Truly Alone

E/O Challenge: Shelter - 100 words on the dot!

Trying something a bit different this week - a poem! Tag to 7x23 so spoilers. Sam's POV.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

He brushes away the glass to gently ease himself inside;
he touches the wheel with fondness, on this source of a brother's pride.

With a shaking hand he turns the key, and hears the engine come to life;
but the rumble seems to tear through him with the sharp sting of a knife.

Emptiness consumes him, as he seeks shelter in her care;
the memories that she evokes are too much for him to bear.

He presses down and drives away, his destination still unknown;
and all the while he hears the demon's words...

`You are well and truly alone`.

The End. Thanks for stopping by!