Bang's eyeballs popped out of his sockets as he saw Blanko's face and body was covered with Victoria's kisses and Victoria all on top of Blanko. The couple looked up in terror when Bang opened the door and saw them on the ground. They got up and straightened themselves up they tried to explain what they were doing. "Hey, dude," Blanko stuttered. "What's up?"

Bang goes out on blast, "'WHAT'S UP'? Ishould be asking you two that question!" Blanko step up to Bang and said, "Listen, Bang, Victoria and I were just talking and well…uh…" Running out of things to say, Blanko rubbed the back of his head feeling sheepish. So Victoria finished, "Blanko was just telling me how awesome I was in the video. Of course, we kissed and it leads to this." Victoria pointed out the kisses on Blanko's body. "Well, come back inside." Bang told Victoria and Blanko.

The three of them were entering the gym to join the others. Pound, Nawt, and Bupkus were shocked when they saw Blanko and Victoria holding hands and Blanko covered in kisses. "Well where have you two been?" Pound asked.

Victoria said, "We were out in the hall talking and, well, this happened."

Pound raised an eyebrow, "I see."

Nawt came up to Blanko and high fived him, "Way to go, man."

Blanko blushed, "Thanks, man."

The guys couldn't help but notice a sad look on Blanko's face. "Hey why the long face, man?" Bupkus asked Blanko. Blanko heaved a sigh as he sat on the bench and started off slowly.

"Fellas, there's something I want to get off my chest. You guys are the greatest. I am grateful to have friends like you all, and I always will be." The boys seemed confused, but they smiled at what Blanko said. Then Blanko turned to Victoria and held her hand.

"Victoria, from the moment I first met you, you took my breath away. You're smart, sweet, funny, caring, and an awesome singer. I love you, Victoria Rath." Victoria looked at Blanko with watery eyes, "I love you too, Blanko." The couple kissed each other on the lips. The rest of the Monstars sighed with 'aw' until Pound said, "Whoa, whoa, hold on; I'm confused. Blanko, what are you trying to tell us?" Victoria cuts in and says, "Blanko and I are dating."

The guys exclaimed 'oh' with amazement. "Congratulations, man! You got yourself a wonderful woman. And Victoria, you got yourself a great guy." Bupkus told Blanko and Victoria.

Then Nawt asked, "But what did you mean when you said you are grateful to have friends like us. What did you do?"

Nawt gave Blanko a suspicious look. "Calm down, Nawt," Victoria said. "Blanko is worried that our relationship will put an end to his friendship with you guys." Finally, everything was making perfect sense to everyone as they all looked at Blanko with sympathy. Pound walked up to Blanko and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Blanko, listen. Having a girlfriend doesn't mean it's the end of the world. We are friends till the end. We love Victoria; she's a very sweet girl and she is like part of the family. She can hang out with us anytime she wants. If y'all have plans, don't be afraid to tell us." Blanko smiled as everybody got up and hugged him. Victoria hopped on Blanko to kiss him and wrapped her legs around him.

The other Monstars reacted with awe. "Alright, y'all betta cool it!" Pound told Victoria and Blanko.

Victoria got off of Blanko and blushed, "Sorry."

Everybody laughed and talked for a while and cleared out the gym by taking down the lights, camera, settings, and instruments and putting it back in the truck. The Monstars went to the men's room to wash up while Victoria went back into dressing room to freshen up and change back into her regular clothes. The Monstars change into their Jerseys and met up with Victoria, who was already dressed, and headed back into the gym. As they got inside, Pound suggested, "Hey, why don't we all go out to Golden Corral for dinner?" Everybody was happy about that suggestion. They headed out to the truck as they shut off the lights and locked up the gym.