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Chapter 1

The drawing room in the House of Black was lit dimly by a smouldering fire late on Christmas Eve. Bellatrix and her sisters were home from school for the holidays and naturally couldn't sleep for the excitement of what was to come the next day. Promising a 13 year old Narcissa that she would be very careful on her travels, 17 year old senior Hogwartian Bellatrix Black snuck down the creaky stairs from her second floor bedroom to where the Christmas tree erected in the corner of the fire-lit lounge.

On approaching the tree Bellatrix grinned to see the presents underneath. Although she was in her late teens, Bella was easily excited by Christmas time. It was rare that she was given gifts by her parents and other family so the day was something to look forward to. The grandfather clock in the hall struck 2 o'clock and Bellatrix's heart leapt into her mouth at the sound. "Stupid bloody thing," she cursed, calming her breathing from the fright.

Bellatrix knelt down and took hold of one of the neatly wrapped presents, held it to her hear and shook it next to her ear. No noise. It was soft and squishy in her hands. Not stiff at all. A jumper, she deduced. For... She looked at the label... Narcissa. Well, that was some news to tell her little sister at least. She picked up another and began her deducing.

Druella Black had been having yet another sleepless night. She crept down stairs without any sound at all. She knew how to creep around the house without being heard, but she none-the-less heard some gifts being moved around. She walked into the drawing room seeing her eldest daughter kneeling by the tree. A small smile crept across her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest.

''I see you are so excited that you couldn't wait until morning?'' Bella spun round like a rabbit caught in head lights as she heard her mother's voice. A small laugh left her lips as she walked over to her daughter and sat down in a chair that was near the Christmas tree. ''I hardly think anyone would be grateful if you told them what they were getting...''

Noting that Druella wasn't angry at her sneaking around, Bella nodded and explained, "I couldn't help myself," she tucked a few stray locks of curly raven hair behind ear, "Now you know, mother, I can't keep secrets. Cissy wanted to know but she was too afraid to come downstairs," she let her know.

''Right, because you are so much braver than she is.'' Druella had a hard time hiding a smirk and crossed her legs. Bella picked a small box from the corner up and shook it gently looking at her mother sitting in her armchair, "This one's for you," she smiled widely as if she was eight years old again and placed it back. Bella tugged her silk dressing gown across her front and tightened the belt around her slim waist before stifling a big yawn. "Couldn't you sleep?" she asked questioningly.

''You should be in bed, Bellatrix. Just like any other member of this family. You know your sister will wake you up first thing in the morning to rip up all these presents,'' she pointed out, avoiding answering Bellatrix's question, ''Leave the presents, Bellatrix. Or there will be no surprise tomorrow."

Bellatrix huffed a little at being told to go to bed and stop her annual adventure of sneaking around the house of Christmas Eve but stood and stretched her arms wide before rubbing her tired eyes.

"I don't want you to look tired for the party tomorrow," Druella stated. Bella groaned at the mention of it. No doubt Druella would pick out a hideous dress for her to wear and pull her hair back into a tight bun off her face the way that she loathed with a passion. This year, she decided on the spot, I'm picking the outfit. She turned to her mother after only taking a couple of steps towards the door, "Is Rodolphus welcome to come for dinner tomorrow?" Bella cursed to herself as she felt a little flutter in her stomach at Rodolphus Lestrange's name.

Druella looked down to her daughter and rose her eyebrow. ''Rodolphus... if his father allows it, yes. I will send him an owl tomorrow morning telling him that he is more than welcome to join us if he pleases. We can even invite his brother and parents to join us as well,'' She said nodding a bit, ''Now go to bed. Tomorrow will be a hard and difficult day,'' she said, standing up and walking to her young daughter, kissing her on the forehead, ''Now off you go.''

How like Druella. Christmas day was not supposed to be a chore. However, Bellatrix was a Black and they tackled these days with Medieval tactics. She would just have to accept that.

Bellatrix nodded, a smile latching onto her lips as her mother agreed to the Lestranges being invited. "I'm going mother," she assured her. With that, Bella padded silently out of the drawing room, not failing to stop by the kitchen first and sneak a bottle of Butterbeer under her dressing gown to take upstairs.

Druella rolled her eyes as she heard a tiny clunk from the kitchen and called to her daughter, ''Leave the butterbeer, Bellatrix! You may get some tomorrow. You know the rules!'' Druella knew of everything that happened in that house. It wasn't difficult to know that Bellatrix would surely sneak into her father's office to steal some of his firewhiskey, but when he was gone Druella put a charm on the door making it impossible for the girls to open it.

"Darn!" Bellatrix cursed under her breath. She groaned loudly so her mother could here and slammed the bottle angrily into the counter.

Druella stood up, walked out of the drawing room and pulled her night robe tighter to her slender body. The body that hadn't been damaged by the birth of three girls. It was weird to see that she had no stretch marks or scars or any sign of being pregnant. Only thing that changed were her breasts. They only got bigger and Druella wasn't complaining.

Bellatrix stormed out of the kitchen, her arms folded across her chest and met her mother's eyes as she mentioned the oh-so-famous rules: Alcohol for under 18s was only allowed on Christmas day and New Years - one glass - no "shenanigans" before marriage and no inappropriate dress. Bellatrix, naturally, followed none of these rules. There were more rules and regulations of course but far too many to remember or even attempt to list.

"Yes mother..." she chanted as if a robot who had been designed to answer in that manner.

Druella stood in the doorway where she could watch her daughter until she was in her room. Druella knew she put many rules but she had to have some control over her daughters. ''If you cannot sleep then come back down stairs and I'll give you a sleeping potion,'' she called just before Bellatrix managed to close the door to her bed chambers.

Druella walked back into the drawing room and sat down in her husband's arm chair. Pulling a blanket over her lap as the cool winter air flew down the chimney. She snapped her fingers and the elf appeared. ''Light this,'' she ordered and the elf immediately got the fire started in the fireplace, sending warm vibes to Druella that was now facing it with a glass of her husband's scotch in her hand.

Bellatrix did not attempt to sleep of course. She sat on her bed in a fowl teenage mood at her mother. She was fed up of being treated like some perfect pureblood aristocrat. Yes, she was proud of her bloodline and of who she was but she hated being controlled. Tomorrow, she thought, I'll make a stand...