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"We're...what?" Layla was stunned by the information he father had told her. She was sat at the breakfast table with her sister, Alexa when Sergeant Waters told them.

"We are moving. You have 3 days to tidy your things; I even got some boxes from Wal-Mart."

"But- but why?!" Layla asked, she could feel a lump in her throat, she didn't want to leave now, she had friends and the film still had to be finished. "We only just got here! I mean, I've actually made friends I-"

"Yes" Waters interjected "and they are part of the reason we have to move. If you didn't get involved with them, none of this would have happened and I could have just got on with my job!" Waters held his ground but let out a small sigh as he then turned towards the door. Alexa looked at Layla who hung her head low, hiding the fact she wanted to scream there and then. "I don't want to discuss this any further, I have been moved to a base in Chicago, I'm going for a drive." And with that Sergeant Waters left, no questions asked.

"Are you ok?" Alexa asked, she knew it was a stupid question but she still wanted to be concerned. Layla shook her head and sighed. Layla stood up and headed for the back door, "Layla? Where are you going?" Alexa followed her to see that she grabbed her bike from the shed and headed in the opposite direction to her father.

Layla could feel her face getting more scarlet by the second as she rode towards Alice's house, she would wipe a tear or two when she could but as soon as she arrived, she wasn't sure if she could hold it in. Alice opened the door and her smile dropped as she saw Layla's upset face.

"I'm moving." Layla said as soon as they reached Alice's room.


"I- I'm moving, my dad told me to pack up. We only have 3 days" and with that the room suddenly fell silent. They both sat down on the bed as Alice tried to register the news.

"Have you told any of the guys?" Alice asked, sorrow in her voice and Layla just shook her head. Yet again there was a long pause. Alice too had something to tell Layla, something that happened last night whilst she was bat home with a baby sitter and the other went round to Charles' house for a 'film meeting'.

"Layla, you have to tell them too."

"I know."

"Also, something weird happened at the meeting last night." Layla shot her head up, a puzzled expression on her face as Alice continued. "It's to do with Cary. He's acting weird. Like, we were talking about the film and then Martin got us side tracked and we started talking about the alien and last year. It's like he didn't remember anything, he just asked us if we were high! I mean, he was THERE! He saw the thing! I was with him an-and Joe stopped it form like eating us!" Alice suddenly stopped before she became too worked up by the events form last night. Layla listened and then asked,

"Is it like with Joe's dad?" Alice nodded and they knew that the air base had something to do with this. But now Layla couldn't find out, he dad has just left his job to go somewhere else. The silence filled the room again but Layla remembered she had to get home before her Dad did. Alice promised to tell the guys for her whist she was busy packing.

"She's WHAT?!" Charles yelled as they sat in the usual booth in the usual diner, Alice repeating what she had just said, her ears ringing from how loud her friend was.

"But...she just got here!" Martin complained as the others all looked down...everyone that is, apart from Cary.

"Who's Layla?" he asked, completely confused by the situation.

"You are joking, aren't you?! Charles snapped at him, Cary showing no signs of trying to crack a joke or sarcasm. "What the HELL has got into you?!" Charles threw himself up, furious "You forgot about the god damn alien who could have Killed you and NOW you've forgot about a friend!?" everyone remained silent as Joe put his hand on Charles' shoulder to get him to clam down and sit down. Cary gave him a scowl and began to sulk and look out of the window. He thought they were all insane and didn't understand why they were all so upset at him. 'Idiots' he thought to himself as they continued to talk about Layla and her moving.

Sergeant Harris was the new guy on the block. As Waters left, Harris took his place on the project to make sure no information about the events from last year was remembered or released. He was young, at least 32, with short brown hair and a well built body. He was certainly good looking, there was no doubt about it but beneath the face of an angle was a devil. He would act kind but knew that sometimes a calm head and mental torture would work a lot better then the hot head who had just been relocated the Chicago. He sat in his new office, going over the papers when his new assistant, Private Jones entered the room with a new file.


"Yes Private?" Harris looked up to see him with a concerned look on his face.

"You might want to have a look at this report about the machine we are using." Jones brought the file to him and stood in front of the desk as Harris begun to study it. His eyes widened as he read the errors in the machine.

"Waters didn't know about this?" Harris snapped as Private Jones shook his head. Harris sighed.

"Looks like we have our work cut out for us then."