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One Day You Will Wake Up, With Nothing But Your Sorrys"

Elizabeth Hummel-Anderson came home at 2:00 am on a Saturday morning. The 16 year old had just come back from Talia Puckerman's house party.

She slowly opened the door as to not wake her fathers who were hopefully sleeping upstairs. She quietly locked the door and made her way towards the living room. She was walking through the living room to go up the stairs when suddenly the living room light flashed on. Elizabeth stood frozen in her place.

"And what time do we call this"? her father, Kurt Hummel-Anderson, said in an authoritive tone. Her other dad, Blaine, stood next to Kurt with disappointment written all over his face. Elizabeth went pale (well, paler than normal as she inherited Kurt's pale skin and glasz eyes and Blaine's curly hair).

"I was at a party…I didn't mean to be so late but the party was quite far away and I didn't take the car, and I didn't even drink that much so you can't be that mad-"

"You disobeyed our trust Liz", Blaine interrupted, "We told you, no parties without our consent, and you went behind our backs. Why Lizzie?"

"Because I knew you would say I couldn't go. Come on dad's I'm 16 now! I'm trying to live my life!"

"You could have gotten seriously hurt Lizzie, what would we do if something were to happen to you? It would break our hearts", Kurt said, voice wavering towards the end.

"Dad, I appreciate your concern, but you have to leave me to make the decisions to myself!"

"No Lizzie, you have to be punished, you are grounded for a month, that means no T.V, no phone, no going out. You come home from school, you start on your homework, we have dinner together as a family, and you go straight to bed. Am I clear?" Kurt said clearly.

"WHAT! Come on dad! You cant be serious! You can't rule my life forever! That's not fair!" Lizzie spoke loudly. "Papa, are you going to have a say in this?". Lizzie gave Blaine her best puppy dog eyes she inherited from Blaine himself.

"I'm sorry honey, but your dad's right. What you did was wrong and you should be punished. Now get to bed". Blaine said.

"I can't believe this! Papa when are you going to make your own decisions instead of sucking up to dad, its stupid. You're Stupid! I hate you both" Lizzie shouted.

Kurt and Blaine both looked at each other, having a silent conversation with each other. Kurt was the first to speak. "Honey, I sure hope that is the drink talking, I suggest we talk about this in the morning. Goodnight Lizzie".

"You know what; I wish you weren't my dads. Better yet, I wish you never even met each other!"

Lizzie saw the shocked looks on her dad's faces, Kurt looked like he was about to cry, bottom lip wobbling a small bit and eyes welling up with tears. Lizzie couldn't bear to see her dad cry in front of her, so she stormed upstairs to her room and slammed the door shut. She went into the bathroom calmly, took off her make up, brushed her teeth, took a Tyenol for the hangover she was sure to have very soon, put her pyjamas on and got into bed. She lied awake for a while till she heard her dads finally coming up the stairs. She could hear her father sniffling and her papa shushing him gently.

"Come on sweetie, she didn't mean it. We'll talk about it in the morning, for now lets just get to sleep."

Lizzie turned to lie on her side; she also got her stubbornness from Kurt so she was not apologizing anytime soon. She closed her eyes and waited for sleep to take her.

Lizzie jerked woke up after in the middle of the night hearing a banging noise coming from downstairs. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 5:02 am. She only slept like, what, 2 hours? She sighed and sat up in bed, put her slippers and dressing gown on and made her way downstairs to investigate the noise.

What she saw was definitely unexpected. There was a woman, dressed in white, standing by the mantle piece, looking at the family photos. Her long, brown straight hair fell just below her shoulders and her skin was pale as a ghost. Wait, was this a ghost? Lizzie saw what she was looking at; it was a picture of the day she was born. Her dads were sitting on the sofa with little Lizzie in Kurt's arms with Blaine pinching her nose.

"Who are you"? Lizzie said, just managing to find her voice.

The lady turned around to face her. "Cute picture you have there. You should be lucky for the gift you were given". Her voice was soft and quiet.

"And what gift would that be?" Elizabeth said.

"The gift of a family who love you dearly." Said the woman.

"Why are you here"? Elizabeth's voice started getting panicky.

"I am here to show you a world without you in it. A world where Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson didn't meet on the staircase at Dalton Academy. I trust they told you the story?" Elizabeth nodded. "Good, then take my hand, we have a lot to see and so little time". Elizabeth hesitantly took the lady's hand. "I suggest you close your eyes and hold your breathe for a few seconds, it can get quite uncomfortable and you might feel a bit sick if you don't listen".

Elizabeth begrudgingly listened to the woman. I mean seriously, why is she even listening to this stranger?

"You can open your eyes now sweetie", the woman said. When Elizabeth opened her eyes, what she saw made her take an intake of breath and let out a gasp.

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