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Chapter 8: Cut Off One Head

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."- Charles M De Talleyrand

"…her thoughts were interrupted when the booth above them exploded."

Glass shards were thrown onto them, small pieces imbedding themselves into their skin. Steve quickly covered Jade and Peggy, shielding them from the shards. Though it didn't stop a couple pieces from sinking into Jade's skin. When the explosion settled down, a man in a gray suit with black hair was running, but not from the glass. He was heading towards the test tube rack where the two leftover tubes of serum sat. He grabbed both of them.

"Stop him!" Dr. Erskine shouted, facing towards the man, trying to save his creation from falling into the wrong hands. But the man only pulled out a gun…and shot the doctor twice…in the chest and stomach.

"No!" Jade's piercing scream filled the air. The man rushed past the panicking crowd, taking advantage of the diversion, and started heading up the stairway as Dr. Erskine fell to the ground. Peggy went into action almost immediately, shooting at the man as he fled. Steve grabbed Jade's shaking hand and pulled her over to where the man, their friend, lay dying. They crouched down, trying to do something. The doctor only pointed at their chests, no their hearts. He wanted them to stay who they were. And then the scruffy German scientist gently closed his eyes and took one final breath.

Jade buried her face into Steve's white t-shirt. He could feel the wet spot growing from under her eyes. And then it stopped, her sobbing and tears just stopped. Jade looked back up at him, all sadness was completely replaced by pure rage and anger. The same look then mirrored in Steve's own eyes. With non vocalized understanding, they both raced together up the stairs and through the hallways. In the antique store, the poor old lady with the pink cardigan was dead. Though she was holding a machine gun so at least she put up a fight. Outside, the two men in raggedy clothes were also dead and a car was blown up. Had they already missed everything?

The action was far from over. Starting with Peggy who was playing chicken with the thief who was in a taxi cab, while she only had a gun. Before she was splattered across the windshield like a bug, Steve tackled her to the other side of the road. "I had him!" She yelled furiously.

"Oh yes, because the car would have surely have stopped because your body was splattered across its' windshield!" Peggy sent her a glare, but Jade only ran after the apologizing Steve as they raced down the street. Their pants were too short and their feet were bare. There was too much adrenaline coursing through their veins though and Jade couldn't feel any pain. They both picked up their pace, running faster than any normal person could. The taxi turned down a corner, they were way too far.

"This way!" Steve yelled and he led her down an alley way.

"Are you sure?"

"Positive! I know this neighborhood like the back of my hand!" Sure enough, they could see the taxi on the other side of the alley.

"Considering you just went through a procedure that changed your appearance, I'm not so sure about that!" Despite the situation they were in, Steve still managed to chuckle. Picking up momentum, they dodged cars and crossed a street. Steve cut his turn too wide though and ended up crashing through a bridal shop window, knocking over several mannequins in the process. He jumped back out just as quickly as he crashed in and apologized once more. Jade had slowed down some but was still running, so once Steve caught up with her they ran faster. The two ran down another alley, but this one had a high fence blocking it. "Steve-"

"Jump," he interrupted her. She slowed down some and watched as Steve jumped over, clearing the fence. Her eyes widened and she sped up again, repeating his actions. With a shocked expression she ran forward and across the street, nearly getting hit by a car. They were so close when Steve literally started playing hopscotch on cars.

"Oh real subtle Steve!" He ignored her and landed on the taxi, holding onto the sides. The driver desperately tried to shake him off, Steve desperately tried to cling on, and Jade desperately tried to catch up. The taxi driver led them into a shipping yard near the river and started to shoot through the roof to get Steve off. In all the confusion, the taxi hit the front end of a semi and flipped over several times. Steve rolled across the cement and Jade helped him back up when she reached him.

The man (Jade didn't know if he was a Nazi or something totally different) shakily got of the car and began shooting at them once more. Steve picked up the broken off car door and held it in front of him. Jade ducked behind him as the shots vibrated the car door. People were screaming and running. Their panicked faces made Jade feel somewhat useless. She had to do something. In all the panic, the German man (Jade finally gave up guessing who he was and decided he was a part of Hydra like in Dr. Erskine's stories.) grabbed a little boy from his hysterical mother and used him as leverage. Steve immediately dropped the car door and tiredly limped over to where the man was taking the boy. Jade started to follow him, though she was somewhat faster as she didn't have a limp.

The man from Hydra was taking the little red headed boy to the Pier and he shot at the super soldiers when they began to follow him. He cursed something at them in German, but Jade and Steve ignored him and instead followed anyway. All the way the little kid was screaming and kicking, trying to get away from the man. The man turned around a corner. Steve grabbed Jade's still somewhat small hand and pulled her behind a huge metal ball. The man shot at it and Steve protectively held onto Jade.

The Hydra man left around another corner, more towards the water and Jade quickly escaped Steve's death hold, beckoning him to follow her.

At the Pier, the man only caught a glimpse of Steve and Jade before he put the cold metal gun against the little boy's head. Seeing this, Steve put his hands up in surrender. "Wait don't! Don't!" The man then aimed the gun at Jade who stood frozen in her spot. Never in her twenty-one years had a gun been aimed at her. The first day she becomes a super-soldier she's been almost shot at least a dozen times. "No don't!" Steve yelled. This time the gun was turned on him. Steve visibly flinched. As the little boy struggled, the man became fed up with him and threw him into the water. The man from Hydra proceeded to run away.

"You go get him, I'll get the boy!" Jade yelled to Steve. Before she had even finished her sentence, she was running towards the edge of the stone walkway.

"Can you even swim?" He yelled back, but she was already gone. The last thing he heard was a very non-reassuring "no."

The water was freezing cold. Its murky depths prevented the bottom from being seen. Though Jade guessed that you wouldn't be able to see it anyways since it was so deep. It was true, Jade couldn't swim. Her mother's brother had drowned as a child while vacationing at a lake. That was the reason her children were not allowed to swim. So Jade never learned. It seemed somewhat natural though. She easily floated to the surface of the icy water. After gasping to fill her lungs with actual air and not dirty water, she glanced around while constantly blinking. Not too far away from her was the little boy. He didn't seem to be struggling too badly, but Jade wanted to make sure he got out fine.

Doing what seemed to be right, she paddled over to the boy. It was working well, she hadn't drowned! Once she came up to him, Jade wrapped an arm around the freckled boy's small torso. "Don't worry, I've got you!" She tried to sound somewhat confident but it only came out in shaky gasps.

"Can you swim miss?" He asked her in a polite voice.

"Not really, but I wanted to make sure you'd be okay!" The little boy smiled up at her in gratitude. Together they swam/paddled their way to the emergency ladder and Jade let the boy go first. She soon followed and watched the boy return to his mother. The woman sent her a grateful look before taking her child and walking away, carrying on with her business. Jade stood on the cement pathway, just breathing and then she ran towards where Steve went, only to have to skid to a stop. The German man came shooting out of the water and onto the pavement.

Steve came climbing up the nearby ladder and walked over to the man with purpose. German/Hydra/Nazi man picked himself up and swung a fist towards the blonde. Steve leant back out of reach and kicked the man down in return. The two vials flew out of his pocket and the glass shattered. Blue and purple goop spread across the cement and mixed together. Ignoring this, Steve grabbed the man's coat in both hands. "Who the hell are you?" By this time Jade made her way over to the two and tried to appear as threatening as possible. She didn't know if it was working.

"The first of many. Cut off one head," The greasy haired man broke off one of his teeth and bit down on it. "Two more shall take its place." His mouth was beginning to foam up. "Hail Hydra!" With one last painful lurch, he collapsed. Death by cyanide.

Steve dropped the dead man's coat and looked down at his hands. It was like he was searching for something, a mark, a scar, something out of the ordinary. His new found strength was definitely not ordinary. But there was nothing. His hands were just a bit bigger and tanner. He grew almost hysterical, grabbing Jade's hand with gentle force. Hers were also a bit bigger than before. Her fingers were long and her skin was soft.

"It's like we've completely changed and yet, we haven't changed at all." He put the hands palms to palm, comparing the size. His were a bit bigger. Not considerably bigger, but what they should be for a normal man and woman. "Our hands used to be the same size."

"My heartbeat…it's normal. I could feel it…and it's not irregular anymore." You could hear the slight giddiness in her voice. It was different but absolutely wonderful at the same time. "I don't know what was in that stuff…but I'm thankful for it." They stopped talking then, just looking around the dock. That's when they both spotted the broken tubes of serum. Jade muttered a curse under her breath. All of Dr. Erskine's research was now in their DNA. The rest of it was spilled across the concrete.

"C'mon," Steve stated nodding towards the way they came. "Let's get back to the base. They'll need us there." Jade quickly nodded her head and followed her friend towards the military base. People gave them strange looks as they walked down the roads. The wedding dress boutique was a complete mess. The workers were sweeping up the glass and readjusting the mannequins. They sent some particularly nasty glares towards the two. Both smiled sheepishly and apologized profusely, promising to pay for the damage caused. The army had some kind of…running into windows…insurance…right?

The walk back took longer, but they also weren't running to catch a criminal. Once arriving at the "antiques" store, Peggy was waiting outside for them. Her arms were crossed, her lips were twisted into a pout, and her foot was impatiently tapping on the ground. "Did you catch him?" She asked with her British accent.

"Yes," the two replied in unison.

"And?" She asked, expecting more.

"Suicide," Jade informed her. "Cyanide capsule."

"Did you get back the serum?" When there was a negative response, Peggy sighed. All of that work was wasted. "Any idea as to who he was?" You could almost hear Steve swallow in nervousness.

"He-he said 'Cut off one head, two more shall take its place…hail Hydra.'" Peggy visibly paled and her pout turned into an open mouthed stare. She checked around her, looking from side to side, and gestured for them to follow her inside.

As soon as they walked in, they were bombarded by military personal, journalists, and nurses. The latter was chosen to follow since they seemed to be the more important at the time. They were led back to a room with a few beds and medical equipment. A little bit too bubbly blonde nurse came over with bundles of clothes. She handed the respective bundles to each of them, her eyes lingering on Steve a little too long for Jade's liking.

Keep your eyes to yourself, she thought. A quick death glare at the nurse sent her scurrying away.

…Wait, what was she doing? Since when did she not want other women to look at Steve that way? Why did she care? I'm just keeping an eye out for him. Yeah…sure. 100% sarcasm intended.

Ignoring all of that, Jade led herself over to a small area and looked at the clothes. They had given her a tan knee length skirt, a tan button up, the proper undergarments, and a pair of brown shoes. How plain, though the skirt felt better than pants did. Maybe it was just a girl thing.

After changing, she came back from behind the curtain. Almost immediately, a nurse (A different one, this one was a redhead with a calming smile.) came over and brought her to the table next to Steve's. They proceeded into a series of medical tests, standard things like x-rays but it took a few hours for the full exam. "We just need to take some blood. Bad news is, it's going to be a lot. The good news is you get a cookie." She smiled wide and it made Jade giggle lightly. The nurse left to a cart and came back with a needle, syringe, tube, and containers. Jade glanced over to Steve. His usually twinkling blue eyes were dull and glazed over. He stared off into nothing. The red headed nurse looked over too. "He's just still in shock from the whole thing. I know how he feels. My grandfather died suddenly, completely out of the blue. It was life shattering."

Jade turned her attention back to the nurse. "Does it get any better?" She asked and then winced when the needle went through her arm. The blood started to flow through the tube.

"There are bad days and good days, but it helps if you've got someone to share the pain with." She nodded over to where Steve sat. Hopefully, they could get through it together.

Eventually the nurses filled up at least a dozen tubes of blood each. They took the thick needles out of their arms, wiped off the blood, and let them go. "I think you've got enough." He said dryly. The nurse ignored him and walked away. Steve got up from his seat and then walked over and helped Jade up. Though the help was not needed.

"Any hope of reproducing the program is locked in your genetic codes." Peggy said from where she sat across from them. "But without Dr. Erskine it will take years."

"He deserved more than this." Jade let her head fall down towards the floor, her thick curtain of hair covering her face. Peggy let her neck roll and then sighed breathlessly.

"If it could only work twice, he'd be glad it was you two." She diverted her attention to an open manila folder. She looked back up at them with a small smile across her ruby red lips. Steve was still skeptical though and he tried to see Jade's reaction. Though he could not see her face, Steve did not try to gain her attention. "Come with me, Colonel Phillips will want to see." Jade wordlessly follower her, keeping her eyes on the ground and her hands together behind her back. Going down the stairs, they could hear the voices and Colonel Phillips and Senator Brandt.

"Colonel Phillips, my committee is demanding answers!" The senator sounded extremely upset. But the colonel wasn't one for sympathy.

"Great, why don't we start with how a German spy got a ride to by secret instillation in your car? What do we got here?" The German's fancy submarine was suspended in the air as Howard Stark looked it over.

"Speaking modestly I'm the best mechanical engineer in this country." Jade rolled her eyes, not even trying to hide the annoyance. "But I don't know what's inside this thing or how it works. We're not even close to this technology."

"Then who is-"

"Hydra," Colonel Phillips answered the senator quickly. "I'm sure you've been reading our debriefing reports." The senator sucked in a sharp breath.

"I'm on a number of committees Colonel." Well denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

"Hydra is the Nazi deep science division." Peggy informed coolly. "It's led by Johann Schmidt, but he has much bigger ambitions." Senator Brandt took off his hat.

"Hydra's practically a cult. They worship Schmidt. They think he's invincible." It seemed that Colonel Phillips was becoming very frustrated and annoyed with the politician.

"What are you going to do about it?" He asked gruffly.

He inhaled sharply. Make that extremely frustrated and agitated with the senator. "Spoke to the President this morning, as of today the S.S.R. is being re-tasked." He walked up to where the agent and two super soldiers stood.

"Colonel?" Peggy asked in a surprisingly soft tone.

"We are taking the fight to Hydra. Pack your bags Agent Carter, you too Stark. We're flying to London tonight." Hearing this, Jade's head popped up. She repeatedly hit Steve on the arm, trying to get him to understand the meaning. As the colonel was walking away, Steve finally seemed to get it.

"Sir," They stood straight and tall. Colonel Phillips turned to face them. "If you're going after Schmidt, we want in."

Colonel Phillips seemed to have other plans though and he shot down theirs quickly. "You're an experiment. You're both going to Alamogordo." Steve shut his eyes tight and opened them.

"The serum worked-"

"I asked for an army and all I got was you. You…are not enough." He turned away. Steve and Jade put their heads down in defeat until they heard the clicking and clacking of dress shoes. They looked up to see Senator Brandt standing in front of them.

"With all do respect to the Colonel, I think we're maybe missing the point here. I've seen you in action Steve, Jade. More importantly, the country's seen it. Paper!" His assistant came scurrying over with a copy of the day's paper. One the front page was a picture of Steve holding up the car door as a shield and Jade was behind his. "The enlistment lines have been around the block since your pictures have hit the news stands." The head line read "Wednesday, June 23rd, 1943: NAZIS IN NEW YORK! MYSTERY MAN AND WOMAN SAVES CHILD!" They had done the experiment early enough in the morning that this article could have been rushed to the papers. "You don't take a soldier…a symbol…and hide him, or her, in a lab like that." It sounded so tempting. The senator led Steve away by the shoulder, the latter grabbed onto Jade's hand and pulled her along, stumbling her way with them. "Son, do you and your girl here-"

"Oh we're not together."

"Never the less, do you two want to serve your country on the most important battlefield of the war?" The two quickly shared a glance.

"Sir that's all we want." The senator smiled.

"Then congratulations," He held out his hand for Steve to shake. "You just got promoted." Steve hesitantly smiled while Jade's broke out into a full grin. "Here's my card." He handed them each a white business card with gold lettering on it. On it was a phone number and on the back was an address. "Show up to the address on Friday at three. We can work it all out then." When he left, Jade began jumping up and down in excitement.

She turned to Steve. "Would you like to join me to see a movie to celebrate?"

Could this be a first date?











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