Alice: 2nd Generation of Madness

Shedding Light

I did come to find my mother at the station. I tried to talk to her, but she simply did not listen or her mind was somewhere else. After thirty minutes of standing there she came back to the world.

"Mother," I said pulling a bit on her sleeve.

"Hm? Yes Lucinda?"

"I'm seventeen and I would like to know about my father. I have a right. Even some other girls at least know what their fathers were like. I don't!"

Mother lost the light in her eyes and some color drained from her face. Then she looked down and sighed saying,"Come with me."

Mother took us to a rooftop not to far from the Mangled Mermaid where there were pigeon cages and turned to face me. "Lucinda, your father is a great man," she stopped to put her hands on my shoulders,"and you are so much like him." She was starting to tear up, but she kept speaking."He is...mad as I have told you. He lives in Wonderland."

"But that place is just made up. You told me so."

"It's not, truly. You know how when you were small you saw ghosts and you had a great fascination with sea life?"

"Yes but what does that have to do-"
"Your father lives under the sea, dear."

Wait...what? Does that mean he's dead? Oh, that must be why Mother never wants to speak about him. I have been so selfish my whole life!

"Mother I-" I looked up to where my mother is standing and she was turned around and bent over.

"Mother? Is something wrong?" I touch her shoulder and she turns around with the head of some kind of beast. Her hand turn to claws and wings are beginning to burst from her back. I remember this desription from somewhere...the Jabberwocky! I had nightmares sometimes when I was little, imagining that thing. But how is my mother...?

Bursts of color cloud my vision to where I can't see anything. Bright colors...and then I'm falling. Oddly enough I don't scream, but when I land (A rather hard landing on my butt.) I look around the tunnel. I see a large home, a family portrait like the one my mother has in her room, the large home burning, pictures of a cheschire cat with a human-like smile, and the last one catches my eye: a picture of an extremely tall man with a giant hammer in his hand and standing beside a walrus. I felt a connection to this somehow. I touched the picture and then I saw a door open beside the photo. I cracked it and was surprised to see an entire underwater city. Though hesitant, I carefully stepped through the door and into the city.

Suprised that I could breather underwater I walked to the sign of the city.

Barrelbottom. Hmm...interesting.