Toady: The reason why Tiny and Hunter can talk when holding the scythe, is because the scythe is basically cursed with evil and whoever touches it becomes 'evil'. But since Tiny and Hunter are technically 'evil', it doesn't affect them as much.

Characters- Mario Daisy Goombella Flurrie Bowser Kooper Jojora Gus Tiny Jurina Hunter

"B-Bowser...?" Daisy uttered, even more scared by what he possibly could do next.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Bowser unleashed a massive wave of flames towards Hunter and Tiny. Everyone screamed and ran for their lives as almost everything in the front yard became ablazed.

Mario, Kooper, Daisy, Flurrie and Jojora quickly made it back inside the castle unharmed.

"JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! Did you all see that!? I was literally THIS close to being caught on fire!" Kooper exclaimed.

"My goodness, I honestly didn't see all of that coming! I've never seen someone explode in that much rage before...that was just utterly scary!" Flurrie said.

"But did anyone see Tiny and Hunter though? Did they get burned?" Daisy asked.

"I don't all happened so fast. I'm a bit scared to go back out there because everything seems to be set on fire outside." Mario said.

"Well it's a good thing my castle didn't get burned." Daisy said and crossed her arms.

"Come on Daisy, now's not the time to be worrying about that! Now where is Goombella, Shy Guy, and Jurina at!? Don't tell me they're dead too!" Jojora shrieked.

"I don't know, the last time I saw them, they were around here..." Mario said and looked around.

Daisy screamed and pointed. "SH-SH-SH-SHY GUY!"

Everyone looked to where she was pointing at and gasped at his body lying motionless on the floor.

"Shy Guy? Are you...alright?" Kooper asked as he went closer to his body. He pressed his head against Shy Guy's chest and waited a minute. "...He's dead."

Everyone gasped again.

"WH-WHAT!? But how did he die!? Tiny and Hunter weren't even in here after Lakilulu got killed!" Jojora pointed out.

"Jurina..." Mario whispered.

Suddenly there was a loud glass smashing sound coming from upstairs.

"What on earth was that!?" Flurrie shrieked.

"I'll go check it out. It might be Jurina. Everyone else, stay right here." Mario ordered and quickly ran up the red steep stairs.

"And I'll go find Goombella. She probably hid in one of the rooms so she couldn't have gone far. I'll be back!" Flurrie said and ran off to the nearest hallway.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Goombella screamed as she backed away but accidentally tripped over herself.

"I'm here because I want to finish what I started. Do you remember when you went to the nice pizza place earlier? I saw you there and I followed you here by a taxi and I waited for the perfect moment to strike. You have absolutely no idea how long I have waited for this moment!" Gus explained and laughed.

"Please Gus, just get the hell away from me! You don't have to do this!" Goombella screamed again and crawled backwards as fast as she could.

"Oh, I don't HAVE to...but I certainly will. Do you know how much you drove me crazy ever since I last saw you? Every fucking night, you appeared in my dreams, always trying to chase me down and mock me. You even had that stupid girl ghost follow you wherever you went! You kept on killing me with that motherfucking scythe! DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I THOUGHT YOU WERE TRYING TO STALK ME AND KILL ME!? I became so paranoid that I never trusted and talked to anybody. But now, that's all changed. I'm sure that once I kill you, the nightmares will be over and I can finally be free from this wrath!" Gus exclaimed and laughed again.

"No...I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING! YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! THIS ISN'T RIGHT!" Goombella started to cry and backed up into the wall, having nowhere else to go.

"Oh, it IS right. It seems right and it feels right. Now my insanity will come to an end! I can finally go back to my normal life after this! All of this torture will now be put to a stop! I CAN FINALLY STOP SEEING YOU IN MY FUCKING DREAMS!" Gus screamed and lunged towards Goombella. Goombella screamed and tried to pull away but Gus completely overpowered her.

He pushed both of his thumbs into Goombella's eyes. Goombella screamed extremely loud as blood was gushing out from her sockets.

"OH MY GOD!" Flurrie screamed as she walked into the room and covered her mouth.

Gus stopped what he was doing and turned around. "'re Flurrie, right? Goombella's friend? I'm sorry but, I just killed her. But don't worry, I'm finally free from her. She no longer haunts me. I've never felt so great in my entire life."

"Gus...YOU SICK BASTARD!" Flurrie screamed and ran back the way she came.

"Oh, come on Flurrie! Don't run away just when it's all getting good!" Gus yelled and ran after her.

"The fire's settling down now. But I don't see any sign of Tiny and Hunter...or Bowser for that matter!" Jojora said as she looked out the smashed open window.

"Let's not go out there yet. We have to wait until the others come back." Daisy said.

"God, I just can't believe this is all really happening. It's like this is all from a movie or a story. I never expected once in my life to be in a situation like this." Kooper sighed and rubbed his face.

"Yeah I'm never gonna get over this for as long as I live...well, IF I make it alive of course." Jojora replied.

"Don't say that! I'm gonna make sure the rest of you guys make it safe and sound! Even if it means me having to die to save you all, then so be it!" Daisy yelled. Jojora and Kooper were a bit taken back.

Suddenly, Bowser walked in, who was limping.

"Oh my gosh, Bowser! You're still alive! Thank the stars!" Jojora cheered.

Bowser panted. "I did...everything...I kill those fuckers...I'm sorry for...setting your yard on fire, Daisy..." It was quite obvious he was incredibly worn out.

"You don't need to apologize Bowser! They killed Kammy and your son, I understand if you were raging inside! Plus, there's a chance that you killed Tiny and Hunter!" Daisy said with a smile.

"But DID you see Tiny and Hunter out there after what happened?" Kooper asked.

Bowser's stopped panting and wiped the sweat off his forehead. "I don't know. I couldn't find them. It's like they just disappearing. I'm guessing they ran away because of what I did."

"Damn. I would've preferred for them to be dead and not alive. They could still come back at anytime!" Kooper said.

Bowser then noticed a few people were missing. "Uhh, where the hell is everyone else at?"

"Mario went to look for Jurina and Flurrie went to look for Goombella. They should be back any minute now." Jojora answered.

"Oh, okay then. So what should we do now?" Bowser asked.

"KILL!" Yelled a sudden familiar voice.


Kooper's upper body flinged towards Daisy which knocked her down and blood splattered all over everyone else.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! KOOPER!" Jojora screamed and backed away from the mess.

"Sorry but, I'm still alive. That asshole, Hunter, really thought he could take control of this mess, but he was too cocky and got himself knocked out since he tried to run away from the fire and ended up tripping and hitting his head on a rock." Tiny said ane creepily smiled.

"You bitch! DIE ALREADY!" Bowser screamed and swiped his claws at Tiny. She swiftly dodged his attacks and cut Bowser's left arm. Thankfully, she didn't slice it off.

"GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Bowser yelled in pain and kneeled down, holding his bloody wound.

"That's a wound for both of your arms, Bowser! Next is your legs!" Tiny said and was about to swing the scythe to his legs, but suddenly got a hit in the head by a glass vase.

"OWWWWW! WHAT THE FUCK!?" Tiny screamed.

Daisy came into Tiny's view. "Just like what Bowser said...DIE ALREADY!" Daisy quickly grabbed a shard and stabbed her in the chest. Tiny screamed in pain again but managed to smack Daisy, knocking her over to the ground.

But then, another familiar scream was heard which made everything stop.

It was Flurrie who ran out of the hallway and towards the group.


"Wait a second...GUS!? NO! Another fucking killer we have to deal with!" Bowser raged.

Tiny took this moment to kick Daisy in the chest and grabbed her scythe.

"Just like what you and Bowser said...DIE ALREADY!" Tiny yelled and laughed. She swung her scythe down, only to get pushed over by Gus, with the scythe missing Daisy by inches.

"OW! WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!?" Tiny screamed and got back up.


"I DON'T CARE WHO YOU KILLED! GIVE ME BE BACK MY SCYTHE YOU FUCKING PSYCHO!" Tiny screamed and they both ended up on the floor.

"My god...that's Gus..." Jojora said in absolute shock.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Daisy said and brought the others with her outside.

"My goodness, now that Gus is here, we have 3 killers to deal with! THIS IS BEYOND INSANE!" Flurrie yelled.

"Not necessarily. Tiny said Hunter knocked himself out by hitting his head on a rock. So I assume he must be laying around here somewhere so when we find him, we can kill him while he's defenseless!" Jojora said.

"But wait, what about Tiny and Gus? And Mario!?" Daisy asked.

"Let those two idiots keep on fighting. They're bound to kill each other sometime. And Mario...he'll be okay. He IS Mario after all. But for now, let's look for Hunter. He can't be far." Bowser said.

Mario made his way through the incredibly long hallway and entered through a door that was slightly open at the very end. He was in a guest room.

He immediately saw Jurina sitting in front of a cracked mirror.

"You found me. I didn't think you would be the one to look for me." Jurina said, staring at the mirror.

"I know you killed Shy Guy. I didn't think you would actually kill one of our friends, but you really did it." Mario said.

"Well, life of a criminal, eh?" Jurina said and stood up.

"You're not a criminal, okay? I understand you've had a shady past, but it doesn't mean you can just go to the dark side and kill someone! You have to give yourself up to the police, Jurina. It's the only way." Mario said.

Jurina turned to him. "Give myself up!? Are you fucking kidding me!? No way in hell am I going to end up like those criminals who get themselves foolishly caught so damn easily! You don't even know what other shit I've been through."

"So what you're telling me is, is that you want to be the best criminal that ever lived? The one that always gets away? Come on already! You shouldn't make this your life. Why do you even want to kill people anyways?" Mario asked.

"Because it gives me a rush! It gives me a feeling that I've never experienced before! It makes me feel so alive and unstoppable!" Jurina exclaimed.

"You're kidding me, right? You SERIOUSLY get off on killing people!? Wow...I don't even know what to say."

"You'd understand if you were in my shoes, Mario. But of course, keep on being your ignorant little self. It's one of the few things you're good at anyways." Jurina then got out a knife from her pocket.

"You're going to kill me with that? Is it really so easy for you?" Mario questioned.

"Of course it is. Did you not just hear me earlier? Killing someone makes me feel like I'm God. I feel so powerful and on top of the world!"

"But what happens if that feeling ends though? Nothing ever lasts forever." Mario said.

"Alright, this is seriously getting boring." Jurina said and quickly ran up to Mario and punched him. Mario retaliated by kicking her in the stomach which made her fall back into the broken mirror, shattering it into more pieces.

Jurina lunged at Mario and smacked him repeatedly. Mario headbutted her and pushed her onto the bed and then started smacking her back. Jurina pushed him over with all of her might and Mario fell off the bed. Jurina quickly got a lamp fromt he nearby nightstand and smashed Mario in the head with it. This didn't stop him of course. Mario grabbed Jurina's legs and pulled them towards him with incredible force, making Jurina fall over and banging her head on the nightstand. Jurina wasn't finished yet though as lunged at Mario and began strangling him. Mario felt overpowered as his airway was completely blocked and he felt the life from him slowly draining away. He then saw Jurina's knife laying not far from him out of the corner of his eye so he reached over, grabs it and stabs Jurina in the chest.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed, standing up and backing into the wall.

Mario also stood up. "Oh my god..." He dropped the knife and backed away.

Jurina held her wound and looked at him. "Congratulations Mario. You just killed your first ever human being." She suddenly dashed towards the window and jumped out of it.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Mario yelled and went over to the now broken window. He looked out and gasped as he saw Jurina lying on the grass, dead.

The remaining four heroes looked all around Daisy's front yard, but saw no sign of Hunter. The fire was dying down even more so it was easier to see.

"Well, I don't see him! I'm guessing he took off." Jojora said.

"Great. We let a murderer escape and is now on the loose! Who knows who he'll try to kill next?" Daisy rubbed her forehead.

"I'm right here."

"EH?" Bowser said and turned around. Hunter suddenly jumped at Bowser and bit him hard on the neck.

"AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! GET THIS FUCKER OFF OF ME!" He screamed as his neck started to bleed.

"Get off of him you asshole!" Jojora yelled as her and Flurrie tried pull Hunter off.

"Wait...I have an idea." Daisy said to herself and ran to Mario's van and got inside.

"YES! The keys are still in here!" She quietly cheered and turned the engine on.

Jojora and Flurrie finally managed to pull Hunter off which resulted in all three of them falling over. Hunter flipped over and punched both of them and got out his knife.

"Now then, which one of you would like to die first?" Hunter asked and gave a creepy smile.

Bowser was in extreme pain right now. Not only was both of his arms hurting and bleeding, his neck was also hurting and bleeding! It seemed like a matter of time before he was doomed to die.

He then saw that Mario's van's headlights were turned on and saw Daisy in it. She motioned for him to move Hunter away from Jojora and Flurrie.

Bowser nodded and using all the strength he had left, he picked up Hunter and threw him near the grass.

"OW! You know what Bowser? You really piss me off. It's no wonder no one likes you!" Hunter said while trying to get himself up.

Bowser angrily growled at his statement. "DAISY! NOW!"

Daisy floored it and headed right for Hunter. Hunter turned toward the van and barely had any time to get out of the way.

Daisy successfully ran him over, making everything bumpy for a few seconds. She put the van in reverse, backed up, and ran him over again. She put the van in drive and ran him over a third time. She put it in reverse again and ran him over four a fourth time and decided that it was enough. She turned the engine off and got out

"Oh my goodness, Daisy! YOU DID IT! YOU KILLED HIM!" Flurrie cheered and embraced Daisy.

"Finally that bastard is dead! I honestly thought that we weren't gonna be able to do it, but you totally proved me wrong!" Jojora shrieked in excitement.

"Yeah...way to go..." Bowser said, heavily panting.

"My god, you look really worn out!" Daisy said.

Bowser nodded and sat down. "Um...I think I'm a need to go to the hospital."

"But we can't leave just yet! Mario and Jurina are still in there with Tiny and Gus!" Flurrie said.

"Wait a second...IS THAT JURINA OVER THERE!?" Jojora yelled as she noticed Jurina laying flat on the grass, further away from where everything was happening. She ran over there.

"Oh my..." Daisy uttered and tried to go after her, until she was stopped by something else.

"AND WHAT SEEMS TO BE GOING ON OUT HERE!?" Gus yelled as he walked out the castle with the scythe.

"G-gus!? Where's Tiny?" Daisy asked, having fear come back to her again.

"Simple, I killed her. Just like I did with Goombella. But tell me something, what is up with this scythe? It seems like after I touch it, I feel this weird energy running through me. But honestly, it feels so damn good! Man, it just seems like everything good has been happening ever since I killed that bitch! I FEEL AMAZING! But since I can't waste this wonderful opportunity, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill you all." Gus said and got himself in a ready position.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me. Now we have to deal with this bozo over here? For pete's sake, just put me out of my misery already!" Bowser complained.

Daisy stepped forward. "Fine, Gus. Go ahead and kill us. But we're not going down without a fight!"

"Suit yourself then. But don't worry, I'll make your deaths qui- AHHHHHHHHHH!" Gus was suddenly cut off by a knife stabbing through his back and out his chest. He immediately fell to the ground and dropped the scythe.

The one who stabbed him was Mario.

"MARIO! YOU'RE OKAY!" Daisy cheered and ran to him. She embraced him in a tight hug.

"Mario, my darling! Thank goodness you killed that nuisance! If you hadn't done that, well, we might've been dead right now!" Flurrie also cheered.

Bowser did his best to stand up. "Hey did great." He gave him a thumbs up and Mario nodded in response.

"Glad to see you guys are okay. And I see you killed Hunter..." Mario said, looking at the bloody body not far from them.

"Well you can thank Daisy for that! She ran over him 4 times!" Flurrie explained.

Daisy couldn't help but smile. "Well, it's a good thing your keys were left in your van. But I did the best that I could as well."

"I see. I also saw that Kooper unfortunately died back in there...and where the hell is Goombella and Jojora at?" Mario asked.

"Goombella...she got killed by Gus." Flurrie said, not wanting to talk about it.

"Damn..." Mario whispered.

"And Jojora, she- hey wait a second! Mario, when you went in the lobby to come out here, you didn't see Tiny's body?" Daisy changed the subject.

"No. I checked all over the room to see who else had died. Why?"

Flurrie gasped. "Oh no...that means..."


Everyone turned to where the scream was coming from.

"SHIT, JOJORA!" Daisy screamed and everyone ran to where they last saw her.

They turned a corner and screamed as they saw a bloody Jojora lying on the ground with a huge gash in her chest, and Jurina laying right next to her.

But what scared them the most was Tiny standing over them, holding a bloody knife with blood all over herself.

"NO! YOU'RE ALIVE!" Flurrie screamed.

Tiny laughed. "That dumbass really thought I was dead! He should've used the scythe when he had the chance. Well, he did, but he only used to slice me in the back but whatever."

" killed Jojora and Jurina..." Bowser tiredly said.

"Well I killed the fairy over here, but I don't know who killed the other girl. But that doesn't matter because it now all ends here." Tiny said.

"Yeah, it ends for you! 4 versus 1, Tiny. The odds are pretty much against you." Mario said, stepping closer to her.

"Yeah sure, but how did that work last time exactly? Didn't you guys have, like, 11 people when I first came here? And now you're down to 4? AND you only managed to kill two murderers? Pathetic. Especially considering you have Bowser and Mario in your group, plus that old hag, Kammy." Tiny said.

"Doesn't matter. We made it this far and we sure as hell aren't gonna die now." Daisy said.

"Keep telling yourself that." Tiny said and suddenly jumped at Daisy and knocked her over. Tiny quickly stabbed Daisy in the chest which made her yell out. Mario was about to pull her away, but Tiny was smarter than that so she sliced him in the stomach, turned around and sliced Flurrie in the cheek and then stabbed Bowser in the left leg. Her moves were literally like a ninja.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" Bowser screamed out in pain. At this point, his entire body was hurting.

"Hmm, you should probably go first since you're the biggest threat here. Say nighty night!" Tiny said and brought up her knife but suddenly had her hair pulled back by Mario.

Tiny screamed at the sudden pain and Mario kicked against the castle wall. Mario grabbed her head and smashed it into the wall. He pulled it back and smashed it again. And again. And again, and again, and again, and again, and again...until her face was completely unrecognizable.

Tiny dropped to the ground, finally dead with her face all bloody and her flesh exposed.

"Oh goodness, you did it Mario! YOU DID IT! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID IT!" Flurrie cheered and hugged Mario.

Bowser sighed in relief. "Finally that ugly bitch is dead! Can we go to the damn hospital now!?"

"Wait Bowser." Mario said, looking to Daisy who was lying still on the ground. "Daisy? Are you...still alive?"

Daisy slowly opened her eyes. "Is she dead?"

"Yes. I killed her." Mario answered.

Daisy smiled a bit. "Good. Now, can we please go to a hospital? I'm losing a lot of blood."

"Of course we can." Mario replied and helped get her up.

As soon as they turned back to the drive way, they both screamed.

"I'M NOT DEAD BITCHES!" Gus screamed and raised up his scythe towards Bowser. Bowser turned around and also screamed, but was too weak to move.

Gus was suddenly hit in the head by a rock and fell to the ground.

They all looked to Flurrie. "What? It had to be done!"

Bowser laughed and dragged himself to Gus. He lifted up his right leg, the only body part that wasn't injured and stomped it on Gus' face, smashing it completely.

"THERE! Now he's dead. Can we get the fuck out of here now?" He demanded.


Well, there ya have it. The end of the epic showdown. Many deaths have occurred and only 4 have made it to the end. The faceoff that I mentioned last chapter, was actually Mario vs. Jurina if you noticed in here. Anyways, next chapter will be the last chapter. Please review.