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Cato and I lay in each other's arms for a very long time, just listening to the beating of our hearts and our steady breaths. I snuggle into his warm embrace as he rubs small circles into my back. I smile as I remember how when I first saw the brute tribute on the recap of the reapings I was terrified of him. Now I see that Cato is just as scared as any of us, and for some reason I've captured his heart. I guess what they say is true; you can't help who you love. But I really don't mind.

As the sun started to go down Cato and I dressed as best as we could, considering the situation that happened with Peeta earlier left me with no pants and Cato with no shirt since he gave it to me so I could look decent. Cato told me he thinks there's a few changes of clothes at the cornucopia, the game makers wouldn't want their precious careers to go around looking bad during the games.

When we get to the clearing where the cornucopia is we hear laughter and come out of the woods to see everyone gathered around a large fire, laughing and telling stories. It made me smile seeing everyone I've grown so close to be so happy for once. Who would have ever thought the games could bring us all together like they have?

But somewhere deep in my heart I know Peeta is out there somewhere and that it won't be long before we see him again. I don't know what happened to the boy with the bread, the one who was so kind and who saved me and my family. But I know that even though he didn't die in the bloodbath, his good spirit died and there isn't anything I can do to bring that Peeta back. Maybe he felt betrayed because I fell so in love with Cato before the games, or maybe seeing all those kids slaughtered at the beginning of the games really caused him to snap. I don't know the reason why, but I know that Peeta has a dark side to him, that is hell bent on coming for me, and that terrifies me. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Cato must notice my sudden change in mood. He stops me and puts his arms around me. And he whispers into my hair. "Katniss, everything's ok, I promise I won't let him ever lay a hand on you again. I'll go back and kill him right now if it would make you feel safe again. I love you, and I'll do anything it takes to protect you because as soon as we get out of this damn arena I'm going to marry you Katniss." He finishes by pulling my face to his and gently kissing me before crushing me into his chest.

When we get to the cornucopia nobody says anything to me about what happened earlier with Peeta, and I'm guessing it's probably because Clove threatening to carve anyone up who tries to bring it up. She's almost become like my sister, and sometimes I'm grateful that she's so ruthless. Cato led me straight to the cornucopia and started ruffling through the bags. Once he found a tribute outfit I stripped down while he watched outside to make sure nobody came in while I was changing. Once I was changed I handed him his shirt back but he told me to throw it with my old clothes, because he pulled out an extra outfit for himself as well. Everyone else's were fairly clean, except the careers, who had all changed into their new clothes a few days ago. The game makers must know how bloody and sweaty the careers get during the games, because they supply them with three tribute outfits a piece.

Once I changed I realize that I'm wearing one of cloves extra outfits, because my sleeve and my back have a number two on it. Cato notices me looking at my new outfit and smiles. "Sorry I had to give you one of cloves, you have some extras in here too, but it's so dark that's all I could find" I smile back at him as I walk and take his hand. "That's ok, I don't mind matching you".

We go to sit by the fire just in time to hear Foxface and Marvel talking about a glitch in the force field around the edge near the cliffs. They were trying to figure out a way to break the hole in the forcefield so that we could get out of this hell hole.

"Yeah, that plan would be great, but how exactly do you plan on breaking it? Don't you know that anything that comes within two feet of that force field is getting fried to a crisp" I say to the group. They all grow quiet trying to think. It's little Rue that speaks up first.

"Katniss, maybe you could shoot it with an arrow? Maybe if we found a weak spot we could just shoot it and it would shatter the whole thing, and we could go home" She says with a shy smile. We all can't help but smile back at her, she's so pure and innocent in the middle of all this chaos. Nobody has the heart to tell her that even if we do find a way to get out of here theres no way we could ever go home, the capital must all think we're dead by now.

I begin to count on my fingers. It's been almost five weeks since the start of the games. I can't even believe it. I wonder if Prim is ok, and above all I can't help but wonder why the games came to such an abrupt end? I don't know about everyone else, but I plan on doing everything in my power to get out of this arena and find my family. But until then I have my own family to protect here, and that's exactly what I plan on doing. It's settled that first thing in the morning were heading for the cliffs where the others seem to think the glitch in the field is. I guess we'll have to test this theory and pray the odds are in our favor tomorrow.