The first thing Cloud became aware of was the flickering light. He tried to move his head to get a look around. Searing pain lanced his forehead so he gave up the idea, returning his forehead to the cold floor. He tried looking around with just his eyes. Couldn't see much that way, he was face down. Who lies face down anyway? And how did he get here? Had he been captured and dumped here to rot?

The second thing was the stink. The dusty smell of tomb mingled with the stench of stale booze. That brought back a memory; there was a celebration at the Shinra building last night! Rufus, the dirty double-crossing… He must have thrown him down into this, this, place while he was drunk. The ale had been on the corporation and he'd kicked back a bit, too much it seemed. The last thing he remembered was shaking hands with Tseng and being handed something stronger than beer.

Sensation was returning to Cloud, cold sweat ran down his face, his blonde hair stuck to the side of cheeks. His stomach did three sixty, first one way, then the other, he bit his teeth together, willing himself not to spew up. At least you didn't piss yourself, he thought as he rode through the worst of the churning.

Another flash back ruptured through his mind as he lay there gulping in the cool air, dancing on the tables with Reno had seemed a good idea last night, didn't seem so now. He twisted his head to the side, ignoring the white lights dancing in front of his eyes and forced himself to see where he was. Lights danced on the sandstone walls, playing in the shadows of the carvings depicted there. A pyramid, it was a pyramid! Golden Saucer, that's where the party had been! He let out a sigh and his head fell against the sand. At least he wasn't lost.

The third, possibly the worst thing, Cloud noticed was the rags lying abandoned against the wall. A cool breeze struck his sweat-slick skin and turned it to ice: He was naked, his clothes were scattered over there. A shiver passed over him and the accompanying shudder made his head scream and his stomach roil. What was Barret going to say when he heard about this? His heart sank and he swallowed bile.

Then he discovered he wasn't alone.

The faint steady breaths of someone nearby told him so. Turning over was going to take every inch of his strength to do. If he did it in stages, he might be all right. He first moved an arm, then a leg. He was forced to stop for a few breaths as a fresh sheen of sweat broke out after that. Once he'd calmed he rolled the rest of the way.

Elena, sleeping facing away from him, was as naked as he was. Cloud grinned despite his raging headache, maybe it had been worth it after all!