Warnings: More shitty fight scenes, uh, that's about it...

"Lucemon…but we killed him!" Tomoki protested, fists curling at his sides.

"Iie, but you did prolong all of this. It's rare to gain access to the Book of Future, but circumstances allowed it, or the book wouldn't have even opened. Lucemon was going to force Daisuke's awakening of power before she was ready, which would have driven her mad and most likely have killed Takato since his body wouldn't be able to withstand the influx of power an early awakening would have caused." Arukenimon answered, "But it was delayed, which throws everything into our advantage. Takato and Daisuke have plenty of control if that light earlier was any indication. It takes quiet a bit of precision to create a Digiport in the sky that won't let any bad Digimon through. And even more to send out that much strength to only Digidestined across the world. That's completely unheard of, even from the first Holder and Guardian of Hazard."

Ryo frowned, "Then maybe that control stems from Takato's early encounter with Hazard, and Daisuke's excellent control of Miracles, Friendship and Courage. We've seen on a number of occasions where she's drawn strength from us before giving it beck three fold just since we've been around, not to mention before then. I don't think any of it's coincidence."

JP nodded, "I'm gonna have to agree here. I bet some higher being new what was coming and decided that the next Holder and Guardian had to be much stronger than the ones before. I mean look- Lucemon nearly had all six of us on his side, nearly killed a few of you guys, and had Daisuke in his hands for a while. On top of that, you've got the reports of these Dark Destined all over the planet and the bad weather all this imbalance is kicking up. I mean, a hurricane just hit Mexico, India and Australia all at once! And a Tsunami just hit California. It's Armageddon out there."

Daisuke, who had been quiet since Arukenimon had started her report, eyes closed and leaned against the wall, finally sighed, letting her gold cinnamon eyes open. She glanced around as people started talking over everyone trying to make a plan. She snorted, before whistling shrilly, making everyone turn and look at her.

"Enough, gear up and get ready to move out in ten. We launch a final assault in Shinjuku in thirty. Priority one is to guard any remaining civilians, priority two is to get Takato, myself, Kouji, Hikari, TK and Takuya to Lucemon, priority three is to take down an NMB's. Understood?"

The first two teams agreed in a heartbeat, Henry and the others following with the elementals looking to Takuya and following his agreement.

Twenty-three. Yamaki had never known there were so many partnered Digimon or that six teenagers could turn into Digimon but still be human. He wished the lot of them good luck once more as he watched them get ready to fight, hearing them cry out once more:

"Warp Digivolution!"

"DNA Digivolution!"

"Execute! Fusion Evolution!"

"Biomerge Sequence!"

He chuckled to himself as the light died down and revealed each of the Digidestined in their strength and power. Perhaps this wasn't the end after all…

Daisuke climbed on Galantmon, as Hikari did the same with Ryo, TK with Henry. They watched patiently until an opening became clear before swooping through the fighting and surrounding Lucemon. Daisuke steadfastly ignored the Digimon's rambling about how she should join him and blah, blah, blah. She didn't care, she wanted this over with before any more people died.

She felt a mild hum of power as Takato began drawing on Hazard as planned, the others calling forth nearly all their own strength of their crest of element. She knew each of them was beginning to glow, their respective colors. It always amazed her how mere humans could have that much power. She supposed they should be lucky they had the crests that kept such power from corrupting them. If the Digidestined fell from power, the worlds would loose far too much balance.

There was only one thing TK, Hikari and she knew that the others did not. Pulling so much strength from a human body would damage it. The three had spoken in private about what they would choose to give up. Hikari had chosen her ability to see, TK the memories of his childhood(nine and down). Daisuke herself had given up the ability to speak. Either way, the three wouldn't be helpless, and the price was well worth it if all of this worked.

Imperialdramon Dedigivolved, as did a number of others as they watched the multicolored energy spiral out and become a tight column of fire, white light, crimson, gold, red, blue and a slightly paler gold.

Lucemon let loose a pain filled scream that sounded with rage and fear as his body disintegrated. The column spread, taking out NMB's as it widened. Inside it, to the Destined, it was warm and comfortable.

Catherine saw the approaching light and somehow knew it was Daisuke's doing. She shared a smile with her Grandmamma- who was surprisingly adept with a gun- as the light encompassed them in a warm feeling as the enemy vanished at the light's touch.

Veemon shared a look with Patamon and Gatomon, all three knowing what was happening to their partners and friends. Taichi caught the looks and frowned before realization set in. He cursed, hastily explaining to those that could hear him about a price for that much power in a human body. Jun felt like crying as she clutched her hands to her chest and stared up at her sister from her place with a blonde named Yamaki. Daisuke had told at least her…Jun would miss her sister's voice dearly. "Imouto…"

The circle of Destined lowered to the ground quickly as they let the power slip away from their grasp, becoming human/Digimon and nearly collapsing back on the ground with pants.

Takato asked Daisuke if she was alright, only to get a sad smile. He frowned, "Daisuke?"

"The three of you are so stupid!" Ken said as Taichi rushed to check both his sisters and Yamato rushed to TK. "What did you give up? Why? You could have channeled through them!"

"Iie, Ken-chan." Hikari said, eyes closed as she brushed off her brother. "It wouldn't have been strong enough."

TK nodded, head only slightly fuzzy but otherwise fine. "We didn't give up anything completely important, or impending…much."

Daisuke remained silent, looking to Hikari who felt the gaze. "Takeru gave up some of his childhood memories, I gave up my sight and Daisuke gave up her voice." She said with a tone of finality.

The maroon haired girl frowned as Takato's hands shook in anger and turned around, mind working fast. She reached up with one hand and traced the side of his face before pointing at herself, her heart, then at him with a small smile.

Takato felt himself calm at the gesture, settling himself by keeping her tightly crushed against his chest. He would never here her speak again, never hear her ever call out his name or moan, but he could feel her, and learn how to communicate with her- and that would have to be enough.

Miyako pointed up, "News helicopters. There's no way the Digital World will stay secret now."

Takuya shrugged, "It was bound to get out sooner or later anyway. We'll just have to do the best we can."

Izumi nodded, "We can merge the Human World and The Digital World. I'm sure with plenty of work it'll be really peaceful!"

Iori tilted his head, "That may take years…but it'll probably be worth it."

Rika and Ryo grinned and pumped fists with everyone looking on in amusement, even Hikari had an amused smile on her face. "Then let's get started already~!"

Mimi nodded, "Yea, we better get all of it finished quick too, I think we all need a vacation, and I know just the place! Arizona!"

Groans went around everyone who knew or went on that trip, Willis especially. Daisuke shook her head roughly, before writing a letter H in the air.

Mimi brightened even more, "Oh! Good thinking Dai, Hawaii is even better!"

Yamaki sighed as he heard the kids try and pick a place to go on vacation when all the hard work was over. The least he would do was help them out with the work, it was his job and they deserved the help…

Taichi's POV/Epilogue

Hey! It's Taichi here! I though I'd tell you all that's happened in the last ten years since Lucemon was finally destroyed!

Well, Yamato and the Teenage Wolves ended up become world famous, and Sora works as one busy manager. She and Matt have gotten a kid named Ami who's six, and Sora home schools her.

Augumon and I are ambassadors between Digimon and Humans, the jobs pretty easy too. Not many of them fight, but some do, and when that happens we just help smooth things over when the others handle it all. Jun and I are still going strong too, married for nearly ten years. We adopted a pair of girl twins, Aki and Tsuki, when we found out Jun was infertile.

Jou's one hell of a doctor now, he can treat both people and Digimon. He gets so many patients he doesn't ask for much pay, and still lives in a huge house with an expensive car.

Koushiro works in a research department to learn new things about Digimon, as well as find solutions to issues like the whole in the Ozone layer. Last I heard, he was pretty close too! He and Mimi got hitched a month after the Lucemon incident, they have an eight year old son named Andy after Koushiro's father.

Hikari and TK run a chain of stores that sail any sort of clothes or music on the freaking planet(They really do! Even-shudder- naughty things…). But they seem to like it, so no problem there. Hikari's expecting a kid, I'm gonna be an UNCLE!

Rika has become a clothing designer thanks to Daisuke's mother's connections(which only sped up the process really) and even has magazines on sale called the 'Lee Way.' She and Henry are still together, and apparently trying to become parents. Henry himself has taken over the Digital Police Force and helps keep Digimon in line and out of trouble.

Ryo hasn't found miss right yet, but he runs a dojo in Shinjuku to teach Chosen how to protect themselves and the people around them.

Kouji and Izumi ended up breaking up. It was quiet the fight, neither spoke to the other for two months, but afterwards are still the best of friends. Izumi makes the clothes Rika designs and they're partners.

Surprisingly, Takuya and Kouji wound up getting together. It was one hell of a shock to everyone except their own group of Destined. Seemed they'd had plenty of sexual tension and frustration in the past. In any case, those two help Henry out in the DP Force.

JP runs, ironically, has become a top notch chef. He's made several Digital World dishes become huge hits in the Human World, and has his own chain of restaurants called DigiWonder. He and Izumi are currently dating.

Kouichi ended up opening up a high tech industry that aided Koushiro's labs in building tech to help with the issues going on in the world. He just named it after his last name, Minamoto Technical Industries.

Tomoki is attending college to be a physiologist at the moment, he seems pretty excited since he graduates this year. Genius little bugger.

Ken works in the labs with Koushiro and Miyako. Miyako and Ken actually got married four years ago and have a little girl named Shiro for her odd white hair and have another one on the way they're hoping is a boy.

Willis is back in the US, but plans to move here once he gets some familial things handled. He's planning to open a dojo to teach kendo. Iori didn't do college, but both he and that knuckle headed blonde plan to be partners with the dojo.

And the one I'm sure your interested in, hm? Takato and Daisuke. Takato's parents were actually killed in the Lucemon accident, they'd been asleep when a NMB landed on the bakery and house. All of us have learned sign language since then, so we could all communicate with Dai-imouto. Daisuke's grandmother died a while back, and as expected everything was split in half between Dai and Catherine(who I'm pretty certain hit it off with Ryo…). Takato opened a Bakery like his parents, and even though he and Dai don't need the money, they seem pretty happy running it. It's a small shop nearly exactly like his parent's. They decided to name it 'Miracle Bakery,' and let me tell you, it's one hell of a hit. Daisuke just gave birth to a set of twins- a baby girl that had her grandmother's black, red tinted hair and her own gold cinnamon eyes, and a baby boy with the same hair but Takato's red eyes. Named Mika and Kaien respectively.

Well, that's everybody! Oh, gotta go! Got a meeting with the Japanese Minister- check ya later!