Selfless In War (Part 1/? of 'Finding a Heart')

There is nothing that Asami wanted more than to be a bender. Specifically, a fire-bender. How funny it was – almost ironic, even – that a fire-bender was the one to ruin her life (by killing her mother and driving her father to join/sponsor a rebellion) and now that was all she wanted to be.

Sure, Mako could say that it wasn't her, it was him, but she knew it wasn't true. He used to be hers, but somehow Korra had wormed her way in, and now he'd left. And she couldn't blame Korra. Korra was her friend. Korra found her a home when she'd lost everything. Korra was a good person. So, the break-up wasn't her fault. It was Asami's own fault, she just knew it.

She and Mako had had good times. But, at the end of the day, she was a non-bender and he was a bender, and she'd never be able to share that with him. She could only sit on the sidelines and watch his Pro-Bending matches. And maybe she was pretty kickass in her own way, but she'd never understand the rush of wielding one of nature's elements. But Korra could. Korra did.

And so now is was MakoandKorra instead of MakoandAsami. It hurt, much more than she'd thought it would. No one even realized how much she was hurting. Because they all assumed the break-up was mutual, that both sides had been fine with it. Sure, she'd agreed with Mako, but she hadn't been happy about it. Not at all. She'd wanted to scream, to cry, to beg for him to stay with her, to love her like he used to. But she'd done none of that. She'd let him go. Because they'd been at war. And there was no room for selfishness in war.