Witch: ok ppl, somehow she got me again. 'Nother drabble. Last one wasn't even my best work. But you all seemed to love it so here goes.

The first time I met Dervan was on the streets. Duh.

He was a crummy little street lord back in those days, with a gang of underling urchins running around doing his business. But I was the one he approached personally.

Charming, persuasive, he melted out of the shadows like liquid chocolate.

Yeah. He was attractive.

"You and I? We could be worth something to each other." The moonlight glinted off his hair as he circled me.

"Oh yeah?" I played into his game, intrigued.

"Ellanoi have to stick together." He crooned in my ear. "I have a proposition for you. Interested?"

Dark hair, dark clothes, pale skin – the perfect mix of black on white, his eyes were the only colour in this picture; a purple so pure it almost seemed black.

"Maybe… It depends on what you're offering." I hedged. In the background his little cronies were muttering amongst themselves.

"You've got talent girl, a lot of it. What I'm proposing is an exchange. Room, board, the tricks of the trade…in exchange for a couple of fires." He stepped away slightly, breaking the hold I didn't even realise he had on me – making me want to lean forward. "You'd be our big money maker babe. What do you say?"

Him and his gang had already gotten me out of trouble with the Enforcers – a move he'd probably planned – so I was feeling a little generous towards him. That, and I liked the look of him. So I smirked and said "Yeah? Why not?"

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