It was a hot, sunny day in Morganville, Texas, as Michael and I walked hand in hand towards their home, the Glass House. As we reached the front gate, he lifted me up like a princess and carried me through the door as I laughed. As we crosses the threshold, he put me down, then pulled me close and went to kiss my cheek lightly, but I turned my hand to get his lips.

We heard a throat clear behind us, and we imminently pulled away from each other looking embarrassed.

'Sorry to disturb you, but we were on the way out and you're kind of in the way of the door, so…' Claire trailed off, her arm around Shane, so I and Michael moved to the side. 'Thank you!'

After closing the door behind Claire and Shane, Michael looked at me brightly.

'So do want to watch a movie or something? I can cook for you, if you want.' He said, and smiled.

'Ah. That's so cute! But we already have pasta here so we can just eat that.' I suggested, returning his smile, and Michael nodded in agreement.

So we got our bowls of pasta, and decided to watch a scary movie together. Michael picked out a zombie movie, obviously, and I laughed a little as he sat down beside me, and put his arm around my shoulders.

A couple of minutes later….

A zombie lunged at a blonde girl with big boobs, and she screamed as it tore flesh away from her pretty body. I looked up at Michael, and he looked down at me. His eyes were red. I jumped up, knocking my empty pasta bowl on the floor where it smashed into tiny pieces. 'Michael, what the hell?' I screamed.

'Eve, I-I just… the movie…' He said, obviously panicking.

'Oh, the movie scared you? That's why your eyes were red? Come on, I'm not an idiot. It was the blood wasn't it.' I heard a scream come from the TV, and I turned to see the blonde girl being discovered by her friend in a mangled, bloody heap on the floor. 'It made you hungry.' I said quietly. He hesitated.

'Yes.' He whispered, and then moved towards me, vampire speed, putting his hands on my shoulders. 'Eve I'm sorry I just-'

'Oh. Don't worry about it.' I said, calmly. I tried to escape his grip on my shoulders, and he let me. I could feel him watching me as I ascended the stairs o my room.


She ran away from me. Why? Because of your eyes, you jerk! I thought to myself. It was just a movie, yeah, but it obviously scared her that it made me… I couldn't even think it. I hated myself. This wasn't going to work. Amelie realised it. Oliver realised it. The whole damn town realised it. Its about time we did too.

The next day….


As my eyes fluttered open, I knew I should be remembering something. Instead, I cherished the moments where I didn't. And then it hit me. I moaned, rolling over in my bed and burying my face in the sheets. I'd been such an ass! It wasn't his fault. I needed to talk to him. I leaped out of bed, threw on a tight, black shirt and puffy black skirt and headed for the door. As I flung it open, I walked straight into Michael. He had his fist up, as if he was about to knock. His eyes widened. 'Eve.' He said, softly. 'Can we talk, please?' 'Yeah, I wanted to talk to you too actually.' I said, backing up as he moved forwards. My knees caught the bed and I was forced to sit. He knelt in front of me, and put his hands on my knees. 'Michael,' I began. 'I just wanted to say-'he slapped a hand over my mouth to shush me.

'Me first.' He said. His voice was laced with agony, and I saw tears in my eyes. I tried to take his hand off my mouth, but he put his other one behind my head to hold his other one behind my head to hold me in place. 'Eve, I know we always said that we could work past… What I am.' He said, and a tear spilled down his cheek. 'But I think we know now that we can't.' My eyes widened, and I tried to shake my head, writhing to escape him. This couldn't be happening. I felt my heart break in my chest, and tears flood my eyes. 'After what happened outside the pool, in the bloodmobile… after last night… I can't keep pretending I'm still like you. Because I'm not.' I screamed behind his hand, sobbing and struggling. I kicked his chest, and he flinched but his hands didn't budge. 'Let me finish!' He yelled, pulling my head closer. 'Don't make this harder than it already is, because this is killing me – but it has to be done.' He whispered, and I felt everything inside me shatter. I felt dead. Empty. 'I love you.' Michael breathed.

I went limp, and he took his hand off my mouth to lift up my chin. 'Michael,' I began, quietly. I felt all my energy drains out of me. 'I know it's hard but we've been through too much to give up now, please-' he kissed me long and hard, sweet and hot and I never wanted it to stop, not ever, but then he pulled away and stood up, facing away from me, all in less than a second. We were both crying, soaked in our misery.

'I'm so sorry.' He croaked, and started trembling. I took in a long, shaky breath, still sobbing. It was really over. I may as well at least pretend to be ok. Save him half the heartbreak.

'Do you want me to move out?' I said as calmly as I could.

'No… no, you can stay, of course…. And I still want to be friends; I just can't see how… this is going to work.'

'Ok.' I said quietly. 'Could you leave please? I just need a minute to…' I trailed off, pulling my knees up to my chest.

'Sure.' He said, and in a flash he was gone, and the door was closed. I flung myself backwards and buried my face into a pillow to muffle the sound of my screams.

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