Through the use of the world wide web, he learned of LadiesMan217. Given name, Sam Witwicky.

With him came the knowledge of a pair of glasses that had the location of the Cube etched into the glass. He saw his chance when Sam Witwicky shared about getting his first car. So, he stationed himself as various auto dealers, looking for the chance that Sam Witwicky would notice his Altmode and he could get closer to the human boy.

It was at one such dealer that a young human woman entered the lot, and purchased him. All he could think about... frag.

Kage's AN: I'm so happy that this idea is finally getting done! Thank you Bunny for making this fanfic baby with me!

Bunny's AN: A little something o0WhisperingKage0o and I whipped up. Will be done mostly in drabbles.