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Deleted Scene – The Funeral

"…In spite of this, Principle Figgins issued a 'No Bulling Policy' after much begging and pleading from Coach Sue Sylvester, Coach Beiste, Mr Schuster, and all of the glee club."

Elizabeth stared at The Woman, unfalling tears in her eyes. She blinked the tears away, and when she opened her eyes, she noticed that the scene had changed again.

They were still in the cemetery, but this time, Elizabeth was looking at the distraught faces of her dad's friends and family. The rain was coming down hard, but no one seemed to notice, or they didn't care.

She made her way up the isle, where everyone was seated, facing the coffin, with her daddy inside. Elizabeth choked out a sob, then looked around to see if anybody heard her, wondering why a strange girl was attending a funeral of someone, her dad, who in this world he never had. They didn't. Next to the coffin, there was a stand with a microphone on.

Elizabeth must have come just in time, as the priest started the service. She knew her dad didn't believe in God, so she knew that it must have been her grandma and grandpa's doing.

While the priest was talking, Elizabeth walked up the isle to see if she could spot anybody she knew. She recognised a few people she had met at her dad's birthdays, and also pictures around the room. She saw all the New Directions, except Finn, all huddled together, holding hands.

She did a quick once over at the crowd of people that came to her dad's funeral, and noticed that there wasn't a dry eye in sight. Her dad must have truly touched these people.

Elizabeth turned around and saw Grandpa Burt walking up to the stand, holding a piece of paper, which was already getting wet from the rain. Seriously, who would have an outside funeral?

"I am truly honoured that a lot of people came to my boy's service today, it's great to see how many lives he touched." Burt began, clearing his throat, he continued.

"Kurt is, well was, a special boy, he was always different from the other boys in the playground. Me and Liz, we would always worry about him, I mean, we almost lost him when he was newborn, so we both pledged that we would do anything in our power to protect him from the cruelty of the world we live in. When Liz died, Kurt became my saviour. He was the reason I got up in the morning, he was the one to make sure I ate, and slept. God he was such a stubborn kid," Everyone chuckled at this, Burt gave a sad smile.

"But, I failed him, If only I had done my job properly, we all wouldn't be sitting here." Burt's hands started to shake as he was reading from his soggy notes. He then walked over to his son's coffin, and placed his hand on the head of the coffin.

"Kurt, kiddo. I am so, so sorry, I will never forgive myself," Burt sobbed, and collapsed on top of the coffin, sobbing hysterically.

Finn walked up to Grandpa Burt, and gently moved him back to his seat. Her grandpa looked so broken. Like his whole world had been ripped away from him like a tornado, it pretty much had.

Elizabeth watched as her auntie Rachel walked up to the stand, and tapped the microphone to make sure everyone could hear her. That's her aunt.

"Kurt, you were my best friend," Rachel began, her very shaky. "I remember how we pretended we were twins in Kindergarten. I also remember the first day we met. I um, I was sitting by myself on the first day, waiting for someone to be my best friend, but nobody came and sat next to me. I-I was almost in tears, until you came up to me and asked if you could sit next to me, as everyone else was mean. After that, we became two peas in a pod. That was the greatest day of my entire day, the day I finally made a friend." Rachel scrunched her face together, holding back a sob, putting her hand to her mouth.

"I'm going to sing a song Kurt, a song that signifies our friendship. I also want to announce that this will be the last time anyone will hear me sing. My Broadway dreams are crushed, I mean, what's the point of making your dreams come true when your partner won't be able to anyway," Rachel said. Finn and most of the New Directions looked at her as if she was from another planet with four heads. She ignored them.

'I watch you close your eyes, for the last time.

And I know I'll never see your face again

I washed your clothes and I wiped the tears from my eyes.

And no one understands,

Of the thing we had and all the things we shared.

But I am missing you, I'm missing you

And all I'm left with are pictures and memories, fade in time.

I watched all the poring rain, slot down my window pane

I watched the clock go around a thousand times

I spend all those sleepless nights thinking about the times when you were always around.

And now it's the final goodbye, I know you think it's the last time.

But I am missing you, I'm missing you

And all I'm left with are pictures and memories, fade in time.

I can't believe you're gone forever and I will never see that smile again

But I can hear your voice repeating my name

So, I watch you close your eyes, for the last time,

And I know I'll never see your face again.'

Elizabeth watched with tears running freely down her face as Rachel broke. She was walking back; Finn was coming over to her to comfort her, when she collapsed into his arms, sobbing. Burt got up form his seat and offered her comfort, and crying together, he also thanked her for the song.

"Why did he have to kill himself?" Rachel sobbed into Burt's shirt.

"He didn't kill himself, he was murdered!" Brittany cried, sobbing into Santana's hold.

Everything was in chaos after that. Elizabeth looked around to see where The Woman was. When she finally spotted her, she ran over to her, held her hand, closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she was back facing her father's gravestone.

"Your Grandpa Burt killed himself 2 weeks later. He couldn't live without his son, his last blood relative. Rachel quit Glee, and never sang again, she's now volunteers at the Trevor Project, talking to teenagers thinking of suicide. She thought that she owed it to your father. Finn was back to being a bully, anyone that looked at him he lashed out, he died at 33 from a drugs overdose. Finn's death ruined Carole; she became depressed, and died alone at 65.

The New Directions disbanded after Kurt's death, and life was never the same again for those individuals." The Woman said.

Elizabeth couldn't take anymore of this, she was crouched down at her fathers grave.

Elizabeth slowly sat up and stroked her fingers across the lines of her fathers name on the headstone. She stood back up and looked at The Woman.

"Take me home, please." Elizabeth said, after erupting into more sobs. "I messed up. I should never have said all that hurtful stuff to my daddy and papa. I want to make it right, I have to make it right. My daddy can't die." The teenager wailed. "Please, I'm begging you, take me home".

The woman looked at Elizabeth before holding out her hand for the teenager to take. Elizabeth looked at The Woman and smiled, taking her hand before closing her eyes one last time on this journey.

And there we have it!

The song I used is Abi Phillips – Missing You. Such a beautiful song.

I was going to use her other song 'Time To Let Go' for someone else to sing, but I couldn't find the lyrics.

But seriously, you have to listen to them songs, their so sad but amazing.