"Hey, guys!" said Yumi, as she strolled to the bench where they usually sat. The others had already been released from class, but Yumi had stayed behind to receive some make-up work.

"Hi, Yumi. Where were you yesterday?" Jeremy asked. Yumi wasn't absent very often, and if she was, it was usually something serious.

"My grandfather got sick last week, and its only getting worse. My family went to check on him, and I figured I should, as well." Yumi stated. Jeremy gave a brief nod of understanding, and went back to his work. He still had not decoded the antivirus, and he was beginning to get worried. Although, more and more Towers were being activated, so he assumed that XANA was aware that he was getting close to cracking the code.

"Any luck with the Antivirus yet, Jeremy?" Ulrich asked. Jeremy usually didn't fill them in on his work, thinking that they wouldn't comprehend it.

"Well, as you know, XANA has been activating a lot of Towers lately, so I assume that he knows I'm getting close." the blonde said. A smirk appeared on his face as Aelita beamed with excitement.

Aelita laid her head on Jeremy's shoulder, "Every time you think about it…hurry." She raised her head, kissing the blonde genius on the cheek, before returning her head to his shoulder. Jeremy looked down at his computer, in an effort to conceal his blush.

Aelita had come out of her shell recently, confessing that she cared for Jeremy and being more open about it. The gang was excited for her, and backed her up every step of the way. One svelte teen, however, hadn't seemed as happy ever since.

"Odd, I'm going to go get something to eat at that new buffet down the street, you want to come?" Ulrich asked. It seemed as if he were the only one who had noticed Odd's depression.

"Yeah, I guess. Let me go plug my phone up real quick. The battery is going dead." Odd said, rising from the bench. As Odd walked into the dorm building, he noticed something strange about a light socket near the entrance.

"Probably just a blown bulb." he said, ignoring it and proceeding on his way. He connected his phone with the charger and left the room.


"What the…?" Jeremy mumbled, as the Super Scan showed multiple windows on his computer, each displaying an activated tower.

"One, two, three…Jeremy, that can't be right…" Aelita spoke, just as confused as Jeremy.

"Let's go to the factory," Yumi said, "Someone text Odd and tell him."

"I hope he got that before he left his phone in the dorm…" Ulrich mumbled.

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