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Yuki's POV:

Things kept getting weirder and weirder. Akairi ran off, and after a text, she didn't come back, and Kyo went off on his own and he hasn't come back either. Shigure sat at his usual spot at the table, and I couldn't stand still so I paced back and forth. He sighed.

"This all seems so weird..." He muttered, and I nodded in agreement.

"Should we go look for them?" I asked, heading towards the door.

"That seems to be the only thing left to do..." We both put on our shoes and left.

Sachiko's POV:

I couldn't control my body at all. Whatever he wanted from me, I would gladly give him even though I didn't want to. Akairi almost had me free, but she had transformed, I know that much. Who knows where she was now.

Thank goodness I wasn't the only one though. This guy had all of these other girls that looked like they weren't from around here. We were all dressing into odd outfits that ranged from maid outfits and school girl uniforms to nurses and cat girls. Of course I was the one stuck in a blue bunny suit, with ears the same color, a white puffy tail, panty hose and black high heels with white sleeve cuffs around my wrists. I felt so embarrassed, but I could do nothing about it.

Once all of the girls were dressed, we found a stage with lights flashing all around and Ko-chan in a suit. (A pink suit at that.) There was a loud crowd of girls around the stage cheering and we were all dancing. Some song was playing and I was sure it was getting more girls under his spell, if they weren't under it already. The corset top of the suit was so revealing, at least half of my somewhat large chest had to be showing.

"Oh please, end this now..." I thought to myself as all the girls kept dancing.

Shigure's POV:

"Do we even know where this guy lives?" I asked Yuki as we walked. He started to shake his head no, but then we both saw something. Giant foot prints in the dirt.

"Those look like the cat's true form..." Yuki muttered. "Maybe they'll lead back to the house..."

About thirty minutes later, we found a large place that looked pretty well kept.

"This must be it..." I opened the door and found a stage with all these girls, around high school age, dancing in skimpy outfits. One of those girls happened to be Sachiko, and she was wearing a really cute bunny suit. She almost looked like a playboy bunny and I couldn't help but feel a little... alive. I smiled. "I don't mind this at all..." Yuki hit me hard on the head.

"Stop being perverted, we have to get Sachiko and Akairi."

"Well, I found Sachiko." I pointed onstage and Yuki saw her and stared. Though his look was weird and I couldn't tell if he liked it or was freaked out by it.

"Akairi may be in another room... Should we split up?" He looked at me, and I shrugged.

"Doesn't matter to me."

Kyo's POV:

All I was doing was going down an endless hallway, filled with doors that lead to empty bedrooms. Akairi was no where to be seen, or Sachiko. I punched a wall after opening about the fiftieth door.

"Dammit..." I cursed and the wall that I punched cracked slightly. Looking at it, I punched it a little more to reveal a secret door, though I was a bit cynical of it. I turned the handle and pulled as hard as I could, opening into another smaller hallway. "What is it with these hallways?" Walking down, I pulled open the first door and found a girl lying on the bed. "Are you...?" Getting a closer look, I saw it was Akairi. I shook her, and soon her eyes slowly opened.

"Kyo...?" I smiled.

"Who else?" She smiled slightly back at me.

"Where's Sachiko?"

"I don't know, I've been looking, but I've been going down an endless hallway..." Before I could continue, she hugged me tightly, taking me by surprise.

"I missed you..." She muttered, holding me surprisingly close. I hugged her back and whispered in her ear.

"We'll get Sachiko and then get the hell out of here. Sound good?" She took me by surprise again and kissed me right on the lips. I didn't know quite what to do, but a few seconds later I was kissing her back, my fingers running through her hair. She placed her hands on my chest and I slowly pulled away. "We'll finish this later." I whispered in her ear and pulled her up off the bed to find her naked which made me blush.

She quickly pulled on some clothes and we set out down the hall again. I could hear faint music in the distance, but I couldn't tell which room it was coming from.

"Here!" Akairi pulled open a door to the backstage of some concert thing. And there was Sachiko in a playboy bunny outfit. I covered my eyes. Akairi's mouth dropped to the floor. The only thing that made it worse was Shigure in the crowd.

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