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Arranged Love: The Sequel

2 Months Later...(21Weeks Pregnant)

"Four more years and I am so fucking out of here!" I screamed, knowing that if looks could kill, Shane would've dropped dead right now.

"I can't wait till that happens because then you won't be bitching at me all the time!" Shane argued, stuffing his phone into the pocket of his crisp Diesel jeans before pushing past me and exiting our room.

"I hope you're happy with yourself! You're missing one of the most important doctor appointments for some stupid meeting!" I yelled, following him out because I wasn't through with him yet.

"Do you see all of this?" he gestured wildly at everything around us. "We wouldn't have all this if it wasn't for those stupid meetings because all you do is sit on your fat ass all day and bitch at me, saying that I don't do anything for you when I do everything for you!" Shane opened the door to his car and locked it, giving me one last cold glare before pulling out of the driveway and speeding down the street. I stomped back into our airy estate, frustrated tears flowing down my face. He knew how I felt about me getting bigger and he just threw that in my face. We've only been married for two months and we're already down at each other's throats, even worse than before.

I pulled my phone out of the pocket of my hoodie, hitting speed dial number three and waiting for the person to pick up.

"Hello?" he answered, his calm voice slightly soothing to me.

"Nate..." I cried, wiping at my eyes. I don't know why I cry over Shane. Maybe its because of what he says to me. Maybe its because he makes it so hard for me to love him.

"Mitchie, what's wrong?" Nate asked as I cleared my throat.

"I have a doctor's appointment today and Shane just left and...can you come pick me up?" Nate had really become my best friend these last few months. I spent as much time as possible with him because he was fun to hang out with and listened to me and cared about me.

"Just let me cancel my plans with Dana and I'll be on my way," Nate said as I felt slightly guilty. Dana is his new girlfriend. Him and Caitlyn ended things last month and Dana's dad was the vice president of Hollywood Records so they started to date. I'm not Dana's biggest fan but if she makes him happy then whatever.

"You don't have to do that. I can drive myself its just that..."

"No its okay. She's probably hung over from some party last night. And best friends beat girlfriends any day," Nate reassured me as I smiled and looked down at my swollen belly. Another reason I don't like Dana is because she's a huge partier. Like the "get wasted every night and be hung-over every morning" type of partier. Nate is the complete opposite and him and Caitlyn just look better together.

"Okay, see you when you get here, Nathaniel," I could hear him roll his eyes at me calling him by his full name before he hung up.

I put my phone down next to me and looked around at the gigantic house we had moved into after our 'honeymoon' in Fiji. This estate is way too big for us in my opinion but of course, my opinion is irrelevant in our relationship.

After the whole mess in DC and me running away from our wedding, we drove all the way back to California and got married two days later. It was smaller and half the people that had been invited in the first place wasn't invited to the second ceremony. Denise was fuming because Tess and Peggy had released the story about Siri to the press and everyone had been hounding Shane and I about it until the DNA results were released. Siri isn't Shane's daughter and Peggy knew that all along. She was just scheming with Tess and wanted a couple hundred thousand dollars to satisfy her shoe fetish. Shane did end up suing her though. But it turns out that a love child isn't gonna tear us apart. Something as simple as a doctor's appointment would though.

Since our bedroom is now on the main floor, I slowly made my way to the room, changing my clothes. E! News had marked me as one of the most fashionable pregnant women in history so I have to live up to the title.

I slid on a pair of black skinny jeans that some designer had given to me for free, grimacing at the fact that these had spandex at the top of them. My stomach wasn't getting that big...

I threw on a flowy cream top that cascaded down my belly before slipping on a navy striped blazer, leaving the buttons open. I slid my feet into my favorite cream ballet flats and grabbed my purse, making sure I had my wallet and keys and everything before going to answer the door. I grabbed my phone off of the table in the living room, just as Nate came in with a smile on his face.

"You're glowing," he pointed out as I smiled and followed him out the door. He always knew what to say to make me feel better.

"So since I made you cancel your plans with Dana, I was thinking I could treat you to lunch at Valentino's because I'm craving pasta," Nate drove out of the gates and began towards the main road, since we live in a subdivision about half an hour from Los Angelos.

"Yeah, I think you owe it to me," Nate said as I rolled my eyes and slid my glasses onto my face.

"So what was the fight about this time?" Nate asked as I combed my fingers through my ridiculously long hair.

"He knew that we are supposed to find out the gender of the baby today and he scheduled a meeting with the label at the exact time of the appointment," I answered, wanting to slap Shane for his stupidity.

"And then he told me that I'm always bitching at him and that I sit on my fat ass all day while he does all the work," my eyes watered and I hated the fact that pregnancy made you so sensitive. I wiped my eyes behind my glasses, wanting nothing more than for Shane to hold me and tell me everything was gonna be alright. I'm mad at him and I still can't stay away from him.

"He called you fat even though you're carrying his child?" Nate asked in astonishment as I nodded my head.

"And he knows how I feel about the whole pregnancy thing and he still rubs it in my face that I'm getting bigger. I'm so mad at him but I still love him and I still want him," I sounded so stupid.

"I'll talk to him because it annoys the shit out of me when he does that to you. In other words, have you talked to your parents?"

I haven't had any communication with my parents since before the wedding. I think they finally discovered the definition of disown because you don't keep contact with the child that you have disowned.

"No, there's not even a reason for us to be talking to each other," I honestly answered with a shrug of my shoulders.

"Have you talked to Caitlyn?" I asked as Nate sighed and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

"I love her...but she doesn't want me back. We had the messiest break up and said things that we didn't mean and now she won't even answer my calls," Nate pulled up to my doctor's office as I nodded and opened my door, waiting for Nate to get out of the car.

"Our lives are fucked," I threw my arm over his shoulder as we walked in, not caring that the stupid paparazzi was endlessly taking pictures of us.

*Arranged Love*

Breaking News: Pop stars Nate Gray and Mitchie Torres was seen going to the doctor's office together earlier this afternoon. The two seems close as you can tell from the pictures and have us all wondering why Mitchie's husband, Nate's older brother Shane, isn't taking his wife to the doctor's himself. The two then went on to Valentino where our cameramen caught them having an intimate lunch. When asked if anything was going on between the two, Torres answered with a flash of her Tiffany ring, "I'm married..to Shane Gray. Are you guys stupid? Nate is my best friend" and walked off with her best friend. Do you think there is something going on between them?

"Wow Mitch," Shane buttoned his crisp Calvin Klein shirt as I rolled my eyes and lowered my straightener away from my hair.

"What Shane?" he's been irritating me all day. I know the gender of the baby but I refuse to tell him because of how he treated me this morning.

"Since when are you and my brother best friends?" Shane asked and I could pick up on the obvious jealousy in his voice.

"Shane, green may be your favorite color but jealousy is not cute on you," I answered, going back to straightening my hair. We have to go to dinner tonight at Denise's house with the entire family and pretend to be the perky happy couple.

I finished straightening my hair only to pull it back into a long ponytail trailing down my black, slipping my arms into the extra long salmon blazer I had just bought. I straightened my cream tank dress over my belly before going to sit down and put on my heels.

Shane kneeled down next to me as I buckled the strap and moved onto the next shoe.

"Lets not argue tonight," Shane suggested as I rolled my eyes and stood up, glaring down at him.

"You already took care of that this morning," I sneered, walking out of the room and going to wait in the car for him.

"So, Shane told me you found out the gender today!" Denise exclaimed as everyone smiled at me. I wasn't going to tell them though because that meant telling Shane and I wanted to make him suffer a bit longer.

"Yeah," I poked my salad and shoved a piece into my mouth, chewing thoughtfully as everyone looked at me expectantly. My fibrogylamia is under control as long as I stay healthy and continue with physical therapy. It still scares me that I nor my baby could make it through this pregnancy alive.

"Well, are you carrying Harmony or Nicholas?" Sonny asked excitedly as Nate chuckled.

"Nate knows, ask him," everyone turned their attention towards Nate as he took a sip of his water.

"Its not my place to tell," he lamely offered as Shane groaned beside me.

"Why does Nate know but Shane doesn't?" Danielle asked as Shane shot me a look before answering.

"I guess to Mitchie its more important for her 'best friend' to know than the baby's father," Shane answered as I set down my water and looked at him. He smirked at me before going back to his dinner, the sound of clinging forks echoing in the room.

"Does it bother you when people touch your stomach?" Sonny asked as her and Danielle excitedly rubbed my belly.

"No but, I'm feeling really uncomfortable with it today," they awkwardly pulled their hands away as I laughed and continued to eat, ignoring Shane for the rest of dinner.

"Mitch, come to bed. Its two am," Shane whined as I yawned and folded my legs under me in the home theatre. I was watching The Notebook and crying my eyes out at how pathetic I was being.

"No," I promptly answered, looking back at the screen just as Ally and Nick were breaking up. Oh my gosh...

"I will carry you," Shane shut off the projector and I whined in protest as he scooped me into his arms and carried me back to our room, carefully laying me down on the bed as he slid in next to me.

"Are you pleased with yourself?" I asked with a hint of attitude. He's been irritating me all day.

"Can you please tell me the gender?" Shane begged, rubbing his hand back and forth on my belly, pushing my tank top up to my chest.

"No, you've been so mean to me all day," I said dejectedly, pushing his hands off of my stomach.

"I'm sorry I've just been really stressed out," Shane said, laying his head on my stomach instead.

"About what?"

"What if I'm not a good enough dad? What if my child hates me? What if people get tired of Connect Three? Then what am I supposed to do with my life?" Shane questioned as I stroked his head and leaned down and kissed his forehead.

"Harmony is gonna love you," I froze as I realized my mistake, mentally face palming myself as I prayed he didn't catch on.

"Yeah I'm sure she will..." he paused as a huge smile graced his face, making him look even more delicious than before.

"Harmony...you're carrying Harmony. We're having a daughter!" Shane exclaimed, kissing all over my stomach as I laughed.

"Yes Shane, we're having a little baby girl," I answered, my smile matching his as he began to talk to my stomach.

"Hey Harmony. Its your dad. I'm gonna spoil you so you can be a daddy's girl," Shane stated as I rolled my eyes and cherished the moment. They were few, nowadays.

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