"Interview with Joe Lamb beginning at 7:52 p.m."

The alien had built its ship and set off on its journey to return home after years of being tortured by the U.S air force, but for the group of kids who saw the extra terrestrial, it was far from over. Joe sat in a room with white walls and floor, sitting on a cold metal chair in front of a table filled with papers and a recorder. He nervously sat with his head tilted down, avoiding eye contact with the man on the opposite side of the table. This man was well built and quite tall for his age, he had no hair but wore a green beret which clashed against his cold blue eyes. He had begun his interview with Joe and unfortunately for Joe, it wouldn't be their last meeting.

"What do you know about the aliens arrival here on Earth?" the man sharply said as he dragged a seat out and sat down on the other side of the table, Joe was still trying as hard as he could not to look directly at the man.

"I – I dunno." Joe stuttered, he didn't know what to say.

"Oh, but I think you DO know. Hm? Tell me Joe, I know you and your friends found the tapes that Dr. Woodward was hiding, I know you watched them and I know you know more than you're willing to tell." There was a pause; Joe glanced up catching the un-amused look on the man's face. It was true, Joe had found the tapes, they had watched them and he probably did know more than he wanted to. But still, he didn't know what to say. "I'll ask the question again, just in case it has slipped from your mind...what do you know about the aliens arrival here on earth?" the man leaned forward and glared as he repeated the question, he knew Joe was uncomfortable and that was brilliant for him. He loved making interrogations fearful and awkward. He enjoyed making them suffer.

"It crashed here."

"Good. That's good. See? We are getting somewhere now aren't we?" the man smiled at Joe, not in a joyful way, but in a mischievous and almost predatory like. Joe finally looked up and locked eyes with the man's harsh blue ones and gulped.