Prologue: Kushina Uzumaki


In the beginning...there was love, pure and unconditional.

There was joy and happiness.

Such tender emotions held close yet wrapped in an all-consuming veil of treachery.

For one mother of the village hidden in leaves, she went through a world of mental anguish and physical turmoil, all for the sake of one day helping her child realize his greatest dream.

What was that dream? Why, the same character-building dream that most young aspiring shinobi have after hearing the tales and reading the lore.

To become Hokage.

Like any woman worthy of the title 'mother' would do, she wanted only the best for her son. Circumstances kept them from seeing one another but her resolve did not waver.

She fought for her child's dream. She bled for it. She cried for it. All of this pain she would gladly endure if it meant in the end she would be able to see his smile. She wanted him to know that he was worth something to the people of Konoha, and that he was worth everything to her.

But alas...fate had other plans.

Plans which did not include a mother reuniting with her son nor achieving his dream. Plans that left the mother in a black sea of regret while her son spilled tears over her corpse.

But this woman was not ordinary. She was not weak. And she was very determined. Determined enough to defy the prince of darkness when told to stand down. Her strength was impressive, any fool could see as much, but it takes more than that.

It takes heart, the willingness to sacrifice everything without fear of consequence for yourself.

This woman had sacrificed much and gained nothing but pain for her efforts.

Otherworldly powers decided it can't end like this.

It won't.

So she has been given a second chance and a new title. A second chance to do things right, and the title? The title harkens from olden times when the oldest shinobi were still young. To her, that title is meaningless and will surely be forgotten the moment she awakens into her new life.

For right now, there is only one title she wishes to reclaim:

The title of Mother.

This is her journey the Devil's Disciple.


A/N: And it begins where it started.