Chapter 16

We all rushed into the house with Mom. She lead us through the hallway, and I began to hear Tommy yelling close by. There was also a pounding that could be heard.

"Dad, it's going to be alright!" I could hear Tommy say.

Dad, what was wrong with Dad? Did he, he couldn't have…no, I can't think like that. We finally rounded the corner to face a wall. The same wall that signaled the end of the house. But something was different. Tommy was standing there, revealing that the pounding noise was from him, pounding on the wall.

"What's going on?" I asked, Tommy's back turned to us.

Tommy turned around to reveal his face was red with tears, his hands were shaking, and he was hunched over in a way that I'd never seen him. It was like he was mourning.

"Dad, he's, he…" Tommy began, but a drop of snot interrupted him.

I walked up closer to Tommy, pressing my ear against the wall. I could hear something coming from the other side of the wall, but doesn't this wall just lead to the outside of the house? I pressed my ear closer, and I could sort of hear, breathing.

"Dad?" I asked into the wall.

I pressed my ear into the wall once again, and I actually got a response, coming from the other side ofthe wall.

"I'm right here, Cindy." I could hear Dad reply.

Could it be possible? Could Dad really be, trapped inside that wall? But that wasn't possible, how could he, but wait…

I dashed out of the hallway, nearly tripping halfway there. I crashed through the front door and ran out through the lawn, splashing mud all over my shoes. And then I saw how it all could be possible. The wall, where the hallway was suppose to end, was a big, protruding wall. Whoever put it there, hadn't even had the decency to finish it, leaving an obvious, gray, roofless splotch on the side of our house. I'd heard about this happening before, but I never thought it would actually happen to us. Dad was walled in. I solemnly walked back into the house, my feet instantly clearing of mud as I walked back onto the carpet. I started walking back over to the hallway wall, when I saw that Mom was there. She was lying down, her head pressed against the wall.

"I'm so sorry Malcolm. I let this happen to you, I'm so sorry." she whispered into the wall.

"No, no. It happens to everyone one way or another sooner or later." he reassured her.

She sniffled, her tears reflecting on the light before dropping to the floor.

"What are you doing right now?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm just standing around, nothing special. There's nothing in this room, if you can even call it a room. They didn't even bother to put in a roof, so the sun's in my eyes. And also, I really need to go bathroom right now." he told her.

She chuckled, but only for a bit.

"You know, if I could I would get you something. But they won't let us go into Build Mode, or even Buy Mode. I would maybe get you a snack, or a book. I would give you anything…" and with that, she began to weep, and walked out of the room. I sat down on the couch, and took out the Controller. Was this really the price I had to pay for stealing this thing? I took a look at it, and scrolled through the list of Sims until I found Dad, his friendly face smiling in his picture. Despite knowing that was just a picture, I smiled back. I looked at the right-hand screen, which showed his needs. I saw that just like he had said, his bladder need was low. I remembered once that the Controller was able to lower my bladder need even when it was high. Could I possibly make his high? I tried pulling the bladder need up, but it wouldn't budge. I sighed, I didn't know how to work this thing, how was I suppose to do something like that? Suddenly, I heard a *crack* noise come from just outside, I turned and saw that someone had thrown an egg at the window.

"Great." I said to myself, as I put the Controller in my inventory and walked outside. I looked at the window, which was now covered in egg white and yolk. I turned to see that whoever had thrown the egg was now gone. I swear, I'm going to call the cops on the punk who did that, especially with all that's going on. I began cleaning the egg stains when I noticed that something was sticking out of the egg shells. She knelt down and took a closer look. It was piece of paper, and although it was soaked in egg yolk, she could tell it was taped to a piece of shell. She took it off of the shell and unfolded it. It only had a couple of words on it, and they weren't even really words at all. But I knew they held the answer.

Ctrl+Shift+C testingcheatsenabled true

-Tragic Clown

Quick Question: With the cheat code, do you think Cindy will be able to save her Dad?