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RATING: M...This is my first rated M story, between these two characters.


After Kate's funeral and the case is over, Tim finds Abby in a bar and after they have a few drinks. Tim calls a cab, the cab first stops at Abby's apartment...Tim gets out with the only intention being to make sure Abby makes it to her door okay...something happens to change that...


MAY 24, 2006



Today marked the day that just ONE year ago...Agent Caitlin Todd had been shot and killed in the line of duty.

Sadness had been seen on the team's faces all day and they were still having a hard time believing that it had been...a year now.

So much had happened in the last year...

From Kate being killed...

To getting a new director to the NCIS headquarters...Director Jennifer Shepard...

To Ziva joining the team...

Abby and Tim's night...resulting in baby Kate McGee.

It was hard to believe everything that had happened.

Just a little while ago Abby had left to go pick up Kate from day-care.

Then she was meeting the team back at they could go together to the cemetery to visit the grave of...Agent Caitlin Todd.

Baby Kate McGee had just a little over a week ago turned three months old.



It was the end of the day and everyone had agreed to meet in the squad room...then we would all go together to Kate's grave for the one year anniversary.

I walked into the squad room, making my way over to Tim's desk and he looked up with a smile as I set the car seat down beside his desk. Then dropped the diaper bag beside it.

"Hey, Abs; Hey, Kate." Tim said looking at me and then at Kate.

I had to smile when Kate started to move her arms. Tim unbuckled Kate from her car seat and lifted her out.

"Where's Gibbs?" I asked, because I had not seen him since I showed up.

"He went up to see, Director Shepard." Tim told me.

"She has had you wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born..." I told Tim and he just smiled.

"Hey, Zee, you going with us?" I heard Tony ask.

I looked from Tony to Ziva, just in time to see Ziva shake her head.

"No, I do not think I should." Ziva answered already getting ready to leave.

"Why not, Ziva?" I asked.

Ziva and I had started to become friends in the last year, though it had taken a while. We are not as close as I was with, Kate, but she is still becoming a good friend to me.

"It just would not be right...I-I did not know her and I think I would..." Ziva began.

"You wouldn't be intruding, Ziver." Gibbs said coming down the stairs from the director's office, with Director Shepard right behind him. "I will go another has been a hard day for everyone." Ziva said and left.

Then I realized something and wondered how I could have forgotten...

"Everyone ready?" Gibbs asked and we all nodded with sad smiles, because it was finally time to go see, Kate.

"We're just waiting on, Autopsy Gremlin and Du..." Tony began.

"We're right here, Anthony. How is our dear, little Caitlin?" Ducky asked as Tim placed baby Kate into my arms.

"She's doing good..." I began. "Yeah, she has her McDaddy wrapped around her McFinger." Tony joked.

"She has this whole team wrapped around her finger, Tony." I told him with a laugh.

I watched Tim as he gathered his things, then as Gibbs and Tony did the same. Tim threw his bag and the diaper bag on his shoulder, before grabbing the car seat.

Gibbs and Director Shepard in the lead...

Tony and Ducky just behind them...

Then Tim, Kate and I we walked out of the building heading to our cars.

The next stop was to go visit Kate.




I stood beside Abby who had been the one to get our daughter out of the car seat when we got now baby Kate laid in Abby's arms once more and I had one arm around Abby's shoulders as she leaned against me.

I looked over at Tony and I'm pretty sure he didn't think I saw him wipe some tears from his eyes.

It had been obvious that he had been in love with Kate when she was alive.

"What are you looking at, McStare?" Tony asked and I had to shake my head to clear my thoughts.

"Nothing, Tony." I said and looked at Kate's gravestone.

"I miss her and wish she wouldn't have been killed, but at the same time..." Abby didn't finish, just looked at baby Kate.

"We know, Abs." I heard Gibbs say.

"Goodbye, dear Caitlin." Ducky said. "Thanks, Kate for being a great friend...a sister." Abby whispered and buried her face in my shoulder.

"Bye, Kate. You were a great agent..." I told her.

Neither Gibbs nor Tony said anything, but I knew if they were left alone beside Kate's grave they would say their own goodbyes.

Looking around at the team...I noticed there was not a dry eye.

Abby and I turned to head back to our car, looking back at the rest of the team. Tomorrow Abby and I would come back in the morning to see her by ourselves.

I had a feeling that Tony would be the last to leave...

We had lost Kate, but Kate had helped us all form a stronger family and bring a new family member to the team.

I watched as Abby put our sleeping daughter in the car seat.

Then closed the door.

"It's been a hell of a year, Timmy." Abby said looking at me with a sad smile.

"I know..." Was all I could say, before giving her a quick, gentle kiss on the lips.