Chapter 17

Cindy's punching something into that weird device of hers. I can't quite see it, but it looks blue. What is she doing? Does she think that device is going to help Dad? Or is she trying to ignore Dad, and bought something to help her. I slowly walked over to her, until I was just peering over her shoulder. The first thing I noticed was that the object had Dad's face on it! What was she doing, could she use that device to save Dad? She slid her finger over to the right hand side of the device. There were six bars, each at a different position in the bar. She took her finger, and slid the smallest bar, the one to the topmost left, all the way up. Suddenly, a noise could be heard from the wall on the other side of the hallway, where Dad was trapped. I ran over to it, and pressed my ear up against the wall.

"Are you ok in there Dad?" I asked.

"I'm fine, better than fine actually, I'm great! I'm not hungry anymore, and I don't have to pee either!" he told me with great enthusiasm.

"That's great Dad!" I told him.

I turned around, to see Cindy sitting on the couch, frantically playing with her device. What was going on? Was she losing control of the device? Or was it something else?

"Boinky, come over here!" she cried.

Boinky rushed over to her, and took a look at the device. So he knew about it too? Who else knew? Am I the only one? I stepped a couple of steps closer. Boinky looked really worried, as did Cindy. Cindy was pulling things on the screen of the device as fast as she could, why was she doing that? What was going on? Suddenly, I could hear noises from the other side of the hallway wall.

"Dad, is something wrong?" I asked.

"I don't know what's going on son! This, this has never happened before!" He exclaimed.

Then suddenly, nothing. I couldn't hear anything coming from the other side of the wall. And then I fell through the wall. I hit the ground with a very painful *thump*. On the ground, I looked straight ahead of me, and saw that the hallway wall was now gone. It'd disappeared, leaving the fake room that Dad was trapped in. The walls and floor were still incomplete, but I could see Dad, also lying on the floor. I scrambled over to Dad, hoping he was alright, but before I could reach him, a figure in a black cloak surrounded by a dark mist appeared first. I stopped in my tracks and gulped, I didn't need to be told who that was. The rest of the family had gathered around my father and the man, as silent and as still as I was. The man, scythe in hand, let out a sigh, almost of disappointment, before pointing at Dad.

"You've met with the fate of death, and now you must leave this world." he said, pointing to his lifeless body.

Dad's body was surrounded by sparkles of light before disappearing all together. He soon reappeared as a ghost, his color showing his death of starvation. How could this have happened to him? He still had a bunch of days to live, right? He couldn't enjoy retirement, or see his grandkids, or even get his own cane! Why would this happen, what did he ever do? Dad turned to us, giving us a blank stare, and then smiled, a smile, of satisfaction. Then he flew into his urn, and Death disappeared with him.

Monday, Week 4, Day 24

I really don't want to go to work, but it was my first day. I guess that's what a Birthday Cake can do to you. You see, Mom got us a Birthday Cake to cheer us up, and I blew out the candles, and now look! Good thing I'm good at school, or else I would've probably ended up with a bad trait. Cindy and Boinky pulled me aside and explained what happened, how terribleā€¦

"Hey new kid, you're here to work, not daydream!" my boss cried.

"Yes boss." I replied, and turned back to my desk.

I'm working at the Landgraab Science Facility as a Test Subject. All I have to do is sit at a desk, and every now and then I will get something to eat, drink, smell, touch, look at, be exposed to, or be hit with. It isn't bad, but it's not what I really want to do. Ever since I discovered a star when I was a little kid, I've wanted to be an Astronaut, so I could visit my star. But I don't have the Athletic trait, or the Brave trait. But I do have the Green Thumb trait, which is how I got this job, by having a good Gardening skill. But just because I'm a good gardener, doesn't mean I want to become a scientist, but I guess that's what they assume. Dad, he would have told me that I could do anything, but I guess that's what most dads tell their kids when their young. I don't know, but the Controller that Cindy and Boinky showed, where did they get it from? And more importantly, why couldn't it save Dad?

Quick Question: Did you like the story from Tommy's point of view, or do you perfer Cindy's?