Chapter One

It had been awhile since Janet Scott had to live alone. After being married twenty five years she had got used to life a certain way, now her husband has left she has to readjust to life as it was before, well as much as she could with two children, a house and a job all needing her attention. A couple of months ago Janet was stabbed by her friends brother; he also killed his sister Veronica when she was little. This is something Janet has had to come to terms with. Since that day things haven't been going to well for the Scott family.
A few hours previous; the now quiet house was something you wouldn't expect from the Scott household. Shouting and screaming at each other, with no concern of the time or anyone around them, the married couple argued. Taisie and Elise were sitting in the kitchen as their Father walked in, took the car keys and walked out. They looked at each other 'Where are you going dad?' Taisie asked. 'OUT' Adrian Scott shouted back. The front door slams. Janet quickly runs to the front door, opens it, shouts at him again. From the kitchen the girls couldn't hear much of the argument as it was towards the back of the house. From what they heard there mother had said '...and never come back' although they couldn't be sure. During Janet and Ade's argument the girls had been sitting in the kitchen listening to every word. They tried not to but it was difficult as it was so loud.
Janet returned to house a little flushed in the face and shaking a bit. Taisie and Elise looked at her. Elise asked her 'What just happened, mum?' Janet didn't reply straight away. She looked down, a few moments later she looked back up. Elise opened her mouth to ask again when Janet said 'Your dad has just gone away for while, he needs to sort something out. Could you two please go to bed?' Janet sighs. 'I need some time alone.' The girls kissed Janet goodnight and went upstairs to bed. Janet got herself a glass and a bottle and walked into the living room. This was the room where most of the arguments took place between the couple. The room looked different now, almost lifeless. It was silent and calm, a contrast to how it was before.
It was 9:30pm and Janet was sitting in the living room with a big glass of red wine. She picked up her phone and texted Rachel 'Rach, are you busy? If you are its fine, if you aren't can you please come round or call me. I need to talk to someone.' A few moments later she got a reply but it wasn't from who she expected. It was Andy Roper a Detective Sergeant with the MIT, a man who she didn't really speak to often at work but one Christmas party went back to his place and could have possibly had sex, although Janet doesn't fully remember as she was pissed out of her head, or so that's what she tells Rachel Bailey who is the only other person, apart from Andy who knows about the whole thing. And that's how she wants to keep it; she doesn't want people to know all her business.
She looks at her phone again; she was looking for Rachel's text. Instead of Rachel replying it was Andy. By this time Janet had easily consumed about three bottles of red wine, which in her head was nothing after the day she had just had. The text said 'Janet what's wrong? Why are you texting me, you never normally want to talk to me. I know this was meant for Rachel but I'm not busy. If you want to talk to someone you can always talk to me.' Janet laughed and replied 'Sure come round if you want, I've got some wine and we can talk over that.' Straight away Janet got a text 'I'll be round in a minute'.
A few minutes had passed since Janet received the text. There was a knock at the door. Janet arose from where she was sprawled across the sofa. She looked in the mirror, flattened her hair, pulled her trousers up and her top down, she then downed the rest of the red wine from her glass and removed the smile that it had created. She hobbled out of the living room and staggered to the front door. Andy was standing there with a paper bag over his head to stop the rain from getting him wet. He handed Janet a bottle of wine which was obviously meant to go into the paper bag but due to the weather got used to keep him dry. It had been evident to Andy that Janet had been drinking and crying. Her face was bright red with swollen eyes, to Andy this was usually the sign that someone had been crying. 'What's happened to you?' Janet replies 'Oh nothing, I'm perfectly fine.' Janet half smiles and gestures for Andy to walk through to the kitchen; he stared at her for awhile, as if he was waiting for her to say something. Instead she just half smiled and let out a big sigh; he followed what he had been told and walked into the kitchen. Janet closed the front door and wobbled slowly behind him. She walked into the kitchen and closed the door behind her.