Well all I can say is what would happend if Ren had a sister? Find out now! Oh and this story takes place after the show ended of course. So Hachi and Takumi are together, Okay? Enjoy and Review please.

There was a party in apartment 707. All the members from Blast and Trapnest were there. And yes there was some evil looks going back and forth from the two bands. Hachi and Nana are cooking, Nobu and Yasu were on their phones, Reira and Shin were giving each other winks, Takumi look like he was going to kill somebody, Naoki had a huge grin on his face, and Ren is looking at a letter from his sister.

'Kill me' Ren thought. "Hey Ren, why do you keep looking at that letter? Do you have a new girlfriend?" Reira asked while giggling. "No, its a letter from my sister." Ren said.

Everyone stops what their doing and looks at Ren. "You..have a..sister?" Nana asked confused.

"Yeah and she is coming over here to see me. I already gave her directions." Ren said. "Yay I can't wait to meet her!" Reira said.

There's a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Hachi yelled while running to the door and opening it. "Where's my brother?" the girl asked. "Oh you must be ren's sister. He's right over there." Hachi said moving to the side letting the girl in.

"Brother!" the girl yelled while tackling Ren to the ground. "Hey, Emi. How are you?" Ren asked. "I'm fine! I missed you!" Emi yelled while huging him. Ren helps her up and she hugs him again. "This is my sister, Emi. Emi, these are my friends." Ren said. Emi looks at all of them and stares at Nana. "Nana! I'm a huge fan of yours!" Emi yelled while huging Nana.

"Get her off of me!" Nana yelled while looking at Ren. Ren smiles. "Okay Emi let go." Ren said pulling Emi away. Emi looks at Ren's friends again and sees Nobu. She runs up to him and Nobu backs away cause she is too close. "Um..hi I'm Nobu." Nobu said with a smile and putting a hand out for her to shake. She shakes his hand while blushing. "Nice to meet you Nobu." She said almost like a whisper.

'Okay, she has never act like this. Does she like him?' Ren thought. "Food is ready!" Hachi yelled from the kitchen. Everyone gets their plate and sit down, some people had to sit on the floor because the table is too small. Emi and Nobu sit together on the floor.

"So Nobu, your the guitar player for Blast, right?" Emi asked. "Yes." Nobu said. "So have you ever thought of teaching someone how to play guitar?" Emi asked with a smile. "Well no...do you know someone who wants to learn how to play?" He asked. "I'M THAT PERSON!" She yelled cheerfully. He spits out his food when she yelled. "Oh you are." He said. "Did I suprise you?" She asked. "Well yeah, I wouldn't have thought you would want to play." He said. "Why not?" She asked confused. "Well, mainly guys play guitars." He said while smiling. "But Nana plays guitar too!" She said while looking at Nana. "Thats because she is secretly a guy." He said in a whisper.

"I HEARD THAT!" Nana yelled while throwing her fork at him. "Sorry, sorry." Nobu said while laughing.

"Its getting late, we better get going Emi." Ren said while heading toward the door. "Yeah we should be going too!" Reira said. Ren, Reira, Takumi, Naoki, Yasu and walk out the door. Then Emi and Nobu walk out behind them. "Bye everybody!" Hachi yelled after them.

"Nobu do you have plans tomorrow?" Emi asked. "No, why?" Nobu asked. "Can you hang out with me tomorrow?" Emi asked while clinging to Nobu. Nobu blushes. "Sure." Nobu said while looking away. "Yay, thank you!" Emi said cheerfully. She kisses his cheek. "Well see you tomorrow." Emi said while getting into Ren's car. Nobu touches his cheek where she kissed him. 'Wow' Nobu thought.

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