Hello everyone. Welcome to the third and (probably) final installment of the Teketeke series. The story will be incredibly different from the other two. How, you ask? Well, you're just gonna have to see. Anyways, everything will be pretty much the same. I'm running out of words to come up with for this, so I'll just get it on now.

Characters: Mario Daisy Goombella Flurrie Parakarry Shy Guy Wendy Larry Ludwig Iggy Morton Lemmy Bowser Jr. Bowser Bombette Kooper Jojora Gus Tiny

Other characters will be added later...maybe...


It was a hot and muggy day in June. Sun was beaming down on the land and the sky was clear like crystals. In Mushroom Woods, it seemed like the shade of trees couldn't even cool you off just a little bit.

But that was where Daisy was at that moment. She was walking aimlessly through the woods, though I suppose 'aimlessly' wouldn't be the correct word since she knew where she was going. But the way she was walking, it seemed like it.

Daisy kept her focus on the path before her. She suddenly stopped walking as something got her attention.

The grave of Toadinia AKA Teketeke was only a few feet away from her.

Daisy immediately got nervous and started to sweat a lot more. Memories of her and the gang here started to flood through her mind. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't escape the memories.

She remembered the moment where they all got split up by Teketeke coming after everyone.

She remembered the moment where she was almost killed by Teketeke.

She remembered her own reaction to finding out that Tiny was the one controlling Teketeke.

The memories kept replaying over and over in her mind like a video tape stuck on rewind and play. She held her head in pain, trying everything in her power to erase the memories but she just couldn't. It was impossible.

And so she ran. She ran to her destination to get it all over with.

She stopped as soon as she saw the place where it all happened.

The cabin that she helplessly ran to for refuge.

She remembered how tired she was when she was going to the cabin. She could remember and feel the sweat running down her face and her dress totally ruined and dirty.

"This is it." Daisy finally said, staring at the cabin for what seemed like the longest time.

Daisy herself wasn't sure why she came back. She wasn't sure why she would come back to a forsaken place that half of her friends were killed at.

But she was here. Still having the memories going through her mind.

She went inside the cabin and looked around. Nothing at all had changed. Everything looked exactly the same, except more dirtier.

The atmosphere in the cabin felt terribly odd though. It's as if there was some sort of presence there, hiding about. Or as if something felt out of place.

Daisy walked forward into the living room. This was where Tiny confessed that she was Teketeke's 'guide'. It was also where she confessed that she had killed DK and...Luigi...her lover...

A tear started to flow down her left eye but she quickly wiped it away. Having Tiny getting sent to prison for the horrible stuff that she did, didn't seem like enough to her. No, she wanted Tiny to be killed in the most horrible way anyone could ever imagine. But even then...it still wouldn't feel lke enough.

She then heard a loud thump coming from the bedroom. She immediately got nervous.

Daisy wanted to call out and say "Who's there!" but she felt like something bad might happen if she did.

Her gut was telling her to open the door, but her brain was telling her to leave ASAP.

What was she to do? Her curiosity got the best of her though and so she headed to the bedroom door.

Not knowing what could be on the other side, she grabbed the doorknob and very, VERY slowly, started to open the door.

Daisy, from what she could see, didn't see anything that could make that thump sound. So, she opened the door a bit more.

Sunlight beamed throughout the room from the small window. It was easy to see everything in that room. There was a bed, which was a total mess and a nightstand which had random junk scattered all over it and a closet filled with nothing at all.

"...I guess it's just my imagination..." Daisy said to herself and sighed.

Suddenly, a screeching yell was heard and an odd figure ran out of the closet and headed to Daisy.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Daisy screamed and jumped out of the way.

The figure swiped a scythe at Daisy, but just barely missed her. Daisy rolled away from him and got up.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" Daisy cried. She then saw that the figure looked incredibly familiar to her. It was a Lakitu.

"Wait a second! Aren't you-"

But Daisy was cut off as the Lakitu jumped at her and tried swinging the scythe at her again. Daisy dodged him and ran into the bedroom and shut the door.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT GUY'S PROBLEM? And...who the hell was he? He looks so familiar..." Daisy said to herself, already sweating from the intensity.

The scythe suddenly poked out of the door just above Daisy's head. She screamed and jumped away from the door. She then tried to find anything in the room that could possibly help her out in this situation.

The door broke open and there he was, the Lakitu holding a scythe with a very disturbing-looking face.

"OH!" Daisy shrieked, finding something useful. She whipped her head around to see the Lakitu about to swing the scythe down to her.

But luckily, she stabbed him with a big glass shard before he could do so.

The Lakitu cried out in pain and fell down to the ground.

Daisy backed away from him. Her stabbing the Lakitu immediately reminded her of hitting Tiny in the head with that rock.

"...I know who he is. His name is Lakilester. But, why was he trying to kill me? ...And how in the world did he get that scythe? Shouldn't that have been taken away by the police or something in Rogueport? Why is it here? Please...don't tell me this is happening again..." Daisy said and shook her head. She didn't want to re-live the hell that she went through over a year ago.

Daisy got up and headed out the room. But suddenly, she tripped over as something caught on her leg.

She looked back and saw that Lakilester was still alive.

"NO! GET OFF OF ME! PLEEEAAAASE!" She screamed but then realized she still had the glass shard in her hand so she managed to stab Lakilester in his eye. Blood exploded from his eye all over the place like a water balloon that was popped.

"My god, I need to get the hell out of here!" Daisy said then ran out of the cabin for her life.


Yep, it's all happening again. As usual, put who you want to survive/die/blah blah blah.