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Author's Note - This story takes place in an AU/Alternate Universe. Hope you all enjoy! =3

~My Heart Belongs To You~

"Oh damn, damn, damn! I am sooo late! Tenzin is going to kill me if I don't get this package delivered on time!" Korra muttered to herself as she zipped along on her ten-speed delivery bike, flying through the city's gridlocked traffic. "Tenzin's Speedy Air Delivery. We'll bend the air itself to get your delivery to you on time," Korra muttered under her breath the motto of Tenzin's delivery company as she flew past the popular flower shop, Asami's Floral Paradise. Korra spared a quick glance out of the corner of her eye to spot the store's young owner, Asami Sato, arranging flowers on a stand before her store.

It was one of Korra's favourite things to do...watch Asami be...well...beautiful. It was one of the highlights of the tanned, young woman's day and Korra let out a soft, wistful sigh as she allowed her eyes to rove over Asami's gorgeous figure a little too long.

The blaring horn and loud screech of tires was Korra's first clue that she probably wasn't going to get her package delivered on time. Her second clue was her bike being knocked out from under her, and her body sailing through the air to land hard across the stand of flowers she'd just seen Asami stand before.

Korra let out a low, pained groan as her vision swim before her, and her back ached worse than when she was play-wrestling with her best bud Bolin, and he tossed her around the practice mat like a rag-doll.

"Oh, my goodness, Korra! Are you okay!" Asami's sweet, beautiful voice filled Korra's hearing, and even though she was feeling anything but okay, a slightly-goofy grin slipped across Korra's lips as Asami's soft, delicate hands gently cupped her face.

"Never...never better, Asami. Did you...did you catch the number of that...of that bus that must've hit me? The dumbass driver is gonna have'ta...gonna have'ta pay Tenzin for the cost...of my bike," Korra was able to mumble out, as she felt strong hands gently lift her up.

"Please, be careful with her. She landed pretty hard when she was knocked off her bike. Please take her up to my apartment upstairs," Korra heard Asami say to someone, who picked her up like she weighed practically nothing. The heady scent of the flowers penetrated Korra's muddled senses, and she sighed softly as the familiar scent that always reminded her of Asami, began to relax her body.

"I've already called Tenzin and the hospital, and I really think that you should let Tenzin take you there, to get checked out when he arrives Korra," Asami said worriedly, as she gently ran her fingers through Korra's dark hair, after the person who had carried her upstairs gently laid her down on Asami's bed.

"No, no hospital. I'm...fine. I'm fine here with you, Asami. I'm always fine...when I'm...with you..." Korra trailed off softly, while uttering words she would have never said, had her brain not been rattled from her fall.

Asami gently bit her lower lip; her calming, gentle finger strokes through Korra's thick hair pausing briefly at the softly uttered words; before resuming their gentle stroking.

"You silly goose," Asami murmured affectionately, as she watched Korra's eyelids slowly close, and her body grow slack with sleep.

"I'm still going to at least call my family doctor. You're a pretty strong, resilient...and beautiful...young woman, Korra. But I won't feel better until I know that you will be okay," Asami whispered softly to the sleeping Korra before she leaned forward, hesitated for a second or two before continuing onward, and gently brushed her lips against Korra's forehead.

"I feel better when I'm near you too..." Asami whispered softly into Korra's ear; saying out loud the words she didn't have the courage to say to an awake Korra...yet.

To be continued?

AN - So, what do you guys think? Should this little story be continued? ^^

I just really wanted to take Korra and Asami out of the drama and angst situation they are currently in (which includes all the Mako-drama-angst), and just have them somewhere where they can just focus on each other~ =3