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Chapter 20

Timothy did not exactly know what he wanted to say to his father.

It probably would be something like 'I am sorry we didn't have contact, and I wanted you to realise how much you meant to me, you didn't. I moved on, so should you. This is my life, how I want it to be; except it!'

Ziva and Tony walked past security past some benches. They walked to a bench, which was facing a beautiful tree, with its blossom falling down when the wind blew. Tony looked at Ziva. The wind blew through her brown curls. He could stare at this beautiful woman forever…

Jimmy was packing his stuff, it was almost weekend, and this time, they had the weekend off. He was going to be spending the weekend with Breena, his girlfriend. He would give her two roses, bound together with a string of green rope. There would be a card at the rope that said, "Together".

She would love it and kiss him. He would be happy. He was always happy when he was with his Breena.

Gibbs was tired.

This had been a long case. Even he had to sleep and coffee did not have enough caffeine to keep him awake. This case had been too exhausting, with the conversations between Tim and his father, and the boy who ordered to kill his dad.

Gibbs walked to the window and looked outside. It was a beautiful view across the navy yard. His eye caught something; he saw a blossom tree, with a bench beneath it. A couple was sitting on the bench, holding each other's hands and looking each other in the eye. Gibbs smiled.

Tim searched through the Navy yard. He did not see his old man.

Did he really want to talk to him? Alternatively, was he just tying up loose ends?

Hmm, even he didn't know it. He didn't know what he wanted. Did he want to see his father, or not?

The wind blew in his face. Tim looked up and saw a couple sitting underneath a blossom tree.

His father would know what he wanted to say.

Tim looked at the NCIS building.

He saw Gibbs standing in front of a window. He saw Abby busy in her lab.

Tim thought about what he had, and smiled. Everything was ok.

End. (for right now)