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August 16

Old Mrs. Cadey walked past, pulling her cart along. For a seventy-three year old woman, she was quite strong, not to mention stubborn. She refused to let anyone, human or pokémon, do anything for her unless she was completely incapable of doing it herself. Still, she was a pleasant woman, and the kids loved to listen to her tell stories of back when she was a pokémon trainer.

Off to the side of the street was forty year old Tucker Allen; he was the town's businessman. He was a bit stingy with money and far too serious for his own good. Still, once you bought him a couple drinks, he was a pretty good conversationalist, so long as you didn't insult his moustache. He owned the second biggest building in Obsidilet Town: the supermarket, which he was currently closing up for the day. Of course, most of what he sold was grown locally, though some of it had to be bought elsewhere. Obsidilet Town was fairly isolated, not necessarily by choice; it was just pretty hard to get to. There was only one road into town that was actually big enough for a car; it ran right alongside the river. The rest of the roads went through the surrounding mountains, and were only intended for hikers. Mr. Allen got one shipment of fresh vegetables each month from a company in Jubilife City; the next one came in a couple days. Other than that, the only outsiders Obsidilet Town tended to see were the occasional Gym challengers.

And finally, there was the lovely Carissa, standing outside Obsidilet Town's Official Pokémon Gym. Her long black hair was pulled back into her usual ponytail, which reached just past her neck, and she wore a pretty blue dress with a nice green floral design on it. She had a small nose and big eyes, and she could look very cute when she wanted to. Beside her was the pokémon who had been her friend and companion since she was ten, Meditite. And in her hands was a bag of rice balls.

Twenty-three year old Shadrick approached her and she waved at him. Shadrick was the Gym Leader of the Obsidilet Gym. He had simple light brown hair that he tried to keep short. Unfortunately, it had a tendency to grow at a very fast rate. It was already getting past his ears; he'd probably have to get it cut soon. At the moment, he was wearing a simple white T-shirt and khaki shorts.

"There you are Shadrick!" she called. "I've been looking for you!"

A grin lit up Shadrick's face the moment he saw her. "Well it seems you've found me." As soon as he was close enough, Shadrick swept Carissa into his arms. "So tell me, what have I done to attract the attentions of such a beautiful lady?"

Carissa just laughed; she was used to his antics. "I heard you got a new addition to the family, and I was worried you'd be too busy taking care of it, so I thought I'd make you dinner. Unfortunately, I can't make anything more than rice balls, so I hope you don't mind."

"Don't be silly, I love your rice balls. They're the best rice balls ever." Reluctantly, he let Carissa go so he could open the door for her. Meditite went in first, followed by Carissa, with Shadrick following behind. "You heard right. The egg finally hatched yesterday. I've been so busy helping take care of the new Eevee that I haven't had a chance to tell you. This was the first time I've gotten a break since yesterday afternoon, so I decided to take a walk. I needed the fresh air."

The Obsidilet Town Gym wasn't as fancy as many Gyms were. The money he got from the Pokémon league went into keeping the Gym in one piece; there was little left over for renovations. As a result, it didn't have electric doors, just two large wooden doors that swung open inwards, usually dramatically. Like many Gym Leaders, Shadrick had an apartment on the second floor of the gym that he lived in. Out back, behind the Gym, was where Shadrick's pokémon were usually found.

Shadrick didn't want his pokémon to feel like they were captives. As such there was no fence around what was essentially his backyard. And, since the Gym was basically at the back of the town, his backyard led directly to Obsidilet Forest. It wasn't uncommon for wild pokémon to be seen in the gym's backyard, and his pokémon would sometimes wander into the forest looking for entertainment. There was also a table set up, as Shadrick would often eat his meals at the same time as his pokémon, and he enjoyed their company. This was where Shadrick, Carissa and Meditite headed now, though not before getting dinner for the pokémon.

"Come and get it!" Shadrick called, banging the gong he kept hanging on the wall. Slowly but surely, his pokémon began showing up for dinner. Soon, everyone but Espeon, Umbreon and Eevee had arrived. Shadrick had expected that, though; the two parents were no doubt taking care of the newborn.

He grabbed the two bowls he had prepared for them. "Do you want come see Eevee?" Shadrick asked Carissa.

Carissa smiled that beautiful smile of hers. "I'd love to."


Ten years ago, Shadrick left his parents' home in Obsidilet Town and started his pokémon journey. His dad had been the Gym Leader before him, and had wanted him to start when he was ten, but his mother insisted on him waiting until he was at least a teenager. So, on his thirteenth birthday, he set out to travel Sinnoh and collect Gym badges. His father had wanted to give him his first badge when he set out, but Shadrick refused. He still had yet to beat his father in a match, and he wanted to earn his badges.

The first pokémon he caught himself was a Swablu out on Route 210. It had long since left him to start a family of its own, but with Swablu's help, he made quick work of the Veilstone City Gym Leader. The man specialized in fighting types, so Swablu's flying attacks were a great help.

After making it to the Top 16 in the Lily of the Valley Conference, Shadrick decided to give the Hoenn region a try. This time he managed to win the whole Ever Grande Conference, but when the time came for him to take part in the Champion League, he lost in the first round against Drake, and only managed to take out two of the man's pokémon. With that defeat under his belt, along with words of encouragement from Drake, Shadrick returned home, and challenged his dad over leadership of the gym. When Shadrick won, his dad retired and Shadrick became the Gym Leader of Obsidilet Town's Dark-Type Gym.

During his travels Shadrick met many pokémon. He mostly preferred Dark-type pokémon, as did his dad, but he also liked pokémon that were, frankly, abnormal. Not in a bad way, mind, but pokémon that went beyond the norm, or even just outside of it. So, when he found an Espeon that could teleport while traveling through the Hoenn region, he immediately tried to befriend it. Of course, her mate misunderstood his intentions, and opted to hit Shadrick with a nice tackle. After a short explanation of his true intentions, Shadrick invited both Espeon and Umbreon to come with him. In the eight years since Shadrick took over the Gym, Espeon and Umbreon had had six eggs, including their newly hatched Eevee. Said Eevee was absolutely adorable.

"Squeeeeeeeeeee!" Carissa shrieked. "He's absolutely adorable!" She always got that way around cute pokémon. Shadrick, on the other hand, definitely didn't act the exact same way each time the first three Eevee hatched. Definitely. "Can I cuddle him?"

"As long as Espeon doesn't mind," Shadrick replied. She didn't, so Carissa scooped up the little pokémon and hugged it to her chest.

'Hmm… should I be jealous?' Shadrick thought jokingly as he watched. "Alright, that's enough." Shadrick interrupted Carissa making baby faces at the Eevee. "He needs to eat." Shradrick placed the two bowls of pokémon food on the ground: one large bowl for the parents to share, and one small bowl for Eevee.

"Now, what am I going to call you?" Shadrick wondered aloud as he watched Eevee dig in. Ever since he realized that Espeon planned on having a lot of kids, he decided to start nicknaming them, that way no one got confused if there was more than one Eevee.

"How about Enoch?" Carissa offered as the two of them started walking back to the table; they still had rice balls to eat. "Enoch's a nice strong-sounding name."

"That is a nice name," Shadrick replied. "It's definitely going at the top of the list."

Carissa giggled. "You always put so much effort into naming them."

"Hey, whatever I name them as will stick with them for the rest of their lives. I have to make sure I choose the right name. This is a big decision."

Carissa's giggles quieted to a smile. "So what are you gonna do with him?"

"What do you mean?" was Shadrick's reply.

"I mean, you already have all the known evolved forms of Eevee. So what are you going to do with the new guy?"

"Oh, that's just a coincidence," Shadrick responded, dodging the question. "I had little to no say in what they evolved into."

"Suuure you didn't." She smiled knowingly.

"What, you think me some evil mastermind who subtly influenced how they each evolved?" Shadrick faked offence at her words. His hand was on his chest, and his face looked liked he wanted to say "Me? An evil mastermind? Never!"

"I don't just think you are, I know you are. I've seen the mind games you play on your challengers. I am your referee, after all."

"Well," he admitted, "I may have influenced them a little. I mean, a team of all Umbreons wouldn't be too bad, but I like some variety sometimes."

Carissa rolled her eyes at his antics.

Shadrick caught her chin as they stopped walking. "Careful. Roll those pretty blue eyes of yours too much and they just might roll right of your head."

Carissa just smiled that smile of hers that was devious, and just a bit flirty. "Will you catch them for me if they do?"

"Of course." They were both grinning playfully now. "They are more beautiful than any diamond in any mine on earth and any pearl in the entire sea. They are more beautiful than any gem owned by any man. I would be a fool not to catch them."

"Then I have nothing to worry about," she said, then stuffed a rice ball in his mouth. They were back at the table.

"You never answered my question," Carissa said as they each took a seat and started eating. "What are you planning to do with Eevee?"

"I'm not sure yet. Tommy turns ten in a month, and I've been thinking about giving him Eevee as his first pokémon. I'll have to talk to his parents and Eevee's parents first, though. Umbreon should be okay with it, but I have no idea what Espeon will have to say about giving him away." Shadrick finished his first rice ball and put his head in his hands. "Jeez, even when they're another species, I can't understand women."

"I'm still right here, you know."

Shadrick looked up at Carissa's smiling face. "Unless you plan on getting a sex change, it still applies. No matter how good I get at predicting people, you women still manage to surprise me."

Carissa took another bite and swallowed. "I aim to please."

"So," Shadrick began, not wanting the conversation to end, "how did your visit with your parents go?"

"Nothing too interesting happened, though I did pick up the new Noctowl City CD."

"Ooh, we'll have to listen to that tomorrow."


They chatted about this and that for an hour before Carissa and Meditite returned home. Shadrick gave her a quick kiss before she left. "I'll come by your place tomorrow so we can check out that CD."

"It's a date," Carissa replied as she left.

'What to do now,' Shadrick pondered, closing the door. 'It's too early to go to bed. I am a bit tired, though. That little guy was a handful. Thankfully, Umbreon and Espeon should be able to take care of him from now on. He was cute. Far too much energy, though. Just like Jacob, he wouldn't stop running around. Esther, on the other hand, was much easier to take care of. Just put her in a nice sunny place, and she'd calm right down… ah great, now I'm getting nostalgic. I'm too young for nostalgia, it's not supposed to hit until you're, like, forty. Oh well, too late now, I guess I'll go see what the pokémon are up to.'

Oftentimes, when Shadrick wanted to relax, he would go out back and watch the pokémon. Now that nostalgia had hit, he couldn't help but reminisce.

Eevee had come out to meet everyone while Shadrick and Carissa were chatting. Currently he was being chased around by Sableye.

Sableye was Shadrick's first pokémon. He had been a gift from his grandfather who lived out in the Hoenn region. "Because nothing ever seems to faze you," he had said. And it was true, at the time. Back then he was a very quiet kid who kept to himself a lot, and not much did faze him. But once he started traveling around, meeting new people and pokémon, he opened up a lot more.

Eventually, Sableye wore himself out trying to wear Eevee out, and Eevee's siblings had to take over. The oldest was Esther. Esther had actually hatched while Shadrick was waiting for the Ever Grande Conference to begin. It was while traveling through Eterna Forest on the way home that she evolved into a Leafeon. The next oldest was Abel, a Vaporeon, who was the first to be born in Obsidilet Town. After him was Esau, who had spent the longest time of all his siblings as an Eevee. It wasn't until Candice became Snowpoint City's Gym Leader, and Shadrick went to visit her to give his congratulations, that Esau evolved into a Glaceon. Next was Jacob, the Jolteon. He had gotten extremely sick, and very nearly died, not long after he was born. Thankfully, Nurse Joy managed to pull him through. Finally, there was two-year-old Ruth, who had only recently evolved into a Flareon.

Resting by herself was Shadrick's Ninetales. When he first found her as a Vulpix in the Hoenn region, Shadrick was immediately struck by her golden fur. What he didn't know was that there was more to her than just a pretty face. Most Vulpix have some level of psychic ability, which just gets stronger if they evolve. Shadrick's Ninetales, however, was a far stronger psychic, even as a Vulpix, than any Ninetales. Especially in regards to her telepathy; she was able to speak directly to Shadrick's mind, and often served as translator for him. Unfortunately, while her psychic abilities were powerful, her fire attacks were far weaker than her peers'; she initially had trouble breathing even a small flame, which netted her much ridicule, as did her abnormal coloration. After she joined Shadrick's team, he helped train her fire attacks and took part in the occasional pokémon contest to help boost her self-confidence.

Ninetales was currently watching Mightyena and Houndoom in another one of their fights. The two canines never got along with each other. Mightyena's haughty nature constantly grated on Houndoom's nerves. Not without reason, though. When she was just a Houndour pup, the alpha of her pack, as well as his mate, acted just as high-and-mighty as Mightyena did. He only allowed strong pokémon in his pack, and when Houndoom couldn't keep up, they abandoned her. She was forced to fend for herself, until Shadrick found her alone at Lake Valor. So, while the rest of the pokémon could tolerate Mightyena, and some even liked her, Houndoom ended up starting fights with her quite often.

Eventually, Weavile would step in and calm them down. Weavile was the mediator of Shadrick's pokémon. Whenever a dispute popped up between any of the pokémon, he would end up brokering peace. However, he had learned long ago that the best way to deal with Houndoom and Mightyena was to let them fight it out a bit first before interfering. Otherwise they'd both turn on him before returning to fighting each other.

Also watching the fight, while simultaneously cheering on one side or the other the entire time, was Drapion. Drapion was the reason Shadrick changed his views on pokéballs. Back at the beginning of his journey, he treated pokéballs just like every other trainer did, as a device for catching pokémon. It wasn't until he caught a particularly claustrophobic Skorupi that he started to wonder about what it must be like inside a pokéball. His pokémon spent most of the day inside their pokéballs, only being let out to eat, train or fight. Shadrick realized that if he were in that position, he would eventually grow to hate it. Perhaps pokémon were different, but he still didn't want them to feel captive. So, he started keeping them out as he travelled. The only time he forced them to return was when they fainted or when he went into a city. Six pokémon walking down a street would not only get strange looks, but would also get in people's way, and his mother always taught him not to be rude.

Speaking of strange looks, Shadrick's Absol kept glancing over at him with an odd look in his eyes, almost like worry, or perhaps just nervousness. Shadrick chose to ignore it. If something was going to happen, he would deal with it when it came. Worrying about it wouldn't change anything, especially since Absol's disaster-sensing ability had grown weak back during a time when he was causing disasters.

After being chased out of one too many towns, Absol snapped, and decided to get revenge on the humans. He never told Shadrick the details, but he somehow managed to learn Rock Slide, Flamethrower and Earthquake. While the attacks didn't do serious damage by themselves, Absol knew how to make use of them. A Rock Slide at the right place on a mountain would cause a chain reaction, and Flamethrower, while not actually lighting anything on fire, could still be used to heat up a branch until it combusted on its own, if held long enough. When Shadrick first met Absol, they were at a town along the coast of Hoenn, and Absol was planning on using Earthquake to cause a tidal wave. With Ninetales' help, he managed to "convince" Absol not to attack the town. Granted, most of the talking happened after all six of Shadrick's pokémon beat Absol to a pulp, but it was still Absol's choice to join Shadrick's team.

Back by the edge of the forest, Honchkrow was perched in a tree, speaking to a few Murkrow. Knowing Honchkrow, he was either telling them a story, or discussing politics. While Honchkrow had been born in Eterna Forest, since coming to live in Obsidilet Town, he had united all the Murkrow of Obsidilet Forest, and set himself up as their boss. Nowadays he spent almost as much time in the forest as he did at the Gym.

Finally, off meditating by himself was Hitmonchan. Unlike most members of his species, he simply didn't enjoy fighting. While most Hitmonchan spent their spare time throwing punches at the air, Shadrick's Hitmonchan preferred meditation and contemplation.

Shadrick never actually caught Hitmonchan; instead he was given him by another trainer. Apparently, Hitmonchan had been passed around from one trainer to the next, each trying, and failing, to get Hitmonchan to fight. Eventually, he passed into Shadrick's hands, but Shadrick didn't try to make him fight. Instead, he sent Hitmonchan home to his parents, where he helped with the upkeep of the gym.

Shadrick sat there for a while, reminiscing on his many battles, both during and after his travels. While the Obsidilet Gym didn't get as many challengers as, say, the Hearthome Gym, it still had its fair share. In fact, a challenger had just arrived that afternoon, though Shadrick was too busy trying to keep Eevee from chewing on the sofa to accept his challenge. Instead, he had had the challenger battle his protégé, and the only gym trainer, Michael. The challenger wiped the floor with Michael, and promised to return the next day for the real match.

'Seems like that'll be a tough match,' Shadrick thought to himself. 'Best make sure I'm well rested.' It was a bit earlier than usual, but today had been a hectic day. 'Hopefully tomorrow will be better.' He bade his pokémon good night, and headed to bed.


Absol was agitated. This feeling that something was coming, that something disastrous was going to happen, only got stronger as time passed. In fact, it was currently stronger than anything he had ever sensed before in his entire life. That meant that, either his ability to sense disasters was improving, or whatever was about to happen was going to be absolutely catastrophic. Considering that he still couldn't pinpoint a location, it seemed that he hadn't gotten any better. Which meant that whatever was going to happen was likely so bad that it would drive any other Absol into a panic.

Once upon a time, he would have been able to pinpoint a location for where the disaster would happen, and where it would be safe, and could usually then figure out what was going to go wrong. Nowadays, the best he got was a vague feeling that something bad was going to happen.

He had many reasons to regret his past actions, and his inability to protect the human who had changed him was just one of them.

Still, while he couldn't protect his family, for that's what he considered them, he could at least try to escape it himself. When it came to natural disasters, the higher up you were, the safer you tended to be, and Obsidilet Town was surrounded by mountains. In fact, there was one not a half-mile north of the Gym. So, instead of going to sleep like the rest of his family, he headed towards the mountain. This part of the mountain was covered with steep cliffs, so Absol hopped up the cliffs until he found a wide enough place to lie down. From his vantage point, he could see all of Obsidilet Town. Hopefully whatever was going to happen would happen soon.


Eventually, Eevee finally collapsed from exhaustion and went to sleep. Once silence finally reigned over the field, the pokémon began, one by one, turning in for the night themselves. However, several pokémon found that they couldn't get to sleep. One such pokémon was Ruth, who couldn't help but feel nervous. She wasn't sure why, but she definitely felt it. Finally, she decided to take a walk to try and clear her head.

"Trouble sleeping?" Abel whispered.

Ruth turned. "Yeah, a little. I was just going to take a walk. Sorry to wake you, go back to sleep."

"Nonsense," Abel responded, rising from his position on the floor. "If something's bothering my little sister, then it's my job to help."

Ruth flicked her ears, signifying that he could do as he wished, and started walking off. Once they were far enough away that they wouldn't wake anyone up, Abel started talking.

"So, what's the problem? What's keeping you from sleeping?"

"I don't really know." Ruth looked at the ground beneath her paws as they kept walking. "But, for some reason, I feel really nervous. I can't help but shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen soon." Abel laughed suddenly, and Ruth glared at him. "What's so funny?"

His laughter quieted to a chuckle. "Is that what's bothering you? Don't worry, I know exactly what's wrong. It happened to me when Esau hatched." He nudged her shoulder lightly. "You're just nervous because there's a new kid in the family, and you aren't the youngest anymore."

Ruth looked at Abel. "Are you sure that's all it is?"

"Positive," Abel replied. "A part of you is worried that Mom and Dad are going to start ignoring you in favor of the new kid. But don't worry, they aren't like that. It may seem, for a couple days at least, that he is all they care about, but that's just because he needs a lot of attention. But before you know it, everything will be back to normal. Just you wait."

Ruth's tail rose from its previously drooped position. "Promise?"

"Promise. So, you want to head back now?"

Ruth nodded, and they turned around. But before they could get more than a few steps, a voice resounded in both their heads.

"I've given you the power to take our world back from the humanskill any who stand against you."

And Chapter 1 is finished. Next chapter we'll see the dampener removal from the several different character's viewpoints.