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RATING: M...This is my first rated M story, between these two characters.


After Kate's funeral and the case is over, Tim finds Abby in a bar and after they have a few drinks. Tim calls a cab, the cab first stops at Abby's apartment...Tim gets out with the only intention being to make sure Abby makes it to her door okay...something happens to change that...



We had wrapped up the case, but it didn't matter.

Because in the end Kate was still dead and not coming back.

I don't know how Tim found me, but he did and after a few minutes, I was talking to him...about Kate and everything.

Then I couldn't be at the bar anymore, but neither of us was sober enough to drive.

I knew Tony was probably already home drowning his sorrows about Kate as well.

I didn't want to call Gibbs, because we were all dealing with losing Kate.

Tim was there with me. So we called a cab, we were headed to my apartment first and then he would head home.

Then he wanted to make sure I made it to my door.

"I can make it to my own door, McGee." I said as I got out of the cab, but began to stumble.

"Abs, come on." Tim taking my arm.

After he grabbed my arm to steady me, I was actually kind of glad. He paid for the cab and walked with me up to my apartment.

The truth was...I didn't really want to be alone tonight.

Maybe it was, because of losing Kate...I know that was a huge part of it. I had just lost my best friend...someone who was like my sister.

I fumbled with my keys and then I was crying again, Kate had been such a good person.

"I miss her, Timmy." I said, as he took my keys and unlocked the door.

I stumbled in; he was right behind me and closed the door. I turned around and wrapped my arms around him.

"I know, Abby. We all do." Tim said as he put his arms around me.

"Why, Kate? What did she..." I couldn't finish as the tears came harder.

Tim led me to the couch and sat down, pulling me down to sit beside him. I fell against him again and couldn't let go.

I know it was everything that had been happening losing Kate was probably why I was feeling the way I was.

Because I realized that I still loved Tim, so for a while, I just laid my head against his shoulder and he kept his arms around me.

Just letting me know he was there.

So we just sat there, then I pulled back and looked at him.

He was crying as well...

"Abs, I think I..." Tim began, but I couldn't let him go.

"Please, Timmy, I don't want to be alone tonight." I told him looking to his eyes.

"Abby, I..." Tim began and I pulled away a little more.

Then I kissed him and I'm not going to say I don't know why, because there were a few reasons.

1.) I still loved, Tim...


2.) I was trying to deal with the idea that, Kate was gone forever

A part of me knew it was not a good idea to kiss him and start things again, because we were both upset. I couldn't help it and Tim kissed me back for a second before pulling away.

"Tim, I do love you. I've always loved you...I guess it took losing Kate for me to realize that." I said feeling the tears and kissed him again.

"Abby..." Tim began, but looked into my eyes.


I looked into Abby's eyes and I could see many things:

Grief over Kate...

She said she still loved me, but I knew that could be the grief talking.

I still loved her to, but I knew this was not the right time. We were both drunk and I didn't want to regret it later, if she decided it had been a bad idea.

I knew she didn't want to be alone tonight and truthfully neither did I. We were both hurting right now over losing Kate.

I wanted to be with her, but at the same time...

I kept looking into her eyes and wrapped my arm tighter around her. She was still looking at me the tears running down her face.

I reached over to wipe the tears away and knowing it was a bad idea, I kissed where the tears were coming down her face.

Then I lost my fight and Abby's lips found mine, I moved my hands and they slipped under her shirt in the back.

I could feel Abby deepen the kiss and her hands had slipped from around my waist to the front.

We broke the kiss as I took off her shirt and I looked at how beautiful she still was to me. Then my shirt was off, she gasp as I kissed my way down her neck.

"T-Timmy..." Abby moaned and she undid my jeans.

I realized what was happening and pulled back to looking into her eyes again.

"Abby, are..." I began.

"I need you, Tim." Was all Abby said as her hands moved into my now open pants.

Then our clothes were on the floor and she kissed me again. We made it to her room and into her coffin.

Then I was inside her as she moaned and screamed. We could both feel it...

Months since we had been together like this and it was better then I remembered.

Then I fell beside her and she turned to face me, she put her hand to my cheek. I covered her hand with mine.

"Abs, I forgot how it was with you." I said and she looked at me.

Her eyes still showed sadness, but she gave a tiny smile.

"I know, Tim. I did to and I c-can't believe it took what happened to get us here again." Abby said and I didn't know if she meant it or if it was because we had both had a little to drink.

Then I saw her eyes closing and pulled her closer, wrapping my arms around her.

My eyes were closing too...