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"Hey, Asami! I'm back!" Korra called out as she let herself into the flower shop, using the set of keys Asami had given her ages ago, so she could come visit Asami in her upstairs home whenever she wanted. Korra had waited until the end of the work day when it was after hours for the store, so that she wouldn't have any customers interrupting her 'Asami time'.

"Listen Asami, there's something that I want" Korra trailed off as her blue eyes widened in shock, and her breathing grew ragged.

Mako was there in the store again, and this time he was kneeling before Asami with her hand held lightly in his, as he mouthed the words, "marry me."

Asami had been looking down at Mako with mild amusement, when she heard Korra enter the store. Her lime-green eyes flashed up in shock, and took in the heartbroken expression on Korra's face. Asami opened her mouth to say something to her stricken friend, when Mako surged to his feet and covered Asami's lips with his own.

Something inside Korra shattered into a thousand jagged pieces, and she turned on her heel to run back out of the store.

Korra heard Asami calling out desperately for her to stop, but Korra didn't stop. She ran with everything within her to get as far away from the heart-wrenching scene as she possibly could.

Back in the store Asami slapped Mako hard across his face, then ran out of the store to try to catch up with Korra. But by the time she reached the street her best friend was no where to be seen, and Asami's heart broke as she worried what Korra must be thinking now.

For the next few days Asami tried desperately to talk to Korra. She called and left numerous voice messages and texts on Korra's phone, but her hurt friend never responded to any of them. Asami had even tried visiting Korra at Tenzin's home, but Pema had met her at the front door with a sad, regretful smile and told her that Korra didn't want to speak with her. Asami had left with her heart aching and crying out for the best friend she was now terrified she'd lost.

Asami had even in desperation called Bolin and asked him to intervene on her behalf, to try to get Korra to agree to talk with her. At first Bolin had been a bit resistant to helping, as he wondered what Asami could possibly have done to hurt his best friend so badly. Korra had refused to tell him what had happened between her and Asami, after she'd left his side by the lake full of positive assurance that Asami would return her feelings.

So, Bolin was left to assume that Korra had confessed, and Asami had shot her down. So, he wasn't feeling too charitable in helping Asami talk further with his hurting friend. But Asami was persistent in her desire to talk with Korra, and Asami was also his friend, so eventually he agreed to talk to Korra on Asami's behalf.

It didn't work out too well.

Korra still refused to speak to Bolin about what happened, and she was even more firm about not speaking to Asami than ever before. Bolin began to seriously worry that Asami was now Korra's ex-friend, and that would be an absolute disaster to him. Those two needed each other. They were the two sides to the same whole. Asami complimented Korra's more wild, outgoing side with her quieter, yet still-strong and determined nature. Korra added the light and spice to Asami's world that allowed the graceful young woman to open up, and live more freely than she would have on her own.

They were meant to be together, and Bolin would be damned if he allowed their friendship to fall apart, without doing everything in his power to help save it.

That's why on the day that Mako was supposed to take Asami as his date to his friend's wedding, Bolin was banging on Korra's bedroom door demanding that she open up right now and talk with him.

Finally after almost ten minutes of persistent knocking, which Tenzin and Pema heartily allowed as they also wanted Korra to open up and let someone in, Korra finally swung the door open and glared at Bolin.

"Bolin, I love you man, really I do. But would you please just go away. I don't want to talk about what happened. I don't even want to think about it, so if you'll please just leave me alone so I can go back to picking up the pieces of my broken heart."

Bolin felt his own heart break as he took in the state of his best friend. Korra's eyes were puffy and red-rimmed, her nose looked stuffed up, and her general appearance was of someone who'd had their heart shredded, with no one able to put it back together.

Bolin found himself wishing desperately that Korra would allow someone to help put her heart back together...someone preferably named Asami...

Then almost as if his thoughts had somehow summoned her, Asami's shocked and dismayed voice spoke up directly behind him.

"Oh my god Korra, you look...Korra can we please talk? I can't take your avoiding me any longer. It feels like my heart is splitting in two every minute," Asami's said in a tear-filled voice, as Bolin turned to see the dark-haired girl standing behind him, not looking much better than Korra. Asami's beautiful green eyes were tinged with red, and she wore an expression of one who'd had their best friend taken away...which in this case Bolin reasoned, was almost painfully close to the truth.

Korra blanched in shock when she saw Asami, and quickly tried to slam her bedroom door shut. Bolin saw the movement out of the corner of his eye, and quickly shoved his foot into the path of the closing door to stop it. When the door smashed up against his toes, effectively stopping it in its tracks, Bolin leaned his arm against the door, and wheezed out for both Korra and Asami to hear, "one day you are both going to pay me back big time for going through all this for you."

Korra let out a deep sigh of resignation as she reopened the door to free Bolin's now terribly-aching foot, from the pressure of the door. She then finally allowed her eyes to meet those of the girl she'd loved for half her life, and who she'd been avoiding for the last few days of that very life.

"Fine Asami, you can come in to talk. We might as well have this conversation now, and get it over with. Bolin, sorry about your foot. Go see Pema. I'm sure she'll have something for it to sooth the pain," Korra said in a flat, monotone voice that quite frankly scared Bolin to hear. It meant that his friend was quickly hardening her heart, and for someone like Korra who lived life with her heart on her sleeve, things with her were even worse than he'd thought.

Bolin hopped out of the way of the doorway, and gave Asami a slight frown as he mouthed the words, "don't hurt her more," as Asami walked by him to enter Korra's room. Asami gave a weak smile then reached out to take and gently squeeze his hand, as she whispered back, "I promise I won't."

Bolin nodded slightly then hobbled his way down the hallway, only making it halfway before he was ambushed by Tenzin's children, who carried him down to the floor in a giggling doggie-pile.

Asami slowly entered Korra's room, then quietly closed the door behind her, and leaned against it.

The quiet that stretched between the two old friends was painful for Asami to endure. It wasn't comfortable and peaceful like she was used to with Korra. This quiet was rife with tension; like a thread being pulled too taut that could snap any second.

And Korra decided to snap it.

"Why are you here, Asami? I thought you were going to be Mako's wif...Mako's date for the wedding today," Korra asked, as she tried to swallow the bitterness and hurt that lodged in her throat. She stood with her back towards Asami, and her fingers clutching tightly to the edge of her bedside table. Was it really only a few days ago that she'd shared warm cookies, and cold milk with Asami? It felt like a lifetime of hurt feelings and angry emotions had passed between now and then, and Korra just wanted this current conversation done and over with.

"Korra..." Asami started, then stopped as she tried to swallow passed the sudden lump in her throat. She wet her dry lips with her tongue, and tried again.

"Korra, I...I didn't...I couldn't go to that wedding with Mako. Not when...not when things were this between us," Asami swept her arm wide, to indicate the wide chasm of hurt that now lay between them.

Korra remained silent, and continued to stand with her back towards Asami.

Asami let out a frustrated half-growl as she pushed herself off from the door, and stalked over to Korra.

"Dammit Korra, what do you want from me! What do I have to do to make you talk to me! To even just look at me!" Asami cried out in hurt anger as she placed her hand on Korra's shoulder in agitation, and was surprised by Korra spinning around quickly on her heel to face her. Korra's eyes were burning brightly with emotions Asami had only imagined she'd ever seen once or twice before, and they caused the breath in her body to shutter as Korra looked back angrily at her.

"You want to know what I want, Asami! You really want to know what I want? I want to know why Mako was down on his knees to you! I want to know why you let him kiss you! I want to know what the hell all that meant, Asami! And I want to know why Mako gets to kiss you...and...and I don't!" Korra cried out tearfully, without full conscious thought of what she'd just said.

The absolutely stunned expression on Asami's face, caused Korra to quickly rewind in her mind what she'd just said, and her face immediately lost colour. She began grappling blindly for the edge of her bedside table to catch her sudden shaky balance, as she tried desperately to think of a way explain away her unintended confession.

Asami stood with her mouth opened in shock, as her mind grappled with this sudden, unexpected confession thrown so forcefully into her face. Then she snapped her mouth shut, and her verdant-green eyes flashed with sudden, fierce determination.

Korra didn't even have a second further to think, or a moment more to realize what was happening, before Asami surged forward and captured her lips with her own.

Asami kissed Korra with near-desperate abandon. She cupped Korra's face in her hands and licked, nibbled, sucked, and wholly devoured Korra's mouth with her own. Korra stood stock-still with shock for the first second of their kiss, before she returned Asami's kiss with a ferocity she didn't even know she possessed. She entwined her fingers through Asami's silky, dark strands and let out a low moan as she pressed Asami's face closer to hers.

It was the sound of that low moan; so primal a sound never heard or made between them before, that finally broke the two heavily-breathing women apart.

Korra still had her hands threaded through Asami's dark locks and the slightly-swollen, pouty quality of Asami's lips made Korra want to lean forward, and gently nip at that delicious mouth again. But instead she waited to see what Asami would do, now that they'd shared this intense moment together.

Asami's eyes trailed a semi-constant path between Korra's ocean-blue eyes down to her lips and back up again, as she tried to make her Korra-saturated mind work for her. She licked her lips, and had to bite back the small whimper that wanted to escape, when she could still taste Korra on her lips and tongue. Then finally the words that would forever change their relationship, came spilling from her lips.

"I never wanted Mako to kiss me, Korra. It's always been you. I've always wanted to feel your lips against mine, your breath mingling with my own, my heart pounding against yours. Don't you know...and haven't you realized by now...that it's always...been you."

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