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Emma had Regina backed up against the edge of her desk, hands gripping hungrily at her hips while she peppered kisses up and down Regina's neck. Regina was holding herself up by her elbows as she watched Emma assault her skin. One hand was tangled into Emma's golden hair, gripping tightly. Regina was ashamed of herself, giving in like this. She kept telling herself she was weak, that she should have more resolve, but this just felt so utterly right. It felt natural to have Emma grabbing hold of her hips and pushing her against her desk. It felt right to have their bodies pressed together and Emma's lips to be kissing her. Nothing had felt this right since Daniel. That information in itself rocked Regina to her core, baffled her. She had been certain she'd never find anyone to love for the rest of her life, but here she was tangling herself with Emma Swan and falling in love with her deeper with each passing minute.

Regina's skirt had been hiked up her thighs at some point, one of Emma's hands gripping lightly at her thigh. The feel of Emma's soft hand against her skin there nearly short circuited her brain. After a moment, the kissing stopped and Emma stepped back. The contact was immediately missed and Regina had to hold back a shiver the ran itself through her body. Regina opened her eyes, frown immediately pulling her mouth down. Sitting up, she moved herself off the desk and adjusted her skirt. When her eyes came back up to gaze at Emma, brown met green and Regina could see Emma was warring with herself about something. "Emma?" Regina asked, taking a step towards her. Emma licked her lips, sighing immediately after and taking her own steps towards Regina. She immediately wrapped an arm around Regina's waist while her other hand cupped Regina's cheek.

As Emma laid her forehead against Regina's, her green eyes met Regina's again. "Regina…" Emma started, thumb absentmindedly stroking Regina's cheek. "I need to know something. Before we go any further than what we did on that desk." Her eyes flickered over to the desk, shivering in delight as the mental image of Regina under her burned itself into her brain. Regina nodded, the only response she could give. Emma nodded back, moving her forehead from Regina's, but continuing to cup her cheek. "Do you really want this? Do you really want me? Because I can't be just some quick fuck that you can kick out of your house the moment it's over."

Emma swallowed, finding it odd that these words would ever come out of her mouth. "And as much as a relationship scares the hell out of me, that's all I'm willing to take from you, Regina. I refuse to be someone you just drag into your bed every now and then. I won't do that." She paused, smirking a bit. "Yes I know the irony in what I'm saying." Regina smirked with her. Indeed, Regina had thought Emma would just want sex, nothing permanent. It was her first thought when she'd surprised herself in falling for the blond.

It was true. Emma was in fact the kind to fuck and run, scared of getting tangled in a relationship. Scared to get too attached to anyone. But this town had changed her, changed the way she looked at some things. Emma was distracted with her own thoughts when she felt Regina's fingers ghost against her cheek. Her eyes flickered up, finding Regina staring at her with a small smile on her lips. There was conviction there too, even before Regina uttered a word. "I DO want this, Emma. If I didn't, I wouldn't have sent you all of those gifts, all of those letters. And I certainly would not have confessed anything to you." Regina took a beat to think about something, eyes looking over at the wall for a moment before coming back to meet Emma's gaze. "I don't think you realize how hard that was for me. Your reaction certainly did not help." Her tone was clipped, eyes tightening ever so slightly. Regina frowned, Emma's angry words buzzing in her head.

Emma's arm tightened around Regina's waist as a look of guilt and shame washed over her face. "I am sorry about that you know?" She mumbled, head hanging low. Regina nodded, even though Emma wasn't looking at her. "I know." Three beats and a wicked smile was plastered to Regina's face. She grabbed Emma's hand and started towards the door. "Now, why don't you come show me just how sorry you are." Regina's tone had lowered, voice husky and full of need. Emma felt the hollow feeling in her abdomen as Regina's words fell upon her ears. She shivered, following Regina up the stairs. Regina swayed her hips, every bit the seductress. Every now and then she'd look back at Emma and smirk, continuing to pull her up the stairs. She practically pushed the leather clad blond into her room, shutting the door behind her. When she turned around, Emma was standing in the middle of the room smirking.

Regina raised an eyebrow, making her way over to Emma. Her hand landed on Emma's back, slowly tracing around to her stomach. "What?" Regina asked in an amused tone, curious as to why Emma was grinning. Emma shrugged, smirk widening. "Oh, nothing. This just isn't what I expected. It's very…domestic." She waved her hands around, silently telling Regina she was talking about her room. Regina chuckled, stepping closer to Emma, hands wandering over her body. "And what is it you expected?" She queried, keeping her eyebrow raised and a smirk on her lips.

Emma laughed, hands now placing themselves on Regina's hips. "Darker. A bit more twisted I suppose. Like whips and chains. Maybe some kind of restraint mounted on the wall." Emma chuckled, leaning forward to place teasing kisses on Regina's shoulders. When she moved back to look at Regina's face, there was a dark tent to her eyes and the most mischievous look she'd ever witnessed playing on her features. "Don't underestimate me, Ms. Swan." Emma shivered, finding those words to be both arousing and alarming. She ignored the alarm and continued with her kisses on Regina's shoulder once again.

Strong hands gripped firmly onto Regina's hips, pushing the brunette backwards towards the bed. Regina smirked, moving in time with Emma until the back of her legs hit her bed. Immediately Regina sat down on the bed, pulling Emma's body down towards her as she did. One slow, passionate kiss was placed on Emma's lips as she leaned forward, pushing Regina backwards. However, the kissing stopped and Regina moved her head backwards, a frown shaping on her mouth. Emma frowned with her, eyebrows meeting in the middle of her forehead in concern. She opened her mouth to speak, but Regina beat her to the punch.

"Are we about to make love?" Regina questioned, worry knitting into her eyebrows. As the words fell from Regina's lips, Emma saw something in those beautiful brown eyes she'd only ever seen once before. Complete and utter fear. Trepidation and hesitancy lingered deeply inside Regina's eyes. Emma blinked, not used to seeing this. She had no reason to be afraid, no reason to hesitate. Unless…unless of course Regina was afraid to make love with her?

Emma sucked in a breath before nodding her head. She stopped though, frowning deeper. "Our actions do kind of indicate that it's heading that way." She mumbled, moving herself from on top of Regina and sitting at the edge of the bed. "Unless you'd rather not. I mean I get it if…" Emma was cut off, jumping at Regina's voice echoing around the room. "No!" Regina winced as she realized she'd protested a little too loudly. She promptly scooted to the edge of the bed and insinuated herself beside Emma. Placing her hand on the blonds knee, she ran her thumb in circles as she tried to find the right words.

"It's not that I don't want to make love with you, Emma. It's just…" Regina immediately cut her words off, glaring at a spot on her floor and internally cursing herself. Emma looked up then, eyes running over the worry lines on Regina's face. It was as she was staring at Regina's face that she felt the twist of butterflies rumble around in her stomach. She realized she would give anything, everything, to never see that look on Regina's face again. It was more startling news to her, shocking her to the core as love flowed so freely within her. Who knew she'd find love in someone she had been sure was her enemy? And her sons adoptive mother, no less.

Those facts didn't give Emma paused though, she forged on, hand grabbing lightly at Regina's chin to turn her face towards her. "Just what, Regina? Tell me?" Emma's voice was soft, inviting, loving. She was trying her best to beat down her own fears about this so she could console Regina. She didn't need her insecurities to get in the way today. When Regina didn't budge, didn't make even a tiny bit of sound, Emma moved closer to her and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Regina, tell me. Tell me so I can help. Please?" She made herself sound as open and as ready for anything as possible. She could only hope Regina would be willing to give up why she looked so depressed. Just a moment ago she had been the confident, seductive woman ready to take what she wanted. What had changed in just a matter of seconds?

Regina gave a small sigh, staring down at the ring on her finger as she played absentmindedly with it. "I've never 'made love' with anyone." What Regina meant rolled right past Emma, confusion clouding her features. "You mean you're a virgin?" Emma asked in astonishment, blinking as she tilted her head. Regina rolled her eyes, frustration settling in her chest. "No. I'm not." She shot a glare Emma's way, shaking her head. "What I mean is, I've had sex, but I've never made love. There's never been love involved in any of my sexual experiences." Flashes of Leopold crashed through her mind, making her shiver.

The words served to clear Emma's confusion, her facial features softening considerably. She turned Regina's head towards her once again and she shrugged. "Neither have I." A bit of red snuck up her neck at the confession, but she shrugged her shoulder anyway. She didn't know why that was such a big deal now. It wasn't like she had really cared that she hadn't 'made love' before. A small smile danced at the edges of Regina's lips. "Really?" She questioned, her own hand landing on the one Emma had placed on her cheek.

Emma nodded, leaning a little closer to Regina. "Really. Sex was never about love for me either. To put it not so mildly, I fucked and ran." Regina frowned at the words, but nodded. "Guess we have a bit in common when it comes to sex." A beat of silence and a large, breathtaking smile spread across Emma's lips. "So I suppose this would be a first for both of us." Emma smiled softly, trying to lighten the mood. Her smile stayed sweet, hoping Regina would at least somewhat relax. Regina's own smile was slowly growing wider, but there was still fear settling in her chest.

This moment, the idea of making love with Emma terrified her. A feat all in itself considering not much scared Regina. When Emma saw there was still hesitancy in Regina's eyes, she moved her head so their eyes met straight on. "Regina, we don't have to do this today you know? It's not like we don't have time." Emma gave a crooked smile, thoughts rushing into her brain of the two of them together. Suddenly the thought of forever wasn't so scary. This was, in fact, something Emma had been longing for. She had only been denying herself the chance to even consider it. Until now.

Regina shook her head, leaning a little closer to Emma. "No, I want to do this." A pause, Regina's forehead crinkling a bit. It smoothed out after a moment, a wicked smirk replacing the sweet one if seconds flat. Her voice dropped an octave as her hand dropped on Emma's leg and her mouth moved closer to her ear. "I can't tell you how many times I've thought of this. How many times I wanted you impossibly close, your skin against mine, your arms wrapped around me." Emma shivered, finding the switch in attitudes to astounding.

There were many side to Regina Mills and Emma wanted know every one of them. She responded accordingly though, turning her face towards Regina's and placing her hand on her neck. "Well then, we'll just have to make your dreams come true then, won't we?" Emma teased back, leaning the last few inches to place a hungry kiss to Regina's plump lips. It was Regina's turn to shiver, body reveling in having Emma touch her, kiss her, speak to her in such a low, seductive tone. This was starting to turn out better than she had imagined.

If someone had told her when Emma had first shown up at her door step that she would end up here with Emma, had told her she would fall for this woman, she would not have believed them. She would have laughed in their face. Regina wasn't sure how she had gotten here. Wasn't sure how all those deeply buried feelings had surfaced, but she'd be damned if she was letting it go now. This both comforted her and scared her. Finding love again, someone who loved her back genuinely, was a frightening notion to Regina. Her fear of it all being taken away from her reared its ugly head up, nearly ruining the moment between them. However, she stomped it back down, refusing to let it take over the moment. It would come back again, oh yes, but hell if she was letting it come back tonight.

No, Regina was determined to have her time with Emma. She was determined to make love with this woman that had somehow made her way into Regina's heart. Their lips parted momentarily, Regina and Emma smiling at each other for a moment. They couldn't keep their lips apart for long though, meeting in another loving kiss just seconds later. Regina's heart beat loudly in her chest, Emma's keeping the same rhythm and beating just as loud. Smooth lips met smooth lips in a deep kiss, breaths quickening in excitement. Emma placed both her hands on the sides of Regina's neck, thumb caressing the skin under it. A small, satisfied little moan worked its way up Regina's throat, the sound being muffled as Emma swallowed the sound with her tender kisses.

Regina pulled back again for a moment, her brown eyes searching for Emma's. Green eyes, darkened by desire, met hers and in that moment Regina could see Emma's love for her in them. Her heart was seized by that love while her head struggled to get a grip on it. It had been so long since she'd seen this kind of love shining in someone else's eyes, and for her no less. She had thought it impossible to be loved by someone again, but in this moment Emma was proving her wrong. And Regina longed for that to last forever, longed for Emma to continue to prove her wrong, even if she wouldn't admit it.

Warm lips claimed Regina's once again, Emma's tongue snaking out to flick at Regina's lip. Regina took the hint and opened her mouth to Emma, their tongues crashing together as they eagerly tasted each other. Regina moved her hands into golden curls, grabbing fistfuls of her beautiful hair. At that, Emma deepened the kiss further, beginning to move Regina back onto the bed. Soon enough, Regina was on her back, Emma hovering above her. Emma's hair fell forward, cascading down and acting as a curtain surrounding them. Her dark green eyes gazed longingly down at Regina, taking in the beautiful woman beneath her. Leaning down a little further, Emma smiled wide. "You're so breathtaking, Regina. Truly beautiful." Regina shivered at the words, the truth in them rocking her to the core. She smiled back, reaching up to caress Emma's cheek. They both smiled into the brief kiss that followed, their bodies pressed tightly together.

Emma's lips moved lower now, placing open mouth kisses to Regina's neck. Her tongue licked hungrily at the skin there, eliciting small, appreciative moans from Regina. Suddenly Emma stopped, eyes meeting Regina's for a moment. "Stay, don't move. I'll be right back." Emma crawled backwards off the bed, smirking at Regina as she climbed off of her. Regina frowned, confused as to what Emma was doing. Suddenly, she heard a click and the room was plunged into total darkness. Regina faintly heard the sound of clothing hitting the floor, boots beings dropped. And before she knew it, Emma was crawling back to her, one hand freely crawling its way up Regina's body. Regina's eyes gazed at Emma's body, noticing her shirt and boots had been removed. It left Emma only in her bra and tight fitting jeans.

As Emma's face came into view, Regina raised an eyebrow in question. Emma shrugged, the gesture almost making Regina smile. "I'm nervous. And having the lights off helps a little." Her head gestured towards the window for a moment. "But the moon is full tonight and it's casting a pretty decent glow in here." Emma paused, a smirk gracing her lips. "The moonlight suits you, Regina. You are the epitome of beauty lying there with it casting over you." Emma felt nervous saying these things to Regina, but she couldn't seem to get a grip on her mouth. Emma wasn't the romantic type, but there was something about Regina in this moment that seemed to bring it out of her. Her breath caught as she looked up at Regina's face and saw a breathtaking smile spread across the older woman's lips. Emma licked her own lips, one hand lightly laying on Regina's hip as she lowered herself once more.

Emma's skin met Regina's blouse and she wished it was skin meeting skin. However, she was halfway appeased when Regina's hands smoothed lightly down Emma's bare back. Emma closed her eyes, reveling in Regina's touch. She lost herself in the feeling, wishing like hell it could never stop. No one had ever touched her so softly and reverently before and it surprised her that it was Regina she would experience this from. However, there was no complaining on her part. If she could have her way, she'd have Regina touch her like this twenty-four seven. But there were more important things to get to, she knew that as her eyes opened as she gazed down longingly, lustfully at Regina. Regina's own gaze was filled with the same longing, the feeling of Emma's body atop hers making her heart pound faster and her desire to rise.

Before Regina could even make a move towards Emma's jeans, Emma swung her leg over Regina and straddled her hips. She gave a side smirked down at Regina, Regina's eyebrows shooting up in surprise. She hadn't been expecting that, but she did rather like her position. Emma's hands came down and slowly unbuttoned the top button of Regina's blouse, revealing just a tiny bit more skin. She smirked, keeping her hands and eyes trained on the buttons. She wanted so desperately to just rip the blouse open, but she found the strength to just take her time and appreciate Regina and her body.

One button at a time Emma slowly revealed Regina's bare skin, Regina's black lace bra coming into view as well. "Beautiful." Emma breathed as she unfastened the last button, fingers ghosting over smooth, flawless skin. Regina felt a shiver run down her spine as she watched Emma and felt her fingers brush against her. The way Emma was looking at her was like reverence. Regina almost had the urge to cover herself, but she made no move to do so. If she was honest, she also liked the way Emma was looking at her. Not to mention she reveled in the way she touched her.

Emma curled her finger at Regina, motioning for her to sit up a bit. Regina hesitated for a moment, but obliged a moment later. The blond removed Regina's blouse, throwing at the chair in the room. Thankfully for her it did, in fact, land on the chair. Before Regina could lay herself back down, Emma reached behind her and unclasped the hooks of her bra. Slowly and seductively Emma pulled the bra off, revealing Regina's perfect bare breasts. She threw the bra behind her, neither woman caring where it landed. Emma's lust and love filled eyes were glued to Regina's chest, tongue jumping out to lick at her lips. Regina chuckled, making her breasts bounce and adding to Emma's desire pooling between her legs. "See something you like?" Regina asked in a husky tone, her own love and lust evident. Emma smirked, unable to hide it at all. "Oh yeah." She breathed, leaning down to hover her mouth over on of Regina's breasts.

Emma stopped, gazing up at Regina for a moment. She was silently asking for approval and Regina nodded her head in affirmation. With that, Emma's hot, wet tongue met Regina's already hardened nipple. Regina's breath hitched and moved her chest up, moaning lightly at the contact. When Emma licked at it again, a bolt of electricity shot through Regina's body and she arched into Emma once more. "Again." She demanded, before biting her bottom lip. Emma obliged, licking once more before attaching her mouth to Regina's breast. She licked and sucked fervently, tongue smoothing circles around the dark nipple in a well timed consistency. Regina's hands reached for Emma's golden locks, pushing her head further into her. This was Regina's way of begging. She was demanding more, but begging silently as she held Emma's head tightly against her. Emma just continued with her work, enjoying the feeling of Regina squirming under her and hearing her heart beat faster. She could feel the rhythm of Regina's heart on her tongue.

As Emma pulled away from Regina's chest, she let go of her nipple with a pop, satisfied smirk on her lips. She palmed once breast as she swooped her head down to capture Regina's lips in a fevered kiss, tongue pushing for entrance. Regina let her in, tongues warring against each other strongly. Regina arched her back again, feeling Emma's palm push and rub against her. Sensations bolted through her, her entire body tingling from arousal. After a moment, Emma's gentle squeezing stopped and both her hands moved to her breasts. She took the nipples between her fingers and twisted and turned, almost making Regina curse in pleasure.

Heat pooled between her legs, her desire growing higher and higher. Her hips rolled and her body undulated underneath Emma, wanting to feel more sensations from the beautiful blond straddling her hips. As Emma continued to play with Regina's perfect breasts, Regina ran her hands up and down Emma's back, moving to her sides now and then. There was a point where she trailed a finger down Emma's toned stomach, aroused to find she could feel Emma's stomach muscles. There was something about the way Emma felt against her fingers that just increased her want for the woman above her.

Regina was just about to have some fun of her own with Emma's breasts when Emma suddenly shoved off of her. And before Regina could even get a grip on what was happening, she was on her stomach in a flash. Confused, she twisted her head around the best she could to try to spot Emma. She saw nothing, even though she felt the blond beside her. Warm lips touched her ear, tongue snaking out to lick sensually at Regina's ear. "This skirt needs to go." Emma whispered, fingers already pulling at the zipper before Regina could form a proper response.

The skirt was pulled off in one fluid motion, leaving Regina in just her black lace panties. Emma took a few minutes to appreciate the view, fingertips skimming over Regina's thighs for a moment. Her eyes gazed hungrily up Regina's thighs, stopping and lingering on her firm, round buttocks for a moment and then ascending up to marvel at the expanse of skin that was her back. Her skin was flawless, even with the few permanent marks and scars that she spotted here and there. Emma's fingers smoothed over the scars and Regina's breath hitched as she felt Emma touch them. She only hoped Emma wouldn't being to wonder where they came from and decide to ask out loud. Emma made no move to ask any questions though, she only placed soft kisses on each and every scar. Regina let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding when the room stayed quiet. Emma had some scars of her own, so in a way she already knew how Regina could have gotten them.

Regina's dark skin tone was breathtaking and Emma swallowed hard as she tried to tear her eyes away from Regina's body. She placed one last kiss on Regina's back and then gently rolled her back over. When Regina opened her eyes, darkened green met hers and they were suddenly locked in an admiring stare. At the same time, the same exact moment, a breathtaking smile bloomed on both of their faces. It was a perfect moment, one they both wanted to hold onto forever. Finally, Emma leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on Regina's luscious lips. Regina tried to lean up and deepen the kiss, but Emma pulled away with a devilish smirk. Regina's eyebrows quirked and her forehead crinkled, watching Emma as she began to scoot down onto her knees. She swung one leg over Regina and straddled her, smiling down as she placed both hands on either side of Regina's head. Emma hovered her face an inch above Regina's, letting her long hair cloak them both in a blond waterfall.

With a smirk, Emma licked her lips, letting her tongue just barely touch against Regina's lips. Regina shivered, eyes darkening to black as her need and want for Emma skyrocketed to new levels. "Kiss me." She whispered, lips trembling slightly as her eyes stayed connected with Emma's. Emma nodded in silence, leaning that extra little inch to place her lips against Regina's. It was a small, loving kiss at first, but as they kept going it began to turn into something much more deep. Tongues licked at one another, teeth nipped and lips sucked, both women enjoying the feel of the other against them. Moments later, they broke for air, panting and smiling at each other. Emma scooted herself down Regina's body until she was face to face with Regina's beautiful breasts.

Her eyes shot up to Regina's face for a moment before she finally snaked her tongue out and flicked once at Regina's hardened nipple. Regina shivered and barely bit back the moan that threatened to escape her. Emma flicked harder at her nipple this time, her other hand coming up to pinch softly at the other. Regina arched her back, reveling in the way Emma was touching her. Soon Emma latched onto one of the hardened nipples, tongue flicking at it as she pulled and sucked ever so slightly. That elicited a bit of a louder moan from Regina and she could feel Emma smile around her nipple. Emma bit down gently, tugging once more in sync with pinching the other nipple. Pleasure rolled its way through Regina's body at these motions, making her roll her hips and arch her back once more.

Too soon Emma moved away completely from Regina's breasts, kissing her collarbone's and the valley between her breasts. Emma was appreciating Regina's body with her mouth, her hands. Slowly and tenderly Emma traced her fingers down Regina's sides, kissing random spots of skin as she went lower and lower. Regina watched with curious and lust filled eyes, feeling her heart beat faster and faster the lower Emma went. The blond stopped at Regina's belly button, swirling her tongue around it before kissing the skin below it. Emma went just a little lower, reaching her hip bones and brushing her fingers over them. Her hands moved to Regina's thighs soon after, massaging them softly. She smirked as began to tease Regina, dipping her hands and brushing her fingers on the inside of Regina's thighs, just close enough to touch where she wanted her most, yet not touching. Regina swallowed, feeling the need for Emma to pleasure her rise and rise.

Regina Mills had never been one to beg, but Emma was quickly bringing her to her knees as she continued touching her everywhere except for that one spot. She shivered and ran her fingers through Emma's blond curls, conveying in her touch for Emma to look up at her. When she did, Regina bit her lip, tongue flicking out to sooth the bit. "Emma, please." She begged, feeling her skin flush for doing such a thing. It seemed Emma could not bare a minute longer either as she nodded, softly parting Regina's legs. Quickly she situated herself in between them, placing a kiss on the inside of both of Regina's thighs. Regina leaned her head back onto the bed, anticipating what was to happen next as she tightly closed her dark eyes.

Just as her lids closed, Emma licked a long, slow line from Regina's entrance to her clit. She flicked at the hard nub before giving it an open mouthed kiss. Regina gasped and her hands flew down to Emma's head, digging her fingers into her long hair. This just encouraged Emma to continue, opening Regina up with one hand as she continued with slow, maddening licks. Regina bucked her hips a few times, trying as hard as she could to get more contact. It seemed she couldn't get Emma close enough. Emma pressed in a little harder, but continued her soft licking, only sucking every now and then. However, as she heard a whimper fall from Regina's lips followed by the word "harder," Emma followed her one word instruction and began to suck and pull on Regina's clit with fervor.

Her hold on Emma's hair became tighter as Regina got exactly what she wanted. She pushed Emma into her further, rolling her hips in time with Emma's talented tongue. It was not long after that Regina felt Emma's finger circling her entrance, preparing to enter her. Emma pushed her middle finger in gently, creating a gasp from Regina as she did so. She pushed in further, curling her finger at the knuckle. Little did she know that such an action drove Regina. She gripped at the sheets and lifted her hips, seeking out even more contact. Emma pumped her finger a few times before adding a second, fingers moving in sync with her tongue. She had Regina writhing for her, squirming and moaning as pleasure settled itself in her body.

Without warning, Emma picked up the pace and added a third finger, crooking all three and catching that sweet spot just inside of Regina. Regina began to shake from the pleasure, moans turning louder and Emma's name rolling off her tongue. Emma's free hand pushed one of Regina's legs back, giving her better access to flick and suck even harder on Regina's clit. She did exactly that, keeping her tongue in perfect timing with her fingers pushing in and out, in and out of Regina fervently. Regina felt her climax gathering in the pit of her stomach, slowly branching out into the rest of her body.

When she thought she couldn't take it anymore, Emma pushed her fingers one last time with a hard thrust and everything came tumbling down like a ton of bricks. Her climax burst throughout her body, reaching to the ends of her toes and fingers. Her toes curled and she held onto her bed sheets so tightly she thought they might rip. Her back arched and her breathing stopped, heart pounding in her chest more quickly than she had ever experienced. Emma coaxed her out of her climax, body going limp and falling against the bed moments later.

Regina's breathing finally picked back up with her sucking in a deep breath and opening her eyes. She quickly looked down at Emma and watched her crawl up her body. When Emma was laying on top of Regina and they were face to face, Emma licked her fingers clean, doing it in a seductive manner. "There is no way to describe how good you taste." The blond whispered, sending more shivers rocketing through Regina's body. She smirked though, leaning up halfheartedly to kiss Emma, tasting herself on her lips. When she pulled back, Emma had a soft smile on her lips. "I could get used to this." She smirked, but only for a moment before it fell. "I mean, not just the sex, but…us. I could get used to you and I being an us." Emma nodded, confirming her words.

A chuckle escaped Regina and Emma leaned down to place a soft kiss to her lips. Just after, and in a flash, Regina rolled them over so she was on top, giving her own smirk to Emma. "Wow." Emma muttered, taken by surprise at how quickly their positions had changed. Regina raised an eyebrow, smile turning devilish and seductive. "Get used to that word." She purred as her hand reached down to cup Emma's sex. Emma's eyes widened for a moment before darkening even further. "My turn." Regina muttered as her lips began to make a map of kisses down Emma's body. She left a path of lipsticks stains down Emma's body, but the blond could have cared less. In fact, she wasn't sure she ever wanted to wash them off. Unless Regina desired to do so herself. But for the time being, she laid back and let her eyes watch the woman she knew she loved, even if it had taken forever to realize it.

The next morning, Emma woke up feeling about as good as she ever remembered feeling. She was tangled in sheets and Regina's limbs, their bodies pressed together tightly. She watched Regina sleep for a moment, smiling as the previous nights activities crashed through her mind. It was at that moment that Regina stirred, eyes opening to find Emma gazing at her. She smiled, stretching a bit as her hand came up to brush a thumb across Emma's cheek. Suddenly, her eyes widened and she untangled herself from Emma, sitting up and gathering the sheets around her. Emma blinked, surprised by Regina's sudden movements and feeling a shiver run down her back as the covers were pulled off of her. They were both still naked, having fallen asleep from a passionate night of sex.

Emma watched Regina's face contort in panic and then quickly slip back into that hard mask she usually wore. Her heart dropped, thinking that Regina already regretted what they had done. However, the words the fell from Regina's mouth wiped away her worries. "Henry! Where is Henry?" Regina was in a panic, already launching herself from her bed and running into her closet for some clothes. Emma stifled a laugh and rose from the bed, following Regina. "He's with Mary Margaret, Regina. I didn't leave him alone." Regina's busy hands stopped, her snapping towards Emma. She let go of the blouse she had been pulling out and fully turned her body towards the blond, one hand holding the sheets around her body. "You left him with her?" Regina asked, tone agitated and one eyebrow rising.

Emma swallowed and nodded. "Yes. I left him with her so I could come talk to you. He's fine. She's perfectly capable of handling a kid." Regina frowned, but kept quiet. She was capable, Regina knew this, but she refused to give Mary Margaret credit for anything. She didn't like that Henry had been left with her all night, but she could not find a way to regret it. Not after what had happened between. Regina sighed, her hard mask slipping just the tiniest bit. "Well, as long as he wasn't alone." Emma smiled, knowing that was all she was going to get. She took a step towards Regina, not even caring the slightest that she was still naked. Regina licked her lips, eyes scanning over Emma's naked form. She leaned in to kiss Emma, smiling when she pulled back. "I'd like to go get Henry…" There was a pause before Regina continued, almost hesitant in her next words. "And then perhaps we could all have some breakfast."

The blond blinked, actually surprised Regina had suggested such a thing. However, she didn't hesitate in her answer. "Sure. That sounds great. I need to get some clothes anyway." Emma smiled with Regina, the older woman unable to keep her eyes off of Emma's body for too long. She let her sheets drop, revealing her own body, Emma stunned speechless. She couldn't keep her eyes off of Regina's body either. Regina stepped forward, almost bringing their bodies together. She placed one hand on Emma's hip and the other on her neck. Bringing her lips to Emma's ear, she smirked just before whispering "Henry can wait a little longer." Emma shivered and quickly fell into a busy morning with Regina. It was lunch time by the time the two of them finally made their way out to retrieve Henry.

It wasn't until two weeks later that Emma finally talked to Ruby again. Even though she had been in the diner, Ruby had tried to avoid her as much as possible. It seemed she wasn't aware of Emma and Regina being together. How she didn't know though was beyond Emma. Everyone in town had been talking about them, seeing Regina and Emma being civil together in public. Regina was still iffy about public shows of affection, so none of that had been seen just yet. It was obvious there was something different between them though, shocking everyone out of their socks. Oh sure, they still fought every now and then, it was pretty much inevitable. But at least everyone knew there wouldn't be anymore high level animosity.

Emma had about had enough though with being avoided by Ruby. On one of her night patrols, she found Ruby making her way home. She rolled along side Ruby in the cop car for a moment, window rolled down. "You still don't know who my admirer was do you?" Emma asked with a smirk. That stopped Ruby in her tracks. She narrowed her eyes, folding her arms. "What do you want, Emma?" Ruby asked. In all honesty, deep down she wanted to make up with Emma. The blond was her best friend, but there was a stubborn part of her that just wouldn't let it all go. Emma rolled her green eyes, still smirking. "I want my friend back, duh." She grinned, trying to pull Ruby in with her puppy dog eyes and charming smile. Ruby's harshness slipped a bit as she took a step towards the car.

When Ruby was close enough, Emma spoke up. "It was Regina." Ruby's jaw dropped, her anger slipping away. "No way!" She started, realizing she had slipped easily back into her usual self. Ruby tried to be angry again, but that news was just too shocking. Not to mention it felt much better not being angry at Emma. Emma nodded to Ruby's response. "Yep. And we're sort of in a…relationship now. She confessed." Emma wiggled her eyebrows, luring Ruby in. Ruby sighed, shook her head and hopped into the cop car. "I should have known it was her. Everybody saw the way she looked at you. And how you looked at her. You were both horribly obvious." Ruby laughed and Emma rolled her eyes, placing the car into drive as she quickly fell into conversation with Ruby. "You guys belong together." Ruby commented, eliciting a smile from Emma. She had to admit that she actually agreed with the brunette. And time would tell if they did, in fact, belong together.