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Jake sat at his desk, focusing only on the detail of the pony he was trying to animate for himself.

"Not brown enough… too brown… "He murmured to himself, "Maybe I should try a ginger instead."

"What the… I told you to go outside and play football." Said a voice behind Jake, "Aw crap, you're not seriously on My Little Pony are you? Of all the things I could imagine you to do on a computer, you happened to be doing this?"

"Shut up, Cam." Jake retorted to his best friend Cameron. "I said I'd be out in five minutes."

"That's what you said a half hour ago." Cam said. "If I did my math right, that's just a little bit more than five minutes."

"Just lemme check my e-mail and I'll be out. " Jake said as he returned to the Pony Creator site. Cameron wasn't about to allow any more delays. He quickly pulled the desktops cord from the outlet. "What the hell Cam?" Jake asked. His response was to toss the football he was carrying at Jake.

"Outside. Now." Cameron ordered as he left the room.

"Yes sir." Jake grumbled sarcastically as he closed the door. Although they were both the same age of 15, Cameron usually ordered Jake around. Jake didn't mind all that much. He quickly put on his shoes, ran out of his room, and headed for the park where the neighborhood kids would play an assortment of different sports.

"Look who decided to show up!" said one of Jake's friends. Jake tried to get his mind off the MLP fan fiction he had read earlier that day.

I never got to check my e-mail, he thought as he was about to receive a pass from Cameron. The ball flew true right into his hands as he ran towards one end of the park. The other kids tried to tackle him, however Jake was very agile. He was surprised to see that someone actually managed to grab a hold of Jake and pin him to the ground. He felt the ball leave his grasp.

"Darn it…" he sputtered as he saw the other team take the ball. They didn't get far. Cameron went straight to the ball holder and tackled him. Cameron was far stronger than Jake could dream of being. The person holding the ball hit the ground so hard he couldn't get back up.

"Oh, walk it off." Cameron huffed as he looked over the kid. Cameron was not a Brony, and Jake knew this. It annoyed him when Cameron would make jokes about MLP without fully knowing what it was. It was labeled, in Cameron's words, "a show meant for little girls." Jake had tried showing him he was wrong, but was met only with ignorance.

An hour later the game was ended and most of the people left. Cameron went with Jake back to his house. After they arrived, Jake proceeded to plug his desktop back in.

"Where did I leave my football?" Cameron asked.

"Dunno." Jake replied, oblivious to the question as he checked his e-mail. He scrolled until something caught his eye.

"What's 'Ponify Yourself'? Why are you checking your spam?" Cameron asked.

"This isn't spam, idiot!" Jake exclaimed.

"Shut up."

"No, you shut up."

"Whatever. Open it. I want to see what this crap says." Cameron said.

"It doesn't have a sender…" Jake said confused.

"See? What did I tell you? Spam. Open it and see what it says." Cameron pestered. No sooner had Jake clicked the message had a loud, resonating BANG erupted from the computers speakers. Jakes eardrums couldn't take the strain, even with his hands over his ears.

"Turn it off!" Cameron yelled, barely audible to Jake. He reached for the sound controls and hit "mute".

"What the hell man?" Cameron yelled at Jake.

"You're the one that told me to open it!" Jake snapped back. "Now shut up so I can read the stupid thing." To his amazement there was only a blank page with the words: Click Here!

"Don't click that. It probably another sound." Cameron warned.

"Shut up, it's my computer right?" Jake said as he clicked the link.

He soon wished he hadn't.

In a flash, both Cameron and Jake found themselves being sucked into some kind of vortex that had appeared on the computer screen. Strangely, nothing except Cameron and Jake were being pulled in. Jake had braced himself on his chair while Cameron fought desperately to grab something. He managed to grab Jakes hand but was still slipping into the vortex.

"Hang on, Cam!" Jake exclaimed.

"You don't have to tell me!" Cameron replied. He was now only holding onto Jakes fingers. The force acting on both of them was too much for Jake to handle and finally, Jake lost what strength he had left. Both boys were thrown into the whirlwind and blacked out from the sheer gravitational forces. It was a long time until Cameron started to regain consciousness. He tried to move only to be met with a stabbing pain in his chest.

"Yep, that's pain. Definitely pain." He grumbled as he tried to regain his sight. He heard Jake grumble.

Good, he's alive, Cameron thought as he managed to prop himself upright and only to quickly fall back down. He felt himself slipping back into unconsciousness. No, not now, he thought and willed himself awake.

"Ugghh…" Jake groaned as he sat upright. Something didn't feel right to him. Unlike Cameron, his eyesight came back quickly. What he saw was unbelievable. "Oh. My. God." He said with his mouth agape.

"What is it man? Spit it out." Cameron said, worried about what Jake was going to say. His sight was blurry but gradually returning.

"You're a pony! Holy crap, my friend's a pony!" Jake exclaimed. He then looked at himself. "I'm a pony!"

"Stop messing with me. Do you seriously expect me to believe…" Cameron said irritated. He looked at his hands, or rather, where his hands would be. "Son of a… What do I look like?"

"I'm not telling." Jake said. Cameron could see clearly now and saw that Jake was indeed a pony with wings, or a… the word eluded him. A Pegasus! That was it. C'mon, why do I know that? Jake had a ginger mane and a tan body. It looked a lot like him.

"I'm gonna punch you if you don't tell me."

"You mean 'kick'. You don't have fists." Jake snickered.

"Punch, kick, whatever. All you need to know is that you're gonna be hurting if you don't answer my question." Cameron threatened.

"My lips are sealed."

"Big mistake." Cameron started to stand up. However, when he started to walk he toppled over. Four legs… crap. Jake burst out laughing.

"Now I'm scared. What are you going to do now? Wuss me to death?" Jake joked.

"Shut up, you're dead once I figure this out." Cameron retorted. Luckily, there was a puddle near where Cameron was. He had tried not to believe he wasn't a pony, but there was the proof right in front of him. He had a chestnut body and black mane. It actually resembled him somewhat. No wings though. He wasn't a unicorn either, which came as a relief to Cameron.

"So what do you think?" Jake asked slyly.

"I think I'm gonna kill you." Cameron said as he jumped at Jake.

"Aw, crap." Was the last thing Jake said before he was knocked unconscious from Cameron's kick.

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