylists to light us on fire. I'm terrified I'll burn to death, but I don't. The flames barely even tickle your skin, but they look deadly. Our chariot rolls foreward towards the parade and I feel myself falling, so I grab Peeta's hand. He looks shocked and then jerks his hand away like he's been burnt. As we pulled into the arena I could hear him mutter something about a 'disgusting Seam rat' but I chose to let it go. In the arena though, he won't be so lucky.

We enter the area where the citizens of the capitol are waiting for the last chariot to come in. A hush falls over the loud crowd as we roll in, and some people looked alarmed. But Peeta started waving and grabs my hand and lifts it into the air. With that the crowd erupts into a deafening roar.

Haymitch told me the key to winning was sponsors, and to get sponsors you had to get people to like you. I smiled, waved, blew kisses, and caught flowers. I'll do anything it takes to get back home to my family. When the chariot stops and joins the others, President Snow stands to address us and give his annual speech.

I noticed one of the male tributes, from two I think, staring at me. Cato, maybe? I think that's it. He is big, strong, and looks lethal. You can tell just by looking at him he's a career, you can see from his build he's been well fed and is trained to kill. But that's not the only thing I notice about him. He's handsome, very handsome. Tall, lean, blonde hair and blue eyes. Katniss, stop it. You can't afford to let him mess with your head. Think about Prim. I snap out of my daze to hear the last part of the President's speech and the chariots start to roll away. The crowd goes wild again, showering us with flowers and cheers.

As we pull into the training center, we're greeted by a very happy looking crowd. They surround us telling us how marvelous we did. Effie is by far the most excited though.

"You two were absolutely splendid! You look amazing and so good with the crowd out there!" We're the first set of tributes Effie has ever had that have made an impression on the capitol.

As I was stepping off the chariot I caught the boy from two's eyes on me again. I met his stony gaze and refused to be the first one to look away. It could have been minutes that our staring continued. Haymitch noticed it and harshly pulled me toward the elevator. I stepped into the elevator and just before the doors close I clearly see him mouth 'later', with a smirk on his face. Peeta tensed beside me and I knew he saw it too.

Dinner was a celebration to say the least. There were trays upon trays of delicious food. Everyone was laughing and talking about how well we did today and that sponsors definitely have their eyes on us. Effie was so pleased with our performance today she even ordered dessert. An avox brought in a cake that was set on fire. I thought to myself, she really isn't so bad.

While eating cake Haymitch looked thoughtful.

"You need to stay away from Cato, Sweetheart. He isn't someone you want to piss off" Haymitch looked genuinely concerned.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he was just sizing up the competition. I mean I am the first ever district twelve volunteer." I lie smoothly. I don't know what Cato wanted, but I intend to find out. Something in Haymitch's eyes gave away that he knew what I had planned.

After dinner there was a recap of some previous Hunger Games showing. I excused myself to my room. I tried to take a shower, but ended up burning my skin and now I smell like I've been attacked by a million roses. I fall on my bed and drift off into a deep sleep. Where I dream of icy blue eyes.

I know this is a boring chapter, but I had to introduce you to the characters. I promise there will be lots of Kato action in the story!