He was further ahead as usual, with Anna trailing behind him although she did try to catch up with him, usually when he stopped she caught up with him and they would walk together for a while, but somehow Ryuuga seemed to walk faster and Anna couldn't keep up with him for long.

However she wasn't alone, ever since she had been protected by that little fox creature, a Jolteon from what they had learned, which was faithful to her and stayed by her side at all times.

Once again Ryuuga waited for her to catch up only to find himself close to a big beast, which was rather hairy and appeared to have the fur of tiger although it was longer and rather messy like, its dark eyes were on him carefully seeing what to make of him.

He didn't flinch and maintained eye contact with the beast, he wasn't the type to get frightened easily, in fact he had been trained to be aware that anything could happen and the fact that he never really relaxed meant that he was always ready for a surprise.

The beast sniffed the air then barked and wagged its tail as he approached Ryuuga, who became rather confused at what the creature was up to until it began to rub its head on Ryuuga's hand, begging in its own way to be petted.

Before he did anything, although he was still trying to figure out if he should just pat the beast or pull his hand away he heard a squeal and saw Anna walk over to them with Gregorio running up to the beast and it appeared to greet it with a gentle nuzzle to its nose.

He said nothing, just walked onwards though the beast followed him and Ryuuga knew that Anna was smiling happily, seeing that the beast was somehow attached to him as Gregorio was to her; of course Ryuuga was stubborn at the best of times and he would never consider that fact to be true.

Why would some creature follow him? He didn't need it, he had himself and L Drago, that was enough for him.

However he was to learn that he did need help, once again he found that some idiot had ordered some bey soldiers to come and find him, to take him away so that they could learn more about L Drago and its power. Normally it was easy to defeat them, in fact it was, L Drago was a powerful bey and blew them all away, however he never accounted for one of the men to physically attack him.

He was strong and he could fight, but this guy was obviously trained to fight first and beyblade second. That was when they heard the beast growl at them, or more to the point the soldier, and suddenly a flamed ball came out of it mouth, aimed at the soldier who was about to attack Ryuuga again.

Once everyone was down the beast walked over to Ryuuga and licked his hand, with Ryuuga finding himself patting the beast and found that it wasn't that bad, maybe he did need to have a little bit of extra help, someone to watch his back.

I guess I should learn a bit about this one. He thought to himself as they waited for Anna and Gregorio to catch up with them.

Once they re-joined them Anna smiled as she noticed that Ryuuga had finally accepted the creature who was following him faithfully.

"What will you call him?" She asked him as he walked next to her, it was his way to let her know that they would be stopping to camp for the night soon.

"Call him?" He repeated and she nodded.

"Yes, a name? Like Gregorio," She gestured to her Jolteon, who glanced at her and wagged his tail and trotted next to her.

"Beast," Ryuuga said with a shrug, he wasn't really one to think up names, so long as it fits that was all that mattered.

"Beast?" She frowned at the name, but Ryuuga didn't care it was a name and he wasn't likely to use it often either.

They set up camp and Anna rested next to him, with Gregorio nestled into her arms and Beast, as he was now known, was resting and keep watch, happy to be part of a rather unusual family.