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As soon as Remus and his dad entered platform 9 ¾, Remus quickly got his bearings and as soon as he was able to look around he was shocked at what he saw.

His dad had of course told him about the Hogwarts Express and Hogwarts but hearing stories about them and actually seeing them were two different things all together.

The platform in itself was huge. There were many parents on the platform saying goodbye to their children, Remus couldn't remember the last time he had seen so many people.

But when he saw the Hogwarts Express he was stunned at how big it was in itself.

The train was tall in height and broad in width; it was red and black and seemed to go on for what seemed like miles. Remus had never seen such a fascinating train.

"A beauty isn't it?" his dad asked, startling Remus from his reverie.

Remus glanced at his dad who was smiling at him.

"Yeah it is," Remus said quietly.

"Just wait until you see Hogwarts!" his dad told him excitedly.

Remus glanced at the train nervously. Could he actually do this? Go to school and be a normal kid; or as normal as he could be? He wasn't sure, but he wanted to at least try.

His dad was still looking at him and sighed. "I know what you're thinking son, it'll be fine. It'll be tough at first but it'll get better. I know it will," he said softly.

"I know," Remus said hesitantly.

His dad smiled at him again and said,

"Don't be afraid to contact us, either by Owl or Floo."

Remus nodded and smiled up at his dad.

"It'll be fine," his dad said again reassuringly than before. He bent down to Remus' level and hugged him tightly.

Remus returned the hug happily. It would be a long time until he saw his mum and dad again, or at least it would feel like a long time to him.

"Your mum and I love you very much; we're both so proud of you. You're going to do great son," his dad said in his ear before smiling once more and standing up.

"You better get inside," his dad told him.

Remus nodded and smiled nervously at him.

"I'll help you with your trunk and your bird cage," his dad said.

"Thanks dad," Remus said.

"You're welcome, son." His dad replied.

His dad put a weight lifting charm on the trunk and the bird cage and levitated the trunk while holding onto the bird cage; knowing from experience that owls don't like it when they were levitated.

Remus and his dad walked over to the train having to move around people as they did so. When they finally reached the train Remus' dad placed the trunk and the bird cage down on the train.

When Remus' dad turned around to face Remus; his dad had a strange look on his face, it looked sad and happy at the same time.

"Contact us as soon as you can, alright son?" his dad said.

"I will I promise," Remus replied softly.

His dad smiled; albeit sadly and hugged Remus.

Remus hugged his dad back tightly; it was odd, he'd never been one to stray too far from his parents and now he was going to go to a magical school relatively far away from where he lived. He didn't know how he'd be able to manage it.

He was worried about his parents, about the house he'd get sorted into, the people he'd meet, and if somebody found out that he was a werewolf? What would he do then?

Remus' dad stopped hugging him and looked at him in the eyes and said,

It'll be okay, you'll see son."

Remus nodded too nervous to actually say anything.

Remus' dad sighed softly while still looking at his son. "You should probably get on the train, it's getting late."

Remus nodded again and he and his dad hugged once more before a whistle blew and they looked at the train in front of them.

They let go of each other and Remus' dad helped him on the train.

"Contact us to tell us what house you're in and how you're doing okay?" His dad said, as a smile graced his lips.

"I will," Remus responded.

"You better go," his dad said.

Remus nodded and with some help from his dad managed to get on the train.

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