Current date- Mid summer

Characters in chapter- Lily Luna Potter, Ginny Potter, Michael Frank Longbottom

Hey so this is just something i'm experimenting with, let me know what yous think any reviews would be great, the start will be a bit rushed then i will slow it down as it's going to get a whole lot more exciting and if yous like it i will add more thanks!

Chapter 1

He began to unbutton the rose buttons on her shirt whilst she was giggling; this was going to be fun thought Lily Potter. Just as she was about to pull Michael Longbottoms t-shirt off, her bedroom door swung open to reveal her mother Ginny standing there looking shocked, horrified and furious. Great she thought. The pair separated and jumped up like rockets

"M –'s not what it looks like" stuttered Lily as she began to get redressed and saw her mother's face begin to turn beetroot red.

"LILY LUNA POTTER! YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE" Screamed Ginny "I AM SO ASHAMED OF YOU! YOU ARE 15 FOR MERLINS SAKE! Oh and Michael dear? Yes your parents will be hearing about this too before you EVEN TRY to leave"

Great thought Lily, embarrassed for life!

"Michael I am so sorry" she shouted to him as he escaped leaving just Lily and her mother. And when she says escaped she means he bolted out of Lily's room.

"Mum please don't be mad. I thought you were going to be at work and-"but before she could finish her Mother cut her off

"Oh well I'm truly sorry I came home to early" She said sarcastically" Do you want me to go back and get him? I have always wanted my 15 year old to be a young mother so why not? Go for it!"

"Mum I-"

"NO LILY! NO! YOU ARE 15! YOU ARE FAR TOO YOUNG! I know you have had a hard summer with your dad being away again but so have I and I thought that we could maybe go shopping and make up after our fight last night but no. Lily this is the FINAL straw! If you're not coming home drunk at 4am you are out on muggle drugs or sleeping with random boys! Well no more lady! I thought maybe we could get past this but none of your cousins did this and neither will you!" She sighed "Lily I am very sorry about doing this but I have been writing to your father and we both agree that this is best..." She paused and looked up at a very nervous looking Lily as tears ran down her face. Lily was terrified at what her mother might do; she had really gone too far this time sleeping with boys whilst she was only 15 made her parents look at her like she was a disappointment. How could she be so stupid?

"We are pulling you out of Hogwarts and sending you to Beauxbatons" Her mother said this looking very calm and certain. It took a minute for this t sink in but when it did...

"WHAT? YOU CAN'T! MUM PLEASE? NO PLEASE DONT DO THIS! GIVE ME ONE MORE CHANCE PLEASE" the tears were running down Lily's face as she spoke. This couldn't be happening, it can't be happening! Her dad would never allow it to happen! No this can't be real, wake up Lily wake up, this is all just a bad dream and when she wakes up it will all be over.

"I am very sorry Lily, but we have both agreed that it is for the best. You have gone out of control recently and we won't have it! You will be attending Beauxbatons and your attitude will change for the better!"Lily was listening but wasn't taking any of this in, she couldn't believe it! Was this really happening?

"Mummy? Mummy please don't do this! I will try harder this year and I promise I will do better just please don't send me to Beauxbatons!"Pleaded a sobbing Lily

"I'm sorry dear, I really don't want to do this but it will be for the best and I'm sure you will make new friends there and you will get remarkable grades."

"Mummy please don't do this, I promise I will do better at Hogwarts! Please it's my home my full family is there and all of my friends! Please Mummy please?" Lily was clutching at her mother's knees at this point begging for forgiveness and a second chance.

"I'm sorry Lily but it's for the best, your behaviour has been appalling and you are acting like some drug loving alcoholic slut! I won't have it, you WILL be going to Beauxbatons so you can be more mature and actually have a chance in life! I know you will miss everyone but if we let you carry on the way you are I dread to think of the outcome! Now stand up dear" responded Ginny as tears began to trickle down her face too, Lily stood up and looked in her mother's watery eyes. How could she do this? Her mother wiped her tears and said "Now Lily you have to promise me that by going to Beauxbatons you will grow up and act like a lady not a ladette, I'm so sorry Lily I really didn't want it to have to come to this but I'm afraid it is the only way. I don't blame you for hating your father and me but this has to stop, we only want what's best for you and Beauxbatons IS best for you." She hugged her mother and cried into her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Mum, I will try harder. I promise" that bitch sending me to Beauxbatons she doesn't even know what's coming...