Warnings: Fem!Daisuke, author who can't write fight scenes, OOC characters becuase this is FANFICTION, some blood, crossover with Adventor 01, 02, Tamers and eventual Frontier. Other warnings will be added by chapter as it goes.

Rating: T


She breathed out a harsh breathe through her nose to calm herself, looking down at the ruined books and her ruined dress. "…Perfect."

He gave her an apologetic look. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that, I-"

"Wasn't watching where you were going?" She finished, "I wasn't either. Look it's fine." 'It really isn't.'

"No, no. Let m replace them, it was my smoothie." He pleaded, watching her wipe the pinkish liquid off and zip up her jacket. He grabbed an extra napkin and a pen from the table. "Look, I don't have time too today, but if you call me later we can try to get some replacements."

Seeing it wasn't going to do any good to protest, she sighed an nodded. "Sure." The seventeen year old said, hand brushing his as she took it from him. His hand was warm, and so were his red-brown eyes…

He smiled apologetically. "I'm really sorry." He said, bowing as he retreated, barely avoiding a waitress.

She tried not to laugh at it. It was pretty comical as he avoided the numerous people before turning and hurrying out of the café here in the mall. She blanched when her phone went off and stuffed the napkin in her jackets pocket, tossing the books in the bin and sprinting form the mall, thankful she was wearing leggings.

"Jeez, Daisuke! Don't tell me you let Tai rub off on you." Hikari muttered as she looked at the pink stain on the otherwise white garment.

She blushed. "No! This guy accidentally dumped his smoothie on me, ruined some of the books I'd bought too." She said with a slight glare, blowing maroon hair from her face. "Chibimon, chill, you'll make yourself sick with too much chocolate again." She said, not even glancing at the bouncing Digimon in question. Chibimon squeaked and stopped eating. "So what is it you needed, Izzy?"

"I've been getting some readings, spikes on the DigiMonitor." The twenty one year old red head explained, pointing at the giant computer in before them. Izzy had transformed his basement into an HQ Center to monitor both the digital world and the human world of any digital activity. Last year they'd gotten three major spikes in Shinjuku accompanied by a number of small, medium and large spikes. It was revealed later to be another Digital World and their Chosen.

That Digital World had merged with their own three months ago, and Japan covered up any of the activity by saying a biological experiment had back fired and went out of control. There hadn't been many since, so if there was one now…

"Where?" She asked, leaning against the wall.

"Shinjuku again. Three medium spikes. I'm not worried about if for now, I'll let you know if we get anymore readings. In fact, I developed a tracking, locating and gage for your cell phones that should alert you to any readings. So if you please?" He asked, hand held out and waiting for everyone's phones.

He chuckled when they gave them to him, barely catching the one aimed at his head for the attitude by Miyako.

TK sighed, "So we may being going back on duty again." He said.

Iroi nodded, "Seems like it. I'll alert the Headmaster in the morning that we might be ditching to work on it." He threw Daisuke and Hikari a look. "Don't skip for no reason guys!"

Both looked innocent, too innocent to be real. "Who, us?" They asked, leaning against each other with identical expressions of sickly sweet innocence.

"Yes you." He deadpanned, "Stupid twins." He grumbled.

They snickered. They couldn't help it if they were enough alike everyone labeled them twins or as the school called them 'Double Trouble.' Though the nickname was their fault, if both were told to do something, they said as a joke 'On the Double!' at the same time.

TK whacked them on the back of the head, "Don't laugh at him, he has a point. You two almost failed last year because you kept skipping."

They pouted, "But Keru! We aced all our tests!" They wailed, hugging an arm a piece.

He yelped, stumbling backwards at the sudden weight and almost toppling over, though the girls kept him up right, laughing at him.

Ken groaned. "Like two children." He didn't bat an eyelash when they glared mockingly at him. He merely raised a brow, before turning to Miyako. "Come on Miyako, we have a date." He said, holding out his arm. She grinned saucily. He was glad she'd gotten contacts so he could see her eyes.

"Why yes we do!" She answered, taking their phones back and slipping his in it's place in his back pocket, letting him lead her from the room with a wave over her shoulder.

"And so do we." TK and Kari said, marching from the room with their phones.

Daisuke pouted, "No fair, everyone but Iroi and me are hooked up." She grumbled.

Izzy smirked at her. "Maybe you and Iroi should, as you say, 'Hook up.'"

She glared, snatching her phone from his hand. "Ew! He's like my younger brother!" She hit him on the shoulder and left.

He rubbed his arm, snickering.

She sighed, then giggled a Chibimon as he fell on the floor in a dizzy heap. Jun clapped, "Way to go!" Her sister chirped. Veemon had been twirling for five minutes straight and for Jun's uncoordinated self, it was a sight to behold.

Daisuke shook her head. It'd been a day since her dress had been ruined and Izzy had added the detection program to their phones. It was Saturday morning now, and Daisuke had completely forgotten about the number on the napkin sitting on her dresser. She did remember those warm red eyes, she kept blushing when she caught herself thinking about them. Maybe she needed a date, because really, she didn't even know his name!

Her mother unknowingly gave her a kick in the rear to call that number. "Alright! All three of you, out of the house! Your father and I are claiming it for the day." Her mother, Ann exclaimed, bursting into the room.

Her father, Asuma, gave Ann an exasperated look. "You could have asked nicer, dear."

She shook her head, and pointed to the door. "Shoo!"

The two held up there hands. "Ok!" Jun said in surrender. "I'll spend the day with Tai, do I need to drop Chibimon with Iroi?" Her little sister nodded, and Jun scooped up Chibimon and waved goodbye as she left.

Daisuke grabbed the napkin and her cell. Daisuke was an unusual girl, and always had a thigh pouch strapped on her right thigh, containing her D-3, and phone. She normally wore leggings, boots, and a too big concert shirt of what ever band she was into. Her hair was a mess to her shoulders.

She sighed, reading the napkin. 'Matsuki Bakery. Call me when it's convenient to replace those books. XXX-XXX-XXXX Matsuki Takato.'

Takato huh? Might as well. She dialed the number and waited. "Hello?" A woman's voice asked. She sounded about her mother's age.

"Hi, I'm looking for Matsuki Takato." She said politely, walking towards the mall. It was only eight blocks from her house.

"Takato? Oh, just a minute." The receiver was covered, she guessed, because she could only faintly hear the woman yelling out the other teens name.

"Hello, this is Takato?" Yep, his voice alright.

"Err, this is the girl from the mall." Why hadn't she said her name? Oh, because she hadn't planned to call. "I was hoping you were free today? The names Motomiya Daisuke."

"Oh! Yea, I'm free. I'll meet you there in say, thirty minutes?"

"Uh, sure, I guess." She said awkwardly. She blinked when he hung up before shrugging and continuing her walk, slipping it back in the pouch. If this guy turned out to be some weirdo stalker, she'd kill herself form embarrassment. Kami she hoped this wasn't a bad idea!

She sat down in the same café form before 'Sakura Petal' was the name. Calm name, good food. Perfect. Plus it was a nice place, looked fancy-ish but wasn't expensive.

She ordered a French Vanilla Latte and waited, sipping at it and flipping through a magazine. 'So Nanoka's kid entered the fashion biz with her own line of sassy and kick ass as it says? Huh, and I heard the younger one hated her mother, guess they made up.' She blinked, almost jumping when someone sat down across form her. She slumped, exhaling. "Jeez."

He chuckled, "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." He said, reaching a hand out. "Matsuki Takato." He had that messy just-got-laid look to his light brown hair, and red eyes though they were tinted brown. He wore jeans, converse and a sleeveless black hoodie with two yellow arm bands.

"Motomiya Daisuke." She said, shaking the offered hand.

"Anything good in there?" He asked, gesturing to the magazine before ordering black coffee.

"Besides learning Nanoka's daughter making her own fashion line? No, not really. What no smoothie today?" She asked innocently, looking up from under her lashes.

He laughed a little. "No, but I swear I won't spill my coffee on you." He offered. He leaned back, accepting his coffee and taking a sip.

"I hope you don't, that'd just be cruel." She teased.

He smirked, "Who said I wasn't?"

She shrugged, "No one did." She answered, giving him her own smirk as she finished her drink. She waited a few minutes for him to do the same, before they went to the book store.

"So, what were those three books?" He asked, following her down the isles. "Moulin Rouge, the Odyssey, and Killing for Sport." She said, "The first two are classic novels, the second is a dumbed down psychology book on identifying killers."

"Ahh, so you're a one of those brainy people." He teased, becoming distracted as she bent over to grab a book.

"No, I just enjoy a good book. And I'm careful." She said, almost rolling her eyes when she realized where his eyes had fallen. Her ass wasn't that nice, at least not that she thought. "Eyes up top."

He sputtered, "My bad."

Once they got the books, they wound up eating lunch at the food court, and walking her out.

"Well, it was nice of you to replace them." She said, fiddling with the bag.

"No problem." He replied with a smile. "We should do it again sometime." He said, looking down at her.

She tilted her head back, looking up at him, "Perhaps. It was better time spent then I thought it'd be."

"Ouch, that hurt." He muttered sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes. "Sure it did, Takato." She turned to leave, calling over her shoulder, "I'll call you sometime."

He watched her leave with a smirk, red eyes glinting. "You do that, Daisuke, you do that." He was definitely going to try and get to know her.