Magnus gazed up at the figure before her.

"Ah, erm. You are extremely early." Whispered Magnus. The tall dark figure by the side of the pool crouched down and gazed into her big blue eyes.

"I think you'll find Dr, that I text you to say that I had got an earlier flight, and would you come meet me at the airport." Charlotte smiled at the wet and drunk Magnus. "I can see though that you were very busy."

"It poses a very good question though. Where the hell did I leave my phone?"

Will had slid into bed as quietly as possible, considering how drunk he was this was quite a feat, so he didn't wake the sleeping HAP. He had just begun to drift off to sleep when he could hear something vibrating across the floor in the bathroom. He bolted upright, and listened for a minute. In the bed next to him, sat a grumpy and very pale Henry.

"What is that noise Will? Make it stop!"

Will swung his legs over the side of the bed and lift himself up. Cold shivers ran through him as his feet connected with the freezing stone. Taking a deep breath he forced himself forwards into the bathroom. Vibrating next to the toilet and covered in sick was a black smartphone. Will cleaned it with some tissue and carried it into the bedroom.

"Dude your aim is atrocious, if you're going to vom, do it down the toilet not on the floor." Will threw the phone at Henry. "Here answer your phone."

"This isn't mine, pretty sure this is Magnus'." Henry struggled to focus his eyes on the phones bright screen.

"She'll be in bed, we'll take it up in the morning." Taking the phone off Henry and placing it on the side. Will climbed back into bed, and faced Henry. He could see that look in his eye, the one that told him, they were going to do something. The kind of something that would end up with them being in Magnus' bad books. "Whatever it is, the answer is no. The answer will always be no."

"Do you not want to know the truth about the Doc, we might be able to verify whether or not she is seeing this Charlotte Benoit. We might find out something juicy."

Will knew that Henry was going to do this either way, and either way he would end up involved. Will nodded his approval. Henry picked the phone up from the side and unlocked it. Both guys were surprised that she didn't have a password, but then again normally it didn't leave her side. Henry went straight for her inbox, email and text in one. Here they found countless emails about the Sanctuary, none of which had been read yet, further down it got more interesting.

"CB. Has to be Dr Benoit." Declared Henry, who promptly opened up the conversation between the two. Both men read down the list of texts between the two women, reaching one message which had been sent the day before they came to the villa. They stopped reading and looked straight at each other.

Suddenly the phone began to ring, CB on the caller display.

"Shiiiiiit, what do we do?" cried Henry at the top of his lungs.

The bedroom door flew open, and in the door way stood Magnus, who had obviously been for a late night swim, in her night dress. Another woman stood just over her shoulder, Charlotte Benoit.

"I take it you enjoyed going through my personal messages. At least you know now. Charlotte," Magnus waved Charlotte into the room. "This is Henry Foss, and Dr Will Zimmerman. And when we get home they are both officially grounded."

With that Magnus took her phone from Henry, grabbed Charlotte by the hand and pulled her out the door, and straight upstairs.

"Do you not think you were a little harsh on them, they just obviously care about you?" Reasoned Charlotte.

"I'm old enough to look after myself, and my private life is none of their business." Magnus paused outside the bedroom door. "If they wanted to know they should have just asked."

"Would you have answered them though or told them to butt out." Charlotte moved forward towards Magnus, whose back was against the door frame. Her left hand came to rest on Magnus' hip the other brushed the hair out of her face, followed by her thumb slowly moving down her pale cheek. Magnus' mouth began to open and Charlotte moved in so their lips could meet.

"What is all the noise for?" Kate called out as she opened her door. "Ah. Awkward moment right now. Hi, I'm Kate, I'd shake your hand but you look busy." Kate began to turn around and re-enter her room.

"Kate, this is Charlotte. Charlotte this is Kate Freelander. We work together." Charlotte and Magnus moved away from each other, Magnus' cheeks now had a subtle hint of pink rising in them.

"Nice to meet you Kate, and I don't think it's awkward at all. We have to get to know each other if we are all going to be living together." Charlotte extended her hand to Kate.

"WHAT? Doc, you can't just spring this on us. What did the guys say? Oh wait, you've not told them."

"Kate, that's why I invited Charlotte here. Things are getting serious and I thought it was time that I was honest with all of you." Magnus sighed, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted.

"You'll have to tell them tomorrow, erm today, well, later. This is a big deal." Kate paused, not sure whether to carry on. "I'm happy for you Magnus."

"Thank you Kate, we'll discuss things further when we are all sober and awake." Magnus smiled in a way Kate had never seen. She was holding Charlotte's hand, and she looked content. Kate knew that if Magnus was happy, and going to share her happiness, this was a big deal. Maybe I should text the guys Kate thought.

"Night Kate, it was nice to meet you." Charlotte brushed past a smiling Helen, and opened the bedroom door.

"Just a warning. Doc, and Doc. The walls in this place are paper thin. Paper. Thin" Kate smiled at the happy couple.

Magnus smiled back, "Don't worry Kate we won't keep you up."