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-An English Version of Code Lyoko: Evolution has been confirmed, along with a trailer on Youtube to prove it. I finally got to see their faces :3 Odd is a little young though…

Three months had passed since the day Xana had unleashed his bacteria. The Lyoko Warriors, however, were no closer to solving the vast encryption that protected his diabolical program. Jeremie had given up countless nights in order to work, but it always ended the same way. Trail-and-Error was all he had left, but that could take years. There were several thousands of codes to crack, and he hadn't even gotten past one-hundred.

The group was losing the one thing that had kept them together for so long: hope. The effects were evident as it left the friends in a state of confusion and frustration. As the weather became cold, so did their attitudes. Even Odd, who was normally rambunctious and low-tempered, became a shell of what he once was. Although he never lashed out at anyone, often times he would become furious and reside in the soundproof room for hours. Alas, he wasn't particularly angry with anyone; he was simply angry with himself.

During his time in solitude, however, he worked productively. Although music was, more or less, the last thing on the rest of the gang's mind, Odd seemed to place it as a high priority. Even before the apocalypse, music was what kept him from becoming angry. It was what made him so happy, so ecstatic. He was limited, but he could still cope.

Ulrich also had his way of counteracting the depression that was sure to overcome them. Every day, he would position himself at the center of the bridge leading into town, humming a slight tune to himself. Often, Yumi would join him, just to keep him company. Yumi, however, hadn't been acting the same for a while now. Why: she wouldn't tell, although, she seemed to be having minor symptoms of what Jeremy liked to call 'panphobia', the fear of everything. Often, she would retreat to her bunk to simply lie there, staring at the ceiling in frustrated concentration. When one would approach her, she seemed as if she were terrified of nothing. Quite literally, her body would tremble in fear for no apparent reason. Jeremy seemed to think nothing of it, given the situation around them.

Elise had a rather…cynical side to her. Instead of complaining about oily hair or worrying about her family, she would stand guard at the edge of the bridge, killing any Infected that happened to wander by. As time passed, she found various nick-knacks hidden on their skin and in their pants pockets. In total, she had found a golden watch, a silver necklace with some sort of purple gem inside it, 400 euros, an empty syringe, and 60 driver's licenses. At first, she didn't care about whom the Infected once were, or who their families were, but after she witnessed Ulrich read a man's license, she changed her ways. Now, after every Infected she kills, she takes their wallet and reads their ID, just so someone can remember them.

Aelita spends her time equally. Sometimes, she'll help Jeremie or entertain Yumi or meditate with Ulrich or even stand guard with Elise, even though she couldn't stand the thought of killing what was once a living person. She always held closely the idea that she needed to please everyone, or at least contribute to everyone's life, and it would take more than the apocalypse to stop her from achieving that goal. Although, she recently made it a habit to leave Odd out of her daily routine. Every day, she would notice him retreating to his own little plain of Oblivion, and her heart would beckon for her to follow, to go with him, where no one could hear them or bother them. Alas, she knew her decision was for the best, and would allow him his loneliness. She was confused about their relationship. After that day over two months ago, she would find herself questioning her love for Jeremie as she felt her soul tug towards Odd. 'Jeremie was her savior, her redeemer, her salvation. Odd was a skater punk who got around to all the girls at least once.' That was the lie she would tell herself every morning, just as long as it worked.

Just as long as everything worked.