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The final Chapter...

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The party that waited for the people of Rohan and the army was immense. The food that poured from the royal kitchens trailed down to the third highest tier came in all varieties. Every table that was available, every plate, bowl, goblet, was put out at the street. Every inch of the tables were covered with either food or drink to tempt the people in the area.

People danced, sang, and ate for joy. Finally, the siege was over, the battle was over, the war was over. The men were returning home to their families and life could return to a peace that they all had almost forgotten. The army came back home to their families and the people waved and cheered to Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli and the four hobbits.

"Wonder where the lad is." said Gimli.

"If you're looking for King Fainasinqui, he is up on the top level." said a young woman placing a bowl down on the table.

"King Fainasinqui? He asked to be called that?" asked Gandalf.

"No sir...but..." said woman said with a blush.

"What does that even mean?" asked Sirius. "I like Harry better."

"Jewels of light, is the simple translation." said Gandalf with a smile. "A proper name..."

"Yeah, but Harry's shorter. Well, then what are we waiting for? Let's get to the top!" said Sirius from his own horse.

They galloped up the city to the topmost tier, leaving the armies and people of Rohan at a spot on the tables where there was particularly tasty dish. They had gone on, waving to people that waved at them, and finally stopping at the top tier. On the large stone pathway that jutted out from the city, a giant bowl carved out of mountainside was sitting over a giant fire. There was the young man they were looking for, in front of the fire. To be precise, he was expelling the fire from his mouth, as if he were a dragon.

The rich scent of the stew caused Sirius' sharp nose to almost imagine him eating the smell. It was a meal fit for a King...and there was a King making it.

That thought brought him to a halt, he could hardly believe it, his little boy was a king now...After what seemed to be a comatose state Harry had been in, he was crowned king, and was now in charge of the entire wizarding world. He had to talk to Harry...make sure that they were still...that Harry wasn't going to leave him behind.

Sirius made to move forward, but one of the citadel guards caught him.

"Don't get any closer, the fire is too intense for anyone else to get near it." said the guard.

Harry stopped breathing out the fire, and stood up, he waved his hand and the giant stone spoon began to stir the contents. With his other hand, he controlled the knives around him to chop multiple vegetables and with the help of a small tornado, they were picked up into the sky dropped into the large pot of stew.

"Not surprising that he would use endless power to cook a meal." said Gandalf shaking his head.

Harry touched the bottom of the giant stone bowl and amazingly, a small hole opened in the bottom, big enough to allow some stew with all it's ingredients drop into a large pot. He touched the bowl again causing it to close seamlessly.

"Here's another pot, ready to be taken to a table...oh...hey!" said Harry with a smile.

"Harry! That smells really good!" said Sirius with a smile.

"Your guys' food is up at the table, get up there and tuck in!"

"And what?" said Legolas. "You're speaking your world's tongue again Harry."

"Go to the table and start eating." said Harry with a smile. "There are some people waiting for you."

They turned towards the table that stood before the doors to where the throne of Gondor was. At the table, was Elrond, Arwen, Haldir, Galadriel, Celeborn, and Glorfindel. While Aragorn and Arwen embraced tenderly, Anya sat beside the hobbits, and Eomer took the seat directly beside her.

"Lady Anya..." said Eomer with a mellow voice.

Anya blushed fainly.

Harry noticed out of the corner of his eye at the two of them, a sharp pang went through his heart, but he smiled. He did tell her to find someone else...but it was a bit hard to watch her do it right in front of him. He was a good man though...she could do far worse.

Merry and Pippin looked disappointed as they looked between Anya and Harry. "Darn..."

"You two really are spending too much with Harry. You're speaking his language like a bunch of copycats." said Sam with a smile.

"You have no room to talk, Sam." said Frodo with a smile. "Copycats?"

They waited until Harry was done serving the stew to eat. Waiting for the man to join them for the feast.

"How come you didn't eat anything yet?" said Harry.

"We were waiting for you, dear child...or should I say...Your Majesty.?" said Celeborn with a smile.

Harry turned a faint pink. "Haven't done anything regal yet. That's going to have to wait a bit." said Harry taking a seat across from all of them. Sirius picked up his chair and moved it beside Harry.

"What will be your first act?" asked Glorfindel.

"Well...not sure yes. Guess...I'll go home..." said Harry.

Sirius smiled brightly.

"But I'll be back the moment I let everyone know I'm fine...if Sirius was like this, I can only imagine what the others were like." said Harry.

"Hey, I was worried the most!" said Sirius with a frown.

"There is still some stuff I have to do here, fix the messes that Sauron and Saruman caused...and then...I don't know...I haven't decided..." said Harry.

"Decided what, lad?" said Elrond.

"The way that Meandenbor made it here was a curtain, in one of the rooms of his castle...and I haven't decided...if I should destroy that or not." said Harry.

The people on the other end of the table gasped.

"But...why?" said Sam.

"This world...it might have been spared the first battle that raged here over the ring, if the King had not had such tempting powers. I don't know...our world's magic might be too dangerous for this place. You don't need us..."

"But we do Harry." said Aragorn. "True, we can handle ourselves in the most dire of circumstances. But without you...this journey could have ended far worse."

"That's right! Without you coming to get us, we would have died on Mount Doom!" said Sam.

"I think Gandalf would have done something to help you without my coming to get you." said Harry

"But we'll never know that, also that extra pack you gave us, it kept us going even longer than what ours did." said Frodo.

"You saved many people back in Helm's Deep, ending a battle that would have claimed many lives." said Eowyn.

"You, were more than needed here..." said Elrond. "The trials we all suffered would have been more terrible and hundreds of lives could have paid the price. And if you do close off the way between our worlds...we will sorely miss you."

"Don't go Harry!" said the hobbits, Pippin wiped the tears from his eyes.

"If I may offer a suggestion." said Gandalf with a smile. "Perhaps, you could insure to future kings...what has happened to you and King Meandenbor, and offer them the choice to come here..."

Harry looked at Gandalf.

"For I have no doubt that your successor will share the same qualities you possess." said Gandalf.

Harry looked down, his mouth twitching in a smile.

"As long as it's just a visit." muttered Sirius as he put spoonfuls of stew in his mouth.

"Are you that afraid that he'd prefer to stay here?" said Aragorn with a smirk.

"He already mentioned coming home, I think I win this little war." said Sirius sneering back.

Harry looked between Sirius and Strider. "Wow...what did I miss?"

"You don't want to know." said Legolas and Gimli together.

"Well...I guess..." said Harry picking at his stew...a smile on his face. "I'll keep the way open...and I'll see if the next King is ready to help keep it the way it is. And I'll come back to visit."

"So you aren't staying?" said Eomer with a smile.

Anya looked over to Harry, tears in her eyes.

Harry stood up, walked over to where she sat and knelt down in front of her, his chin on his hands. "I'd be staying in my world and that world's...a bit...too tainted to have you in it. You'd most likely get sick with all the poisonous smog in the air, and it's rivers and food isn't half as clean and pure as this place is. It's best that you stay here." said Harry with a saddened look in his eyes. "Besides, I think I can count on him to make you happy, if he can." he nodded over to Eomer.

Eomer stared at Harry, he was prepared to challenge him for the courting rights to Anya, but...he was backing down, the man that destroyed the Uruk-hai army was backing down!

"I..." said Anya.

"If I took you home, I'd only be breaking both our hearts, you'd miss this place, and I'd watch you get sick from so much as stepping foot outside the door." said Harry.

"He's got a point, London at the very least is known for it's smog. This place is a veritable heaven compared to our world." said Sirius.

"Then why go back?" asked Merry through a mouth of carrots.

"Home is home..." said Sirius. "And I'm missing my wand...can't wait till I can do things so much easier...first thing I'm going to do is take a bath..."

"Good idea." said Harry with a smile.

"Stuff it." said Sirius giving Harry a shove.

"Remember, he's the king of your world now." said Galadriel with a fond smile.

"He wouldn't do anything with me." said Sirius with a smile.

"Don't count on it." said Harry with a smile.

"Hey now!" said Sirius.

Several of the people laughed.

"Now...about this new name of yours..." said Legolas with a smile.

"What new name?" asked Harry.

"A few people have been calling you Fainasinqui, King Fainasinqui." said Strider.

"What the...what does that name mean?" said Harry with wide eyes.

"Jewels of Light." said Sirius.

"Makes sense I suppose." said Harry touching his crown gently. The jewels glistened and sparkled brightly in the crown upon his head.

"So...you've found all the stones, Harry, a staggering feat." said Elrond.

'Yeah, but I haven't used them all either. I haven't used this, and this one yet." said Harry pointing to the beryl, and the tourmaline, "One of them just showed up out of nowhere."

"How did you take down that crazy guy." asked Merry.

"That...who?" asked Arwen.

"He ambushed us, right outside of Mordor." said Pippin.

"I still can't believe he's gone, are you sure he's dead?" said Sirius.

"If he can survive an adder bite to the heart, he's earned immortality." said Harry.

"A...what?" said Sirius in shock.

"I turned into a small insect, flew down his throat, grabbed the Jade stone that he swallowed, turned into an ant, carried it out, burrowed my way to his heart and then turned into an adder...and I bit it." said Harry.

The table was silent.

"I wanted to use all the stones, to see what they could do...but...I was getting too...cocky..." said Harry.

"What's cocky?" asked Legolas.

"It's what Sirius and Strider kept acting like around each other." said Harry.

Sirius and Aragorn smiled.

"Wait..." said Sirius, the smile coming off his face. "Did you get injured?"

"He stabbed me yeah...but I healed right away. The fight didn't last long, I didn't want to drag it out when I didn't have to." said Harry. I'm still getting used to the power, and it's a real strain on my body. Using the stones for normal, kitchen duties, is a lot easier to get used to the power than by using them in battle.

"So, you won...without really any trouble..." said Sirius.

"Oh there was trouble, but it didn't happen here." said Harry, "and I can't say it was trouble, more like awful."

"What?" said Gimli.

"Before we head back, we have something to do first." said Meandenbor.

"What's that?" asked Harry.

"Remember that horcrux I took out of you?" said King Meandenbor.

"Y-Yes?" said Harry.

"I can sense others, made by that man." said King Meandenbor.

"Others?" said Harry in shock.

"About...five more I shouldn't wonder." said King Meandenbor.

"How are we to find them?" asked Harry. "They could be anywhere, right?"

"Well, it would normally take a long, hard process to find them. But...you're the King now, hard work is now not a required part of life. I still have some residue left from the horcrux that attached itself to your body. Take it in your hand."

Harry held out his hand and the King placed a smoky orb in his hand, it's wispy fog condensed and dispersed repeatedly..

"Now what?"

"Look at it." said King Meandenbor.

Harry looked at the orb.

"That...would have drained your life...it would have caused him to peer into your mind, possess you...until...it would have been possible for him to kill your closest friends, through you..." said King Meandenbor.

Harry's eyes flashed, tears of anger sparkled in his eyes and his teeth were bared. "Damn...damn him..." snarled Harry.

"Now...look out that window...now...just..." he stopped, the glare in Harry's eyes were so intense, that even in his spectral form...a shiver went up and down his spine.

"You're done." he said with a voice as cold as poisoned steel.

The aura in his hand, disappeared with a small flash. The King stared at the young man's hand in amazement, but he smiled. "And that's that, a long painful quest, done in a matter of seconds with a royal command."

"You mean to tell me, that I can end someone's life, with a command?" said Harry, despite the still furious look, there was a flicker of worry.

"Oh no...you were only able to do that because it was a form of magic. You can control what magic is active and what is not. You could cease the worlds' magic with the blink of an eye if you desired." said King Meandenbor.

"So...he's really gone?" said Harry.

"He will, once you defeat him." said Meandenbor. "If you don't, well, he might have enough foolishness to remake his horcruxes. But, I'd bet on you to defeat him, no chance of him winning, so long as you take him seriously from the get go."

Harry still looked down. "Not something I'm comfortable talking about...let's just say, I didn't think he could sink so low."

"And this is Voldemort...how low did you think he could get?" said Sirius shaking his head, though he didn't know what Harry was talking about.

"So the fight...it went somewhat smoothly..." said Legolas.

"As well as anything." said Harry with a smile, though he sighed. "Sort of anticlimactic with all the grief he's given me."

"That's a good thing..." said Sirius quickly.

"If only he didn't swallow that stupid stone, the fight would have gone on longer." said Harry.

"You wanted to fight?" said Sam in shock.

"I wanted to find out why...I wanted to know so many things...but I figured, that since I was in there, I'd finish it." said Harry.

"Odd discussion for diner." said Glorfindel.

"But quite exciting." said Celeborn with a smile to his old friend.

"So...are you going to go to the Grey Heavens?" said Harry.

"We may be recalling our kin from the Grey Heavens, we are unsure even now." said Galadriel. "The Golden Wood is still weakening."

Harry looked down to her and then looked down at his plate.

"Do you want it renewed?" said Harry softly.

Galadriel and Celeborn looked at Harry in shock.

"That...that would be...incredible." said Celeborn with a gasp.

"If you want to stay in Middle Earth, I can restore the Golden Wood, as well as Fangorn and many other forests in Middle Earth." said Harry still looking down at his half eaten bowl.

"Please!" said Arwen looking at her father, who nodded.

Harry stood up slowly, and walked all the way down the long outreach of Minas Tirith.

They all stood up and watched him, his robe fluttering in the breeze. He had a focused look in his eye and continued walking towards the very end of the outreach.

"What's he going to do?" asked Sam moving forward, the other hobbits followed.

When he reached the the very end of the outreach, he held out both hands and tilted his head up. Suddenly, the wind picked up, blowing fiercely towards the west, on the wind, they could see a millions upon millions of tiny sparkles flashing in the sun. As if they were a tiny glittering snowflakes, blinking in the sunlight. They moved out onto the Pelennor Fields and beyond.

He then turned back towards them. "That should do it."

"What was it?" asked Frodo as they hurried up to him.

"I just sent a special bit of pollen off to where the forests were. That should revitalize anything it touches, and there's more than enough to restore a hundred forests." said Harry.

The hobbits looked up at Harry with awe in their eyes.

"Now...Frodo..." he said kneeling down to his level, he could hardly believe how much taller he got since he last met the hobbit. There was something haunting about Frodo, something that wasn't sitting right. "There's something beside your hand that's hurting."

Frodo blinked, "Y-Yes...but...I don't think even Elrond can help.."

"Who said anything about Elrond." said Harry, placing a hand on Frodo's head.

Frodo gasped, a warm tingling feeling blossomed from the top of his head down to his furry toes. His shoulder, his back, his hand, they all began to grow warm.

"I can't regrow bones, but I should be able to smooth over that gaping wound." said Harry softly.

Frodo looked at his hand and new smooth skin stretched over the wound, as if it had been years that Gollum chomped his finger off.

"This is the first time I've been able to touch you." said Harry with a smile.

Frodo's eyes began to well with tears, he rubbed his eyes as Harry removed his hand.

Glorfindel, Haldir and Celeborn saw how vibrant he looked. His stamina for healing must have increased.

"Remember lad, you'll have to go back to Rivendell..." said Elrond.

"Actually, I already did. King Meandenbor and I collected his body and brought it back to Castle Valor." said Harry.

"When did that all happen?" asked Pippin.

"While the tower was falling." said Harry.

"But...there was no time." said Merry.

"There was plenty of time, with the Opal and Onyx stone. Why does it always have to be the first thing one finds that helps you in the long run...its like that movie with the Emerald City and the Flying Monkeys."

"What?" said the hobbits.

"Never mind." said Harry. "You done eating, Sirius?" said Harry.

"Huh..uh...yeah..." said Sirius.

"Will-O-Wisp!" called Harry.

She came trotting over from where a large bale of hay stood in the corner of the square and came up to him, her magnificent head resting in his hand.

"I asked if I could take you with me...and Meandenbor said yes...would you like to go with me?" said Harry.

Will-O-Wisp whinnied and nuzzled Harry's hand.

"I promise, I'll take good care of you!" said Harry with a smile.

"You'll take the horse, but not the girl? You really have no priorities." said Sirius shaking his head.

"She wasn't eating much while Harry was in Sauron's clutches. She would barely allow anyone else to ride her for long. Taking Anya to your world, could spell her death, but leaving Will-O-Wisp could mean hers." said Gandalf with a smile.

Eomer looked down at Anya, who looked up at him.

"Please, be my Queen." said Eomer, bowing low.

Anya looked up at him, then looked at Harry, Harry smiled and nodded, "Remember, I wanted you to be happy...you wouldn't be happy with me...But Eomer is a great guy...er...good man...he's a better match for you."

"But...I'm not the same status." said Anya. "I'm a barmaid from Bree."

"I could care less." said Eomer quickly.

Anya looked up at Eomer.

Harry caught Sirius' eye and flicked his head to instruct him to come towards him. Sirius walked over to Harry and stood beside him. Harry flicked his finger towards Anya and instantly an image came to her mind.

She was sitting in large throne, with Eomer on her right. They were smiling down at the people standing in front of them, people were happy, dancing and singing, and children were running around the large hall. Three children, with bright blonde hair, like shining gold were chasing around a large dog, leaping on it's back and riding it like a pony. They had Anya's eyes.

In an instant, the vision was gone, Anya gasped and looked towards Harry, his body was wavy and was surrounded in shining light.

"Goodbye, I hope to see you all again soon."

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