Author: HardcoreEvilRegal

Rating: M

Fandom: Once Upon A Time

Pairing: Emma/Ruby...for now. ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, nor do I own anything from the show. I just have crazy ideas. So shoot me if I wanna write them down!

Author's Note: This came from a prompt someone gave me on tumblr. You can find me on tumblr under the same name. Thank you to my beta! Title inspired by Three Dog Night's song of the same title.

To look at Regina Mills and at her dignified, almost majestic demeanor, one would never ever believe that she was the jealous type. Her head was always held high, her body naturally maintained a perfect posture and her features were thoroughly schooled into a smooth façade, therefore never revealing her true innermost thoughts and demons.

However, if one were able to obtain a glimpse of the "behind the scenes" Mayor, it would show that Regina was chock full of the green eyed monster. Ever since Emma Swan had begun partaking in a new relationship with Ruby, Regina had felt the pangs of jealousy rise up in her stomach. She had not even fully realized her feelings for Emma at that point or more accurately, had not even fully acknowledged them. She had been avoiding those feelings for Emma as long as possible.

Once Regina discovered that Emma was involved with Ruby and they appeared to be getting closer she instantly became wracked with jealousy. The jealousy made her lash out even more than usual at Emma. She even lashed out at Ruby when she could. Regina instinctively knew she should just leave the situation alone and keep herself focused on being a perfect Mayor but there was no way to avoid the strong feelings that she was currently having.

On the other hand, Emma Swan was definitely aware of her own feelings for Regina but she chose to completely ignore them. She locked them away in a tight little box and threw away the key. She had done so because she was sure that Regina did not reciprocate those feelings. Emma sealed and hid those intense feelings by engaging in a new and very sexual relationship with Ruby. The last thing she needed was the Mayor discovering Emma's true feelings for her and throwing them back in her face. She was pretty sure that if Regina found out how Emma felt she would laugh right in her face. In fact, Emma would have put money on it. There had never really been even one civil moment between the two. And that was especially the case during their recent encounters.

Emma had noticed that Regina seemed to be picking more fights especially going further out of her way to insult Emma or to throw more paperwork her way. The meanness and extra work was practically never ending. The one thing that was truly off about the entire situation was that Regina had also begun lashing out forcefully at Ruby. At least it appeared to be much more so than usual. It was typical of Regina to lash out at everyone or speak to them using harsh and clipped tones but these actions just seemed different to Emma. However, she was not going to put a hell of a lot of thought into the situation. Instead Emma tried her best to ignore Regina and focus on the new and exciting sexual relationship she was having with Ruby.

Although Emma and Ruby had first thought to keep their relationship a secret neither one really did a good job to keep it hidden. Today was no different either. Instead of Ruby doing her waitressing job she was sitting in a booth with Emma. Their heads were close together and their loud whispering traveled throughout the diner. Of course the whispering was followed by giggles, mainly Ruby's giggling, as well as flirtatious touches. It was obvious to everyone in the diner that something was going on between the two of them. Especially considering that Emma did not act this way with everyone. Not to mention that Emma also did not just feel anyone up from under the table – just Ruby.

Granny had already approached Ruby to ask about Emma but to no one's surprise she did not volunteer any information. No one else had the guts to ask either one so instead the townspeople just silently watched the pair out of the corners of their eyes. It's not as if the town cared that the two were together, it was just that no one expected the two of them to be together in a relationship. Ruby and Emma were leaning particularly close to each other when the bell over the diner's door rang out. Neither woman looked up but Emma suddenly felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. From that sensation alone she knew that it was Regina that had walked in the door. Ruby was suddenly staring over Emma's shoulder and she couldn't exactly make out the expression that came over Ruby's face. She wasn't sure if it was good or bad.

Emma slowly turned her head already fearing that she would see Regina glaring at her. She expected to see Regina staring at her as if she wanted to set her on fire but instead there was a completely different expression that settled over her face. It was definitely a totally unexpected expression. There was a twinkle in Regina's eyes that alerted Emma to the fact that she meant the look to be surprising. The smile that appeared on Regina's face while she was looking at Emma and Ruby was certainly one for the books. However, Emma had the feeling that Regina was smiling for a specific reason. And to be completely honest that scared the hell out of her. It meant that Regina was formulating a plan and what was even scarier to Emma was that she had no clue what that plan involved.

Regina did of course know that she had rattled Emma and she had also conveniently devised a plan to break up Emma and Ruby's little fling. Regina had not so happily admitted to herself that she wanted Emma and after some hard scrutinizing of her life she found that perhaps having Emma in her life in something other than a hostile relationship would be good for her. Of course, after come to this conclusion Regina was sure that she had completely lost her mind. There was no stopping her plan though. It was either do or die.

Regina gave a swift nod to Emma and Ruby, ordered her coffee from Granny who was currently eyeing Ruby with total disdain and made her way over to the pair as she waited for her order. "Sheriff Swan, Ruby." A somewhat genuine but still forced smile spread itself a bit wider over Regina's lips. Emma narrowed her eyes and told herself that this act was some sort of trick. "All is well with you two I hope?" Regina asked in feigned but convincing interest. Emma stared at Regina uneasily while Ruby's eyes opened wide at the question.

Ruby swallowed and plastered a small smile on her face. "Yes, Madame Mayor, everything is fine, of course." Her smile faltered a little and then her eyes shot over to Emma silently begging her to say something. Emma did not recover as quickly but finally cleared her throat and nodded. "Yes, everything is just peachy. I assume things are well with you? You seem to be in a good mood…." Emma let the end of that sentence drift off. She really wanted to add 'for once' at the end of her thoughts but she clamped her mouth shut. Emma did not want to be the one responsible for spoiling the Mayor's good mood.

One of Regina's immaculate eyebrows rose as she gazed at Emma, thoroughly amused by her reaction. Her smile widened considerably but she swallowed down the chuckle that threatened to rise from her throat. Regina then folded her arms and nodded her head. "Yes, today has been a particularly good day for me so far." Before anyone else could say another word Granny called out to the Mayor, nervously holding the coffee and leaning over the counter to hand her the order. Regina thanked the older woman for the coffee, paid her and then turned back to Emma and Ruby. "Good day" she said with a slight tilt of her head.

With that Regina disappeared from the diner, a mischievous smile dancing on her full, painted lips as she retreated towards her car. Emma and Ruby watched her leave the diner with complete disbelief written across their faces. Ruby was the first to look away just as Regina entered her car. Emma didn't turn back until the Mercedes Benz was out of sight. Even after the car departed Ruby had to call her name a few times to grab her attention. When Emma finally turned around she had the oddest look on her face. It wasn't just confusion but something deeper buried behind her eyes. Ruby was just about to ask about the look when Emma cut in, "What the hell was that?" She voiced her thoughts a little too loudly as suddenly everyone was staring directly at her. Ruby just erupted into giggles.

It was the same day that the first gift had arrived for Emma. She was sitting at her desk in the Sheriff's office grumbling over the mundane paperwork she had to work on. She had been so engrossed in her grumbling that she had not noticed the delivery man standing in the doorway. When he knocked on the wood of the door to the office Emma just about jumped a foot out of her seat. She almost lashed out at him thinking it was the Mayor but when she looked up and saw someone else standing there she quickly bit back her harsh words. "I'm sorry" the man said shyly, slowly making his way into the office. "I was told to deliver this package to you." Immediately his arms extended showing her the small box he was holding. Emma's eyebrows furrowed and she stepped forward to accept the box. "Who is it from?" she asked as she tilted her head down to stare at the box. The delivery guy shrugged "No idea. I just deliver them." The man handed Emma a paper to sign and then disappeared, leaving Emma alone with her thoughts.

Emma sat back down at the desk and placed the box in front of her. She wasn't sure how long she just sat there and stared at the box but once again she was scared to death by someone knocking on the wood of the office door. This time when she looked up it was Ruby. "Jesus Christ, Rubes! You scared the hell outta me!" Emma scolded, heart beating wildly in her chest for more than one reason. Ruby giggled as she made her way into the Sherriff's office. She stood by the desk for a moment before hopping onto the edge of it and folded one leg over the other. Ruby dropped the food she had brought with her down onto the desk. Emma stared at Ruby's legs for a moment as her short skirt rode higher now that she was sitting down. Ruby cleared her throat and Emma's green eyes flitted back up to Ruby's face. Emma smiled and shrugged not caring at all that she had been caught staring. "And I'm not even sorry." She said with a laugh which then elicited a laugh from Ruby as well.

After their laughter subsided Ruby pointed at the box and then looked to Emma. "What's that?" She inquired, tilting her head a bit. Emma did her typical shrug and leaned forward. "No idea. It was just dropped off." Ruby nodded, leaning forward a bit herself. "Open it." She said, raising an eyebrow at Emma and leaning back again. Emma sighed and gripped her bottom lip between her teeth. "I guess I should." For some reason Emma was reluctant to open it. She had no idea who it was from. There wasn't even an address or any note attached to it. Her name was typed across the box but that was all. Emma reached for the box hesitantly looking up at Ruby before picking it up. "This is just really suspicious. Nothing ever gets sent here. Nothing like this anyway." Ruby chuckled, rolling her eyes, a gesture that she had unconsciously picked up from Emma. "I think it's exciting. Just open it. I'm sure there's nothing bad in there." Emma narrowed her eyes and grumbled. "You don't know that." She whispered under her breath. Ruby swatted at her arm for that but said nothing more.

A few moments later Emma slowly opened the box and removed some of the Styrofoam. Emma stared down at the object in the box noticing that tape was holding two pieces together. She gently shook the object before finally tearing the tape off it. She had no idea if there was anything in it but was being extra careful anyway. When Emma removed the top piece of Styrofoam from the package she peered down to find a piece of glass sitting inside another piece. Putting the piece of foam down on the desk she gently picked up the piece of glass. Emma's green eyes widened a bit when she realized that it was a glass swan. Slowly and as carefully as possible Emma placed the swan on her desk and stared at it. Ruby grabbed the box on the desk and shook it to make sure nothing else was in there. A letter slid out of the box startling Emma as it landed in her lap. It too had her name on it, typed instead of hand written. Emma's eyebrows furrowed together and her forehead crinkled as she opened the envelope.

There was a piece of paper inside and a small note written on it. Emma read it over and over, completely silent as Ruby just stared down at her. Emma finally looked up, tilting her head at Ruby. "Rubes…did you send this to me?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. Ruby shook her head and blinked. "No. I didn't. Why?" Ruby leaned forward, trying to see what was contained in the note. Emma swallowed and opted to read it out loud. "A swan for a Swan. Though this glass swan is a beauty of its own it is nothing compared to the beauty of the beholder. The way your golden hair cascades down your back, the bold green of your lovely eyes, your smooth, healthy skin as well as your breathtaking smile. It all surpasses this present by millions. Nothing compares to the beauty you behold. A gift just for you for being the lovely lady you are. Love, Your secret admirer." When Emma finished reading the note and looked up, Ruby's eyes were wide open. Apparently she had not been expecting anything like that to have been written on the note.

"Well, as much as I would love to take credit for the note I didn't write it. Nor did I give you the present." Ruby stopped, trying to contain her surprise. "Seems like you have yourself a secret admirer. That's cool!" She grinned down at Emma who was staring at the glass swan now sitting on her desk. Emma shook her head and leaned back in her seat. "Who the hell could it be?" She thought out loud, chewing on her bottom lip. Emma looked up at Ruby again after staring off into space for a few minutes. "This wasn't you?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. Ruby shook her head and sighed. "No ma'am, but that secret admirer is making me look bad." Both women laughed as Emma shook her head. "I gotta seriously figure this out." Emma said as she got up from her seat and placed a kiss on Ruby's lips as she thanked her for the lunch they had both momentarily forgot about.