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Screw Prince Charming

A Fanfiction imagined by BlackLynx17

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"So she kissed her Prince Charming and they lived happily ever after" Layla said closing a book.

"That's so unrealistic" Little Lucy told her Mother.

"And why is that?" Layla asked.

"Because Prince Charming's don't exist Mother" Lucy said.

"Well if dragons, and monsters, and wizards exist why can't plain old Prince Charming's exist?" Layla question her daughter.

Lucy pondered on her Mother's question.

"Did you know Papa was my Prince Charming" Layla told her daughter.

Lucy gasped then her eyes started sparkling.

"Really? Well where's my Prince Charming!" Lucy demanded.

"Now Lucy you have to go and find him yourself" Layla said and kissed her daughter's head.

Chapter 1

My name is Lucy Heartfilia, the Lucy isn't short for anything. I am the daughter of one of the most wealthiest men in the kingdom on Fiore, Jude Heartfilia, and one of the most kindest celestial mage I have ever known, Layla Heartfilia. Sadly my Mother isn't with us anymore, she died when I was ten. It's just me and my old man in our huge estate, along with my loving servants.

Right now I'm getting ready for a ball that's being held tonight in my home, my birthday ball to be precise. I am turning 16 today. When I was younger my birthday would always be celebrated between my Mother and Father along with the servants. It was my most deeply treasured memory I had with everyone. Once Mother died though Father seemed to forget about my birthday and slowly about me, but my servants never failed to bake me a cake and sing me happy birthday. I wonder why this year Father has decided to throw a ball for me?

"Mistress Lucy, if you don't get out the tub soon your going to be late to your own birthday" Ms. Supetto called out walking into my bathroom. She laid out some fresh towels for me then left as swiftly as she entered.

"I'm getting out right now!" I said then sunk deeper into the tub.

I started blowing bubbles underwater. For whatever reason Father has thrown me this party I know it can't be good. I hope I make it through tonight in one piece. I slowly got out the tub and dried myself off with a towel. I wrapped the towel around myself then exited the bathroom only to find Ms. Supetto waiting for me outside the door.

"Hurry now dear we only have a couple of hours and you need to look perfect for tonight" she said.

"Whose even going to be there? It's not like I have any friends to invite" I said.

It was true. Father thought it was disgraceful to hang out with commoners so he had me home schooled. I had eight different teachers telling me how to read, and how to dress, and how to use all those different dining utensils and more, I was only naming the most ridiculous ones. I sometimes envied the commoners, they only need to use one fork and one spoon. I, on the other hand, had to know the differences between a fork salad and a soup spoon, how to sit up properly, and to always keep my chin up and speak clearly. It was all a waste of time for me, but I thought if I learned this stuff and did if perfectly Father would notice and praise me. He never did.

"Now don't say that you have plenty of friends" Ms. Supetto said sitting me down on a chair, then started doing my hair.

Two more servants of mine, Elie and Ruby, came in and started doing my nails. I hated being treated like this, like I'm some sort of doll they play with. If it was up to me I'd go to my party wearing a t-shirt and some sweats. Heck why couldn't I? It's my birthday.

"What friends?" I asked.

"Well you have all of us as your friends" Ms. Supetto said.

"Your guys aren't friends, your family. Face it Supetto I have no friends" I said.

"Well that's why were going to spruce you up and make you all pretty. Your Father has invited many of his clients and business partners, they're bound to bring their children with them and then you'll make loads of friends. Who knows you might even find your Prince Charming" Ms. Supetto said.

Of course she would know about my Prince Charming. I distinctly remember her bringing me tea whenever Mother read me a bedtime story.

"I thought I told you, I don't believe in Fairy Tale's anymore, I don't believe in silly Prince Charming's" I said.

She just patted my shoulder. "Well you best start believing because you're going to be meeting him tonight" she said.

Then it dawned on me. It seemed Ms. Supetto knew exactly why Father was throwing me this ball. She knew exactly what was going to happen tonight. It has something to do with Prince Charming's.

"Please tell me Father didn't throw me a Fairy Tale party" I joked with Ms. Supetto.

She laughed lightly. "Of course not now come on dear, time to get into your dress and make-up" she said.

I obeyed them when they put my dress on and fancied me all up. The end result was... marvelous.

"You look beautiful Lucy, just like your Mother" she said.

I smiled sadly at my reflection in the mirror, "Thanks Supetto" I said.

"Don't be sad Lucy, keep your chin up" Ms. Supetto.

"Could I not go Supetto? I'd rather have my birthday like last year, just between the servants and my spirits" I asked.

Ms. Supetto walked up to me and rubbed my cheek.

"Sorry dear, but I promise you will enjoy yourself" Ms. Supetto said.

Just then someone knocked on the door and entered.

"The guests have started to arrive Mistress Lucy, your Father would like to introduce you to them" a maid said.

I think she was new because I didn't remember her face. I knew all my helpers here, every last one. It wasn't like I had to or anything it's just, I want to be able to know the people who live with me. Silly, I know.

"Ms. Supetto I'm starving please" I said and gave her my best puppy dogs eyes.

She just sighed. "Tell Master that Lucy is not ready yet and will be down in a few minutes" Ms. Supetto said.

I cheered silently as the maid bowed and left our presence.

"THANKS A BUNCH" I said and ran to give Supetto a hug.

"Now, now dear you'll ruin your make-up and ruffle up your dressed wait here, I'll go see if Eido can cook you up something" she said then bowed her head and left.

Perfect! My plan is going so well. Now all I have to do is sneak out and... and... where exactly will I go? I don't plan to run away from home but I also don't plan on staying here for the party. I just have the worst feeling something bad is going to happen. I'll just walked downstairs and take a peek then make my exit, I know I could hide out in the hanging garden!

I opened the door and started walking down the halls. I could hear the music from all the way down here. I passed the ball room and took a peek over the ledge, staring down at my ball. There were hundreds of people some dancing, some eating, and more kept coming from the entrance. I spotted my Father immediately, he was standing near the door greeting the people.

I kept my eyes wondering the crowd till my eyes caught the buffet table. I wasn't lying when I said I was hungry. Maybe a quick bite then of to the gardens. I walked down the stairs and made a b-line for the buffet. So many delicious foods, my mouth started watering. I got a plate and started placing food after food, one on top of another.

I looked to my left and spotted some desserts but something else had caught my eye. Pink. He was a boy, I was sure of it since he wasn't wearing a dress, but he had pink hair. Was he aware that his hair was pink? I saw him standing near the meat section on the buffet. He was eyeing the beef that was in a container being kept warm by the fire underneath it. Is he planning to just swallow the whole thing? I saw him lift up the tray and put it down on the table.

What is he doing? He then bent down and... ate the fire... hold up he just ATE THE FIRE! Just slurped it up right into his mouth. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped because of what I just saw. He then put the tray pack over the heater then looked around probably to check if someone had just seen him. He then look at my direction and it took me awhile to realize he was staring at me. I quickly closed my mouth and just stared back at him. He then gave me one of the goofiest smiles I had ever seen. Pinky was smiling at me.

"Mistress Lucy!" she yelled.

I flinched and turned around and saw my maid, Helen, walking towards me.

"Where have you been! Your Father's getting impatient and Ms. Supetto is yelling! Come on your Father wishes to see you" Helen said and took my plate of food away.

"No I didn't even get to have a bite" I said.

"Oh well you can eat later come now" she said and pulled me away.

I looked back at Pinky and saw him staring at me, only he wasn't smiling like he used to. He looked troubled. Maybe I was just seeing things wrong. Helen led me to my Father. She then bowed to him and walked away.

"Sorry I'm late Father" I said.

Too bad I got caught, it was all Pinky's fault. He had to distract me with his pink hair and his fire eating.

"Next time be on there are people who want to meet you" he said.

He walked away and I quickly followed him. I looked ahead and saw people in a line that seemed to go all the way into the back of the room.

"All these people are here to see me?" I asked.

My Father didn't bother to respond as we walked up to the front of the line. The first person there was a middle-aged man. He was a tall, slim man with long, straight, black hair reaching down to his shoulders and a thin mustache. He had got a long and sharp face, vaguely pointed ears, prominent eyelashes and dark-colored lips. He was dressed up as a sorcerer. Honestly this man gave me the creeps.

"Sorry for the long wait, this is my daughter Lucy" My Father said to the creepy man.

I held out my hand. The creepy man took my hand and laid a kiss on it. "Jose Porla, it's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Lucy Heartfilia and let me tell you, you look absolutely divine this evening" he said.

"Why thank you" I said. Creepy man.

"He owns the company, Phantom" my Father said.

"Oh really and how is it going?" I asked.

My teachers taught me to always be polite when talking to someone. Also asked about the person, never about yourself, and to seem interested in their work.

"Good, but could be going better with a feminine touch" he said. Why did I have a bad feeling when he said 'feminine touch'?

"Well I wish you luck" I said. Father then excused him and we met the next pair of guests.

Most of the guest I met were male and they all owned a company. Some big ones, and some I've never even heard of. After meeting several dozen people I was about to go excuse myself when I saw a glimpse of pink. I looked around the couple I was greeting and saw Pinky in line, he was a few people away from meeting me.

Why was Pinky in the line? Several more people past then he was at the front. He looked at me, when our eyes met he just smiled. I just noticed the extremely short, nearly bald elderly man standing next to him. I held out my hand.

"Makarov Dreyer" the old man said and kissed my hand.

I squeaked when I felt his hand touch my ass. That's when Pinky hit the elderly man across the head.

"Behave Jii-chan" he told him.

So he was his grandson. I held my hand out for Pinky, a little shy. This man just ate fire for Pete's sake, my hand might go up into flames when he kisses it.

He grabbed my hand and bent down to kiss it. "Natsu Dragneel" Pinky said. Natsu was hot. I mean like really, really, really, hot. Like heat stroke hot.

"Are you okay?" I asked and placed my hand upon his forehead.

"You feel really hot. Are you sick?" I asked.

It was probably because he ate that fire, I'm sure our doctor could fix him up though. Pinky just chuckled.

"What you could be sick since you ate that fire, let me go call our doctor" I said.

"Don't worry about it Ms. Lucy, Natsu here is a fire mage he's suppose to be hot, either that or it's due to his hot headedness" Gramps said.

I sighed in relieve. "Thanks good to know" I said then realized my Father's presence. He was still standing next to me. I improved my posture immediately.

"This is my daughter Lucy. Lucy this is Makarov the owner of Fairy Tail and his successor, Natsu" Father said.

"It is a pleasure to have met your acquaintance" I said.

"Believe me the pleasure is all ours" Gramps said.

So far I liked these two the best. There were nice and didn't creep me out in the least. But then like every other person I had met today Father sent them away so I could to meet the next guest. I didn't miss how Pinky's eyes lingered on me before he left though. About a hour later I had finished meeting the guest and was free to leave.

I noticed not once did anyone of the guest wish my happy birthday. I'm just going to retire to my room now since no ones needs me anymore. I heard my stomach start to growl. Seems I had forgotten I was still hungry. I walked back to the buffet and picked up a fruit tart. I was about to take my first bite when someone had tapped me on the shoulder.

I turned and saw it was Pinky. "Hey how's it going?" he asked. I looked around to see if he was perhaps talking to someone else but no one was around.

"Good" I then responded.

"Is your old man always like that?" he then asked.

"You have no idea" I said and took a bite from my tart.

"Seems he needs to loosen up a little" he joked and laughed. I laughed lightly with him. Then I realized that I was having a normal conversation with a boy around my age.

"Since your old man was there I wasn't able to give you this" he said and held out a little box with a bow on it. It was a present.

"Happy Birthday" Pinky said. I quickly finished my tart then took the gift.

"Thank you Pinky" I said.

"Um what did you call me?" he said. I froze whoops. I let it out unconsciously.

"Um well since your hair was pink I've been calling you Pinky in my mind and I'm sorry it slipped out please forgive me" I said and bowed lightly.

"My hair isn't pink though" he said.

"It isn't?" I asked.

"No it's salmon. If your going to give me a nickname at least get the color right" he said and smiled.

"So you want me to call you Samony?" I asked. We both laughed again.

"Well aren't you going to open it" Samony said. Nope this isn't working, I like Pinky better.

"Um sure" I said and unwrapped the gift and opened the lid. Inside was a long sharp tooth.

"Do you like it? It was a last minute gift since Jii-chan told me we were going to this birthday party for some daughter yesterday, but I still think it's a great gift" he said proudly.

"It's lovely only... this isn't you tooth is it?" I asked. Maybe I miss judged Pinky, maybe he's a creep like everyone else.

"I wish no it's a dragon's fang, it belonged to my Father" He said. I wanted to convince him to take it back since it belonged to his Father but something else caught my attention.

"Your Father was a dragon?" I asked.

"Uh huh" he nodded.

"Like a fire breathing dragon?" I asked.

He nodded again.

"Like ones that flew and ate humans and junk" I said.

"Hey! My Father didn't eat human, Igneel was a nice dragon" he said.

I was in shocked. I was literally in shock. I had so many question I wanted to asked like how was he born if his mother was human and his father was a dragon? Suddenly Natsu grabbed my hand.

"It seems you have questions come on let's dance and I'll answer all of them" he said and let me to the dance floor.

I quickly stuck the fang into my breast pocket then I put my arms around his shoulder while he put his arms around my waist. We started dancing to 'Moonlight Sonata'.

"So like was your Mother a human? I don't get how you came from a dragon and a human because you don't look like a dragon and yet your Father is a dragon and it's very confusing" I said.

"I was abandoned, or so I was told, and Igneel found and raised me. I never met my real parents, if I even have any. Igneel is my real Dad to me. He trained me Dragon Slaying Magic" Pinky said.

"So Igneel taught you how to slay dragons?" I asked.

"Yup" he said.

"Is that why your able to eat fire? Because your Father was a fire dragon?"


"Well where is your Father now?" I asked. I'm pretty sure I would have seen a dragon by now. Pinky's expression darkened.

"He left me some years ago" he said.

"I'm sorry" I said.

"Don't worry about it. I plan to find him again" Natsu said and cheered up. Did I just say Natsu? I meant Pinky.

"Well good luck. Could you tell me about the old man?" I asked.

"Who Jii-chan? He found me lost and abandoned so he decided to adopt me and make me his successor. I keep telling him no though since all I want to do is find Igneel. There are a lot of better candidates for the job, like his real grandson for instance, but he keeps bothering me about it" Na-Pinky said.

We stayed quiet after that and continued dancing. Pinky was hotter than the average person. Holding him felt like holding my hands near an open fire, but the longer I held Natsu it didn't seem to burn me. I only looked behind Natsu for a second but it was enough to catch a glimpse of someone, or something. The song ended shortly after and I released my hold on Pinky.

"Thank you for the dance and the present, it was nice meeting you and really good luck on finding your Father, bye" I said quickly excuses myself from his presence.

I ran out the ballroom and through the halls looking around for him. How did he even get out? I didn't even open his gate. I stopped running when I noticed a distant light coming from the hanging garden. I entered the green house and saw a table in the middle of the garden. I walked over to it and saw a cake with 16 candles on it with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY' written on it. Suddenly the lights to the garden went on and people yelled "SURPRISE!"

I looked around and saw all my servants and my celestial spirits surrounding me. "Everyone" I said. Ms. Supetto walked up to me.

"Well you said you wanted a birthday party with just us and who am I to deny what my Mistress wants? Now come on everybody let's sing Happy Birthday" she said.

While they sang I looked around to see who was here. My teachers, my maids, my librarian, the cook, plus my spirits Leo, Aquarius, who I was surprised to see, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Plue and Aries. I was so happy I think I started crying when they finished singing. They all told me to make a wish. I blew out the candles making my wish.

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