Author's Acknowledgement

Thank you to the Heroor family, Malcolm, Brittany, Cindy, Boinky, and Tommy who's picture is used for the cover.

I found interest in the Sims through my long-time interest in SimCity. After buying The Sims 3: Late Nigh Expansion Pack because I didn't understand the concept of Expansion Packs and getting frustrated because I didn't see the tiny label "Requires the Sims 3 to play" on the bottom, I bought the Sims 3 and finally started playing. Although it was different than SimCity me and my sister enjoyed it quite a bit (but now I need to compete with her for the computer because she always wants to play).

P.S. I made a major storyline error in terms of the Sims 3 timeline, props to anyone who finds it!

Green PlumbBob

Chapter 1

Week 1, Day 1 Sunday

I can't remember the day I got my Green PlumbBob. My mom tells me that I was a newborn baby when I received my PlumbBob. My younger brother, Tommy has one too. Everybody in Sunset Valley has a Green PlumbBob. As far as I'm concerned everyone in the world has one. A Green PlumbBob is the little green jewel that floats over your head. It's so helpful, it shows me exactly what to do, at all times. Right now it's telling me to watch TV on our old time television. My Green PlumbBob also gave me this book of memories to write in. I think everyone else has one, but I can't be sure, since the PlumbBob told me not to show anyone my memory book, I guess it doesn't want anyone else showing theirs too. Well, I just moved to Sunset Valley from the Old Country. We live on 60 Rose St. in a two bedroom house with a small living room and kitchen. My mom and daddy told me that they plan on using their PlumbBob's Buy Mode to add some more furniture and get Tommy his own room when they have the Simoleons to do it. My mom has a job at the local bistro as an ingredient taster and daddy has a job at the tall building in town serving coffee. Tommy and I go to Community Public School, at least we will tomorrow. My mom's serving autumn salad for dinner tonight and she's calling the family to the table now. So, I guess that's all for now. I'll try to update this memory book as much as I can, to preserve all of my memories.

Week 1, Day 2 Monday

Today was my first day of school. At school, I was introduced to the class, and I made friends with Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor. Bella's really nice, and she loves the color red. Mortimer isn't as nice, but Bella's convinced me that he can be nice when he wants to. During recess we played on the playground. Bella and I were on the swings.

"So Cindy, where did you come from?" Bella asked.

My PlumbBob was set to "Talk to Friends" which means I was to focus on talking to my friends.

"Old Country, it's really far away." I told her.

Bella looked surprised.

"That's where Mortimer's dad is from." she said.

Mortimer, playing hopscotch by himself, looked over in our direction as she spoke. His eyes her an eerie darkness in his eyes. But he still smiled and waved at us.

"I think Mortimer likes you." Bella said, nudging me in the shoulder and winking.

"No, I think he likes you." I told her.

"No, he likes you." Bella countered her.

"He likes you." I repeated.

"He likes you!" Bella yelled back.

We both fell on the floor laughing, Mortimer came over and stared at us.

"Girls are weird." he observed.

Week 1, Day 3 Tuesday

When I came home from school today, there was a package waiting on the dining room table. It was a gift from a distant aunt of mine. It was a little doll. The letter that came with the package said that his name was Boinky and I should take good care of him. I'll put him on my desk where I have my computer. Anyway, I started writing a book today. My PlumbBob put "Learn the Writing Skill" into my wish box. If I get enough lifetime happiness points, I'll be able to get a bunch of cool prizes. According to my PlumbBob, I'm level two in the Writing Skill. I hope I get better at writing my book.

Week 1, Day 4 Wednesday

You would never guess what happened today! I woke up this morning and saw that Boinky wasn't on my desk. So I got up and looked around. There, in the middle of the room, was a bigger Boinky! And he can talk too! I ran to my parent's bedroom to show them, but mom didn't believe me. Thank goodness daddy did. He told me he would create a potion that would make Boinky real. He then ran down to the basement and came back up with a beaker of strange orange liquid. He told me to feed it to Boinky. I brought it to my room, where Boinky was sitting on my bed.

"What's that?" Boinky asked.

"It's a potion that'll make you real." I told him.

Boinky looked at the liquid in the beaker for a few minutes. He swished it around, and tapped the glass a few times.

"What's it like, to be a real Sim?" Boinky asked.

"It's...well…it's kind of like…" I began.

Then I realized that I didn't know how to explain it.

"It's much better than how you're living now. You'll get to sleep in a bed, go to school, and eat real food." I told him, it was all I could come up with.

"If I become real, could you promise me something?" Boinky asked, lowering his voice to a hushed whisper.

"Sure Boinky, you're my best friend." I reassured Boinky.

Boinky turned to me, and his plush cotton face turned bright red.

"Could we, could we be a mom and a dad?" Boinky asked, shyly.

I was taken aback by Boinky bringing this up. I had never thought of having kids of my own, especially with Boinky. Is it even possible to have kids with your imaginary friend? But I really wanted Boinky to be real, was it worth making such a big promise to him?

"Alright." I agreed.

"Really?" Boinky said, nearly springing off the bed.

Boinky and I hugged and Boinky brought up the beaker. He took a deep breath, and gulped the potion down. Suddenly, a bright light began surrounding Boinky, and he was uplifted into the air. The bright lights changed colors dramatically and Boinky disappeared into a bright flash. The lights began to dim, and in place of Boinky, was a dark-skinned, blue-haired, black eyed boy. His clothes resembled Boinky's old skin. Boinky was real.

"I'm real! I can't believe it!" Boinky cheered.

I ran into the living room to show my mom and daddy.

"Mom, daddy, look Boinky's real!" I cried, dragging Boinky into the room.

My little brother, Tommy was being held by my mom, and he started crying when seeing Boinky.

"Cindy, your, friend is scaring Tommy. Please, we'll be happy for you to stay with us, just try to keep away from Tommy." mom told Boinky.

Boinky and I hugged again, it looks like Boinky was here to stay.