Complete crack with little storyline due to the fact that I need a story for everything :)

Loki sat in the gilded bronze cell in the dungeons of the Asgradian palace. It was the size of a regular bedroom with a cot in one corner and a desk with stool in another. Loki however sat crossed legged on the floor near the enterance, closed by a clear magic forcfeild with the appearance of bubble soap. He sat staring up at his brother-ahem!-regular visitor: Thor. Thor sat on a stool near the enterance staring back, begining to squint as time and staring wore on.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, Loki blinked.

"Ahh!" he cried out in frustration as Thor laughed triumphantly.

"Again brother?" He asked as Loki proccured a piece of chalk and drew a tally mark on Thor's side of the chart he'd drawn on the inside of his cell wall. Thor and Loki were about equal, with a few more tally's on Thor's side then Loki would have liked.

"No, I've lost my taste for it." Loki pouted, making the chalk vanish and he got up and stretched, "Besides, don't you have a certain guardian to visit?"

"Don't be in poor spirits just because I've gained a victory brother!" Thor teased getting up as well, "However you are correct. I don't think anyone will mind if I leave you here for awhile by yourself. Especially since I'll be standing next to Heimdall the entire time."

Almost the entire time. Almost." Loki corrected, strutting over to his cot and lying down. "Although with all that time inbetween here and Heimdall who knows? I might magnificently escape."

"I highly doubt that brother." Thor grinned, "If that happens I get to use Mjolnir on you. And you can be rest assured I will be most drunk with spirits when I do so." Loki flinched at the thought and Thor walked out of the dungeon laughing.

"That is... if you can catch me though." Loki said to himself as he got up, a mischievous grin winding across his face.

Heimdall stood guarding a broken Bifrost. The crystal rainbow bridge ran with surges of color towards a broken of cliff where stood the ancient guardian.

"Heimdall." Thor said, approaching him.

Heimdall stayed still for a moment before taking a deep, drawn breath and saying, "You wish to see about her don't you?"

"If it's not to much trouble." Thor said a little bashfully.

Heimdall smiled and looked down upon Midgard.

"She's happy," Heimdall thought Thor looked alittle unsettled about this, "But not as happy as she appears to her coworkers. She's reading a book on Norse mythology at this very moment by the way."

Thor smiled at this and nodded, "Thank you Heimdall." With that he turned to go.

"Are you returning to Loki?" Heimdall asked.

"Yes, why?" Thor asked, fearing the worst.

"He's in his room."

"Oh good." Thor said relieved.

"Not the cell I mean his room. The one on floor three, the site of the unfortunate Mjolnir meets juice box incident." Heimdall said quickly. Thor winced at the memory of the poor juice box.

"Are you ever going to let me forget that?" he asked. Hemidall smiled.

"Not a chance, it's to funny." Thor cursed the fact Heimdall could see anywhere, including within Asgard.

"Thank you Heimdall." Thor said after a minute and sped off, letting Mjolnir fly him towards Loki's old bedroom.

Getting out had been to easy. Maybe to easy? Loki tried not to think that. This was Asgard after all. Home of the Jocks. He kept repeating that to himself, worried he might be discovered to be missing to soon.

Loki looked around his old bedroom, fighting the urge to jump onto his bed, which was much nicer than the one in his cell. His bones and muscles screamed for it, but Loki shook his head and turned away from it. He looked over at the large desk mounted against one of the walls, where he quickly began opening the drawers looking for something.

"Come on, come on!" He said to himself, frustration growing, "Where'd I put it?" He fished through the deeper drawers frantically, papers scattering everywhere. He climbed onto the chair and looked atop the shelves that were apart of the desk. Nothing there but old spell books and dust. He groaned in frustration and ran to the wardrobe. He tore the door open and fished around among the shoes and random peices of armor. Then he checked the drawers inside the wardrobe and finally began looking in the different leather satchels he'd collected over the years. Not finding the object of his search, he growled and turned to face the bed.

With a running start he flew himself upon the mattress, making an oomf! as he landed on the silk sheets. Then he got up on his knees and began tearing through the pillows and blankets, shaking everything out before he threw it. Just as he was about to start into the third layer of pillows the doors to his room slammed open. Loki squeaked and froze.

"Just because your frozen doesn't mean I can't see you Loki." Thor said testily as he crossed the room, "What are you doing out of your cell?"

"Uhh..." Loki quickly composed himself and put on a mask of neutriality.

"Didn't father tell you? He let me go."

"Really." Thor looked unimpressed.

"Yeah. He decided I'd been punished long enough." Loki said.

"That's the best you got?" Thor asked.

"For today!" Loki said defenisvely, turning back to the pillows and preceding to dig through them. Thor walked up to him and clamped a hand on Loki's shoulder.

"No. No. No. No. No." Loki kept saying as Thor began to drag him off the bed, he continued as he landed on the floor and was dragged across the floor, "No. No. No. N-Hey there it is!" Loki swatted Thor's hand away and shot under the bed. Thor groaned.

"Get out from under there Loki." He bellowed as he clamped a hand around Loki's ankle and pulled him out from under the bed. Loki was grinning widely and holding a green stuffed bear in his hands as he let himself be dragged out from under his bed.

"I wondered where you went!" He said happily to the bear. It was covered in a thin layer of dust and looked a little worn in places.

Thor was silent. He had a numerous amount of emotions running through him as he stared at his younger brother. Anger at Loki for escaping, exasperation and shock because he left his cell to retrive a child's toy, and amusement at the whole situation.

"You left your cell, risked being caught by the guards or me or the Warriors Three or mother or father... to retrieve your stufed bear you haven't slept with since you were thirteen?"

"It's dark in that cell!" Loki whined helplessly, flushing red with embaressment. Thor suddenely gained a wicked grin.

"Have you been sleeping with that bear this whole time?"

"Not since I fell off the Bifrost." Loki said defensively.

"You let go of your staff and let yourself fall off the Bifrost." Thor corrected.

"Tomato, tomato." Loki shrugged as he got up and began cleaning the dust off the toy.

Thor sighed, "Let's go brother." He said as he began to laugh, clamping a hand down on Loki's shoulder and he steering him out.

As they began to walk down the hall Loki halted, "Hold on." He reached behind him and tied the bear to his belt behind his cape. Now no one could see it.

"Allright." He gestured for Thor to lead the way.

Soon Loki was back in the bronze cell, with nothing but a green teddy bear for comfort.

Not a bad day really, Loki summed up, much better than the day he tried to sneak into the kitchens for food and Volstagg had tried to stop him.