'Knock, knock.' I heard Eve say from outside Shane's bedroom, and I ran to open it.

'Eve!' I screeched, and threw myself into a hug. 'Michael told me everything, are you OK?' I asked, pulling out of the hug.

'Yeah. You mind if we do this somewhere other than Shane's room? I love him and everything but, god, it's gross in here.' She made a face and started to walk away towards her room, and I followed, smiling.

I felt guilt wearing away at me inside, but I ignored it. She couldn't know. She could never know.

We both sat down on her large, gothic bed, (black lacy sheets with spiders stitched into them) and crossed our legs.

'Someone offered me something earlier and I need to talk to you about it.' She said, looking very serious.

'Ok…' I said. 'Who offered it to you?'

'Oliver.' She said. I frowned. If she was talking about what I thought she was talking about I would have thought it would have been a below average student or… Jason. But not Oliver. He didn't seem like the type to hand out drugs.

'You said no, right?' I asked, worriedly.

Eve smiled. 'I'm not talking about drugs, you know, CB. But I can see why you would think that.'

I wave of relief crashed over me.

'Right. Yeah. So what did he offer you?''

There was a long pause, and Eve drew in a long breath.

'He asked me if I wanted to be a vampire.' She said quickly, and made a face like she was expecting me to yell.

I said nothing.

'CB?' She said, but I stayed silent. What do you say when someone says something like that to you?

It took a few minutes for me to form actual words, in which time Eve had gotten out her phone and started texting people.

'Why did he ask you that?' I finally said, and she put her phone in her pocket.

'Because the reason Michael and I broke up was… Well, you already know. He said we had helped the town so much recently that he felt like he should do something for us, and apparently turning me into a vampire would solve this problem, so… Yeah. What do you think?' She spread out her hands on the bed.

'Do you want to be a vampire?' I asked, my voice shaky.

'I guess so. I mean, living for hundreds of years with the man I love, not having to worry about being drained at night, or being too hot or too cold, or drowning. There are perks. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love being a human but when I think about it, this is the only way I can stay with Michael. And I want that. So, yeah, I guess I do want to be a vampire. Are you ok with that?'

'Of course, yeah.' I said, a bit louder now. 'But Shane probably won't be. And how are you going to get Amelie to agree to this? Oliver can't turn people properly, if you remember from Michael's being-a-ghost-ness.' Eve smiled.

'Oliver said that he's been talking with Amelie for a while now and she even said that turning me was a good idea, and that they could use someone like me on their side.'

'Someone like you?' I asked, raising an eyebrow.

'You know. Smart, cool, sophisticated and feisty. Girls like this,' she gestured to herself. 'Are hard to come by.' She winked.

'Talk to the guys about it.' I demanded.

'I will. You're so great, CB!' She said, and hugged me.


I played my guitar quietly as I sat, cross legged, on the couch, thinking about Eve. Beautiful, smart, funny Eve. I wished there was a way around our problems. I'd try anything.

'Hey.' I heard, and looked up. Eve smiled at me, and it filled my cold, un-dead heart with warmth and happiness.

'Hey.' I said, putting my guitar down. She sat next to me on the couch, and we stared into each others eyes for a few seconds, and I wished the world could stop, and that I could stay in this moment with her forever and ever.

'I need to talk to you.' She said.

'Ok.' I said, turning around on the couch to face her. 'What's up?' I said, unenthusiastically.

'I spoke to Oliver today.' She said, and I narrowed my eyes in confusion. 'Don't interrupt, don't say anything until I'm done, OK?' I nodded. 'I spoke to Oliver. And he asked me why I looked so sad, so I told him everything.' I saw her heart beat faster and harder. Is she lying to me? I thought. I couldn't think about it too deeply and listen to her at the same time, though, so I listened. 'And he said he could find a way around it. Our problem, I mean.' I was filled with hope, and I smiled.

'Yeah? How?' I asked. Eve smiled, sadly.

'How would you feel about me becoming a vampire?' She said, slowly, and I went still.

'I… don't know. Do you… want to be a vampire?' I asked, shakily.

She stared at me.

'You and Claire spend too much time together.' She joked, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I'm a bad person. I thought to myself. I don't deserve her.

'Eve.' I said, quietly.

'Right. I think I want that. I mean, we could get back together, and I'd live forever with you. That's a big selling point for me. But I just wanted to know, before I went though with any of it, if you were OK with it. Would we get back together if I became a vampire?'

'Of course, Eve, god… If you're happy with it, and you're absolutely sure, then I would love for you to… Well, you know.' Our faces lit up, and I leant over to kiss her.


I flung open the front door to the Glass House, and threw my keys to the side as I came in.

'Yo! I brought dinner home!' I yelled, walking down the hallway.

'We're in the kitchen!' I heard Claire say, and I smiled, and headed her way.

I expected to see everyone up and around the kitchen, making coffee, smiling, drinking, having fun. But instead, when I opened the door, all three of them were sat around the table, looking as suspicious as hell.

'Hey guys.' I said, in a sing song voice. 'What's up?' I sat down at the spare seat, and Claire took my hand.

'Seriously what's going on, you guys are freaking me out.' I said, frowning.

'Eve has some news.' Michael said, and looked at her.

'Yeah.' She said. 'So. Uh… Ok, well, lets start by saying that Michael and I broke up this morning.'

'What?' I said, devastated. 'Oh my god, guys-'

'Let me finish.' She said angrily, and I nodded.

'So, I went to blow off some steam at the gym, and Oliver was there fencing. He asked me why I looked so sad and I told him that Michael and I broke up, and I told him that it was because he didn't want to hurt me anymore. Which is true. And he said there was a way around it.' She trailed off, staring at Michael. She looked happy and terrified at the same time.

I saw where it was going.

'Did he ask if-' She interrupted me.

'I wanted to be a vampire. Yeah. And I wanted to check with all you guys before I said anything. He's waiting for an answer. These two are ok with it, as long as you are. Are you?' Eve, Claire and Michael all held hands, waiting for my answer.

I drew in a deep breath, ignored the jackass inside me that was way too much like my Dad, and…

I nodded.


There were two rings before Oliver's stern, terrifying voice came through the phone.

'Oliver speaking.' He said.

'Oliver? It's Eve.' I said. 'You know earlier, that thing you asked me? I have an answer.' I felt myself trembling.

'And?' He asked.

'Set it up.'